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Guide: Playing the hand to earn the renminbi, I am also a half-necked part-time player, there is a game with the big mobile game. From the end of last year, I started to play, I have been following the present, every time I have a variety of money. Raiders, then go to test practice, determine that the mobile game that can make money, and has already explored three ways to make money and small skills, share with friends who want to earn 10.20 yuan a day.


These methods are to see if they are summed up online, although not to make a few hundred yuan like professional players and game studios. However, the average one person earned a hundred or even hundreds of money or no problem.

There are not many words, the big words mobile game to make money Raiders are as follows:

First, if you want to make any money, this purpose must be clear, make a player, because the big call is not available. Like the client’s game, it will make RMB, but just like going to school, although there are always teachers to stare you, you will also have a way to play!

Hahaha. Running …

How do you make money? We can earn ordinary players! In this case, we have to start playing in the new district. How is it a new district, my suggestion is to start from the first day of the opening area, because the person is most, the fish dragon is mixed.

Make money in the new district of the big words:

Method 1: Cray discoloration, this can be carried out in many ways, add an active gang gang, speaking, shouting around the world, It is also possible that it is also possible, and it is generally 40, and there are two or three orders in one day to earn more about one day. And this you can also grab it yourself, then sell more treasures, because it is changing this thing, it will get more cheap, to the final cabbage price. Gold beasts and ice cubes are best sold.

As for the discoloration, I have checked a long time, there is no detailed explanation, relying on experience and dead skin, slowly explores.

First you have a mobile phone that can open the camera, and then be sure to catch it, catch the world, and it is best to be talented, and the color change event doubles. Explain what is a single bit, 1 point is 3 points, and it is 7 o’clock, such a mix point. I just started to catch myself, and I will advertise myself later. It is more believed in your own help. If you don’t have, you will sell it yourself, save your money!

Advice: Treasure, 神, 炼 千 千 化 炼,, 目 目 目 目 目 目 目 是 是 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法What is the ancients, a lot of money, a pair of puppies, 1 turn 100 to 120 take a long time, because a 120 high-installation requires 10 discs, when the cost is big, 250,000 below 50,000 When you go, you can earn it, from the zone to 1 turn 120,All things that can put Duobao go to Duobao. After a while, there are about 2 billion silver two, pick the goods, go to the sale of the dish, one will have 400 million supplies, plus the hetero-hetero-eight, plus you usually kill the throne, seeing, there is almost about 500 million Material!

At this time, the opportunity to make money is coming, the generation of seconds, almost about 200, the average number can be changed more than one thousand, when the area will be opened, it is best to What is the character, a man, a man, two magic, a gun, this is a set of characters, usually can also have a team to task.

As for how many problems, a computer, you can use the Westward Journey to travel more, I use the mountains. The configuration requirements are not high, and the team leader is more than the team, and the rest as long as the offline protection time is.

Method 3: A generation of ice, this is a weekend activity, with average three weeks, every time you can make a small ear, call the world, average a difficult ice, less than 10 minutes, a cabinet 5 Powder. Some people who want to run. As for how to find a cabinet, there is a video specializing in the CC, study carefully, instantly understand. I didn’t understand anything, I went around for half an hour. Run a few more and more often skilled.


These three big calls mobile game make money, the most important thing is the first two, the most important thing is the second, can be said, raising this long, Can you go back to see this, in fact, just to hold back temptation, making money is still very simple, and there are many people in the inside, and there are many people, and it is easy to make money. [Wen NBE game studio original]

Say excellent disadvantages

The advantage is that it is not a special time, like a general task, yesterday, hanging is good, do not have to look at it at all Can be a moving brick industry!

Supplement: This is also a kind of moving brick, so your level, the copy is difficult, and it doesn’t require it. It can keep up with the mainstream. When 2 turns to the mainstream, you can go to the quaternary, one three counts of 80. Then I will transfer the next batch!

shortcoming is mixed, the game who have to find buyers when we must keep their eyes open, is a pit inside squalling in the world there are many every day. There are official audit mechanism, must pay attention to the anti-seal, do not reselling ip with each other, it is easy detained.


While lying mobile games play more than six months, and after a lot of practice and exploration, determine models can earn RMB hand tour. But for the first time to write this to make money to open the Raiders, writing is not very good, what is not read comments like, I will return to see, do not know if anyone else sees, very nervous, ha ha ha ha, slip slip!

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