Mobile network earning money to earn money (how to make money online)

Many network earning projects need to drain, take great effort to dig potential users, otherwise they can’t do it, but they have not started for some novices. This call charge recharge project has almost no need to dig potential users, why? It doesn’t say it doesn’t need to be promoted, and it is not necessary to promote it. Let people know that there is this offer, and you don’t have to say more, because it is very attractive.

Maybe we usually have not paying attention, the charge is usually in WeChat, Alipay, fast and convenient, but there is almost no discount, most decreased, the discount is a few hair! But still some people are not afraid to have trouble to grab the number of people’s call coupons, then you tell others, there is a free channel charge 50 yuan as long as you pay 45, charge 100 pay 90, charge 200 pay 180, equivalent to each time Take a 90% discount, and the national mobile telecommunications Unicom number can, can be unlimited, how is it attractive?


Here you can choose fast charge or slow charge, the slower concharge is the largest, and it may be slower, but it is not a problem. The biggest advantage is that the user needs, China has hundreds of millions of mobile phone users, mobile, China Unicom, the telecommunications network is now everywhere, as long as there is a mobile phone, there is a mobile phone card, he will need to charge the call, and every month must Charge, may not be charged once, and many people more than one card … this can be considered natural advantages, but why now the coupon is not as hot as the shopping voucher, all over the place? Because there are few channels, people know less. Search for call coupons in a treasure, it is generally a few pieces, but also spend money to buy, and how big is it. And here you don’t need to pay any fees, like usually the same recharge, you can also enjoy eight to 10% discount, why not?

Then, its money-making method is to register your personal call recharge store. Everyone who has entered your store will be automatically bound, and after he charges you, you have a commission, you have a commission. Oh. So how is the effect of this call charge? I also tried it, the effect is not bad, I just made a circle of friends at the time. After a user found this discount, I will charge three different numbers in three different numbers. I have been charged again for two days! It seems that this offer is still the attraction of ordinary people.


Charging 100 commission is a piece, 50 commissions are five hair, although the amount is not large, but the win is more, the user is more, and the user can be refreshed Charge. Such discounts have no harm, which are beneficial to customers, in addition to collecting commissions for customers, and more advanced operations, let customers shop like themselves. There are 10 rewards in a shop. I believe that people who have some ideas don’t need you to deliberately promote it. He may not take over to make money.

So how do you open a store? Very simple, this platform is in the public account, do not need to download, enter the platform homepage, first look at the store tutorial, the welfare commission of the store is more detailed. Then pay the fee to open the store, pay 28.8, and the horse is turned on, and there is no need to pay any fees. This knowledge pays the age, get a valuable to make money, there is nothing, but also as long as 28.8, I never care about it.


After opening, you can go to my personal center to see my store, point promotion can share the poster, as long as the users who come in will automatically bind your store, recharge commissions later Will go to your store. Inviting others to open the store has 10 rewards, even if others are not recharged, only the store is opened, and there will be hundreds of people, this kind of project can be lying on the store, let others open the store to make their own profit nothing is not difficult. . You can build a QQ group, WeChat group, and then pass the open shop tutorial, almost when you have a handkerchief, you can post a large number of users, this platform is also a lot, at least a few thousand exposure is there. of. I have previously built a group selling cracking software is also good, and some people have come in.

This platform is not only charged, but there are traffic, refueling coupons, these specific people go to the platform. There are many online coupons, but there are not many truly benefits. This permanent free recharge channel is not much. So how do you enter this recharge platform? Sweep the QR code below, enter the public account, point the recharge center to enter the recharge platform, and the personal shop is also viewed above. 被所有人忽略的话费躺赚项目,利润高还省心,每月收益稳定

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