Mobile game to earn RMB list, at this stage, explosion equipment can be traded

Today, the game company is getting worse and swept in the detection means of making money in the game. From the beginning IP detection, the game behavior test is detected, and the hairdressing means, many old brothers have made many old brothers, leading to their own The account is sealed, hard work, for the bubble, can safely make money, the more valuable game, then, now there are still several mobile games to make RMB mobile games with trading equipment? Let’s take a look!


First, Journey 2 mobile game

2 mobile games that have just been beta last month There is no doubt that is a good place to sell equipment. At present, the official of this mobile game is not completely restricted by the transaction, and will not control the economic system in the game by adjusting the explosion rate of equipment. Therefore, I want to pay 2 hands in the journey. Friends who make money in the tour can be relieved.

I said that the 2 hand games for the journey are more good. Another reason why there is a lot of might travel to buy equipment with players in this mobile game. In fact, the items between players and RMB trading are already One of the game features of the journey, and even the game is also happy to see this transaction.

Second, Fantasy Westward Journey Mobile

New mobile game, iron hitting dream Westward Journey. Various types of mobile games are endless, but there is no glory that can cover the fantasy Westward Journey. As everyone’s most familiar money, Fantasy Westward Journey is absolutely one of the most stable money.

Today’s dreams have not been made in the first time. Many friends can only make money in this mobile game, can only mix a warm full daily, but even this, fantasy Westward Journey is much better than most mobile games, at least It is possible to make a loss.

No matter the old birds who are new, the old birds who make money for many years, the Fantasy Westward Journey is an ideal project, and the newcomers can learn game skills here, waiting for the new dream of the series. Journey to the West 3D open test, using these experiences earned, and the old birds have long been in the fantasy Westward Journey, the understanding of the game is deep enough, continue to stay in the fantasy Westward Journey to earn people more than going to toss Many.

Third, Tuen Mun Hand Tour

This is a classic money-making mobile game, countless old iron experiences have proved that the door mobile game can make money, and earn Not less.

Tuen Mun Mobile Tour is a fairy-tale mobile game from Shanghai Yunxu R \u0026 D Society, although it is not a work of the game big factory, but from the perspective of making money, Tuen Mun Mobile Tour It is not a game difference than Tencent Netease.

Our most important way to make money in this game is to sell equipment. As long as you master fixed explosion, you can easily sell money, you can easily sell money. Earn the renminbi, even some people have sold one equipment in the door of the doorBy ten thousand yuan, this number is very unpleasant in relatively fast food games.

Fourth, the Westward Journey \”

Similar to the fantasy Westward Journey, the turn-made game, I remember that I was still doing this project last year, 5 open to 60, each role There are more than 2 million silver, the silver is used to earn RMBs to the boss. Now it can be, and the people who have done can go to contact, and the simulator 5 is needed. It is best not to use assistance.

Fifth, Ghost Soul Make Money

Ghost Global Hand Tour is a fairy-tale mobile game developed and operated by NetEase, on May 2016, although this game is online for two years The above, but now the popularity of the ghost mobile game is much higher than that year, the NetEase has been continuously released in the past, so that the popularity is constantly maintained in a fairly high extent, it seems to be this Mobile games can also be fired for a long time, and it is a good choice for mobile game making money.

Make money in the ghost mobile game, can’t completely rely entirely on the brick, just on the line, in this game, the brick is still making money, but now makes money mainly by running, such as card Dragon, Items, etc., as long as the game is familiar with the game, you can also earn a lot of

in the day, the mobile game is not like the first two years, now is a fast food game, the game company is smart Very, two years, Zhu Xian hand sells gold coins, fluttering fish to sell warheads, Tianlong eight mobile games, etc., all sent a fortune, you don’t know because you didn’t know a good IP game beta Inside time, there is also a good auxiliary group

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