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The magnificent 2021 has ended, 2022 New Year’s bells rings, look back last year’s market, the old maiden summed up three keywords.

01 Industry Differentiation

Lying the market is not returned, 2021 track differentiation is unprecedented. New energy, semiconductor, coal, colored, steel, military, all kinds of popular industries, you sing me. If the wrong industry, the gap between the first tail income can be up to about 70%. Taking the Shenwan-level industry index as an example, the highest increase in the year is the electrical equipment, up to 47.86%, the worst performance is a household appliance, a decrease of -19.54%.

全网首发!2021年最赚钱基金排行榜公布 02 high songs fierce

The public raise industry is still rapid, and the scale rises to 24.59 trillion! Since this year, the proposal fund size has risen by 4.53 trillion, of which non-monetary fund size has increased by 3.17 trillion, the active rights fund performance races a large-scale 300 index, and the concept of buying stocks is not as deep.

03 New Dairy out

After the Yangtze River, the new wave, the new fund manager has become the fund’s most profitable list. In the top 100 of the Active Fund, more than 20% of the fund managers, the fund manager has been less than two years. \”Picture\” has become an annual hot word, Qi Yunjun, Hua’an Fund, Liu Chang Chang, Hua’an Fund, Yang Jinjin, etc., is the peak, all become a phenomenon-level fund manager. 全网首发!2021年最赚钱基金排行榜公布

At this point, the Financial Old Niang’s Decourage team officially announced this four performance list, respectively:


The most profitable active fund list in 2021

This year, the number of initiative funds funds is 721, increasing 178 from last year.

From the perspective of overall performance, the proportion of the initiative funds rose this year is 66.76%, which has increased by 0.72% compared to last year; the median of the income is 5.37%, which decreased last year. 25.08%. Compared with last year, the excessive earnings of the active funds in 2021 were significantly reduced, but the number of funds that made money was significantly increased. 全网首发!2021年最赚钱基金排行榜公布

In 2021, the most profitable active fund is the former sea open source utility a, annual increase of 119.42%. , The Fund Manager Cui Yu Long is a well-deserved annual champion.

In 2021, the Active Fund’s increase runner-up is the new economic A former Haiyuan.The increase of up to 109.36% in the year, and the company is also managed by the Fund Manager.

In 2021, the initiative fund rising quarterly was 100.52% in the year of Baoying Advantages, and the fund was charged by Xiao Xiao and Chen Jinwei.

In the top 10 list, the fund is doubled during the year. 全网首发!2021年最赚钱基金排行榜公布

From the fund manager, there are 5 fund managers in the list of fund managers, and there are 5 fund managers for less than 3 years. It can be said that the new is out. It is worth mentioning that the Han Chuang of the Dacheng Fund has a list of 3 funds, almost returns to 2020 FRECIG Hui Zhaozhizheng and hegemony.

In December, the most profitable active fund list

Data statistics show that the proportion of funds in December is 42.64%, and The month is 25.67% compared to the month; the median of the income is -0.6%, down 0.61% compared to last month. Overall, the Active Fund in December is poor.

December, the championship is the theme of the Yinhe cultivated entertainment of Lu Yipo, and the monthly increase is as high as 17.62%. This fund is currently smaller, worthy of continuing attention.

December rose runner-up for Fan Jie Management’s Qianhai Open Source Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Selection A, the fund’s returns of 16.31% in December. It is worth noting that the whole market is currently using traditional Chinese medicine to clarify the subject of investment theme, only this only fan management.

In the December, the quarter-in-the-ranking training in Li Jiahou and Wen Zhongyang is 15.80%. This fund size is equally small, whether it can stand out Closely.

The most profitable ETF list in 2021

The new ETF this year reached 277, compared to nearly 234% last year, ETF ushered in the number this year. \”Blowout\”.

From the perspective of performance performance, the ETF accounting of positive income this year is 53.54%, which is 34.25% last year; the median number of income is 0.5%, which is 2.4.14% compared to last year. In the case where the quantity increases, the overall performance has been severe compared to last year, it seems that it has a greater impact by the sector differentiation this year.

The most profitable ETF in 2021 is the ETF in Penghua, the photovoltaic performance and the growth rate of highlights. The innocent new energy subdivision of this year is this year.

全网首发!2021年最赚钱基金排行榜公布 2In 20021, the most profitable ETF rankings of the ETF rankings were 65.13% of the annual increase of 65.13%.

In 2021, the most profitable ETF rankings list, for Easy Cang Dynasty, new energy ETF, annual increase of 64.96%. Because tracking the same index, this ETF and Huaxia CIC have essentially the same new energy ETF.

In 2021, the most profitable ETF ranking list is the ETF of the Cathay Central Committee, which has increased by 57.24% this year.

At this time, the first three times in the year was taken by new energy and environmental theme ETF, and the new energy track visible in 2021 high views. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the ETF of the Rare Earth Industry, the coal ETF and other synthetic related ETFs that have been doubled during the year have all been flicked out of the top 10 list.

In December, the most profitable ETF list

Inserted in December ETF market, the single month increase is 57.79%, increased in November 4.02%; the median of the income was 0.46%, and 0.23% increased last month. Overall, ETF earning effect is stronger than November in December.

The monthly ETF performance list can be seen as further refinement of the performance of the industry, the data is seen, December is the traditional underestimation. The comprehensive victory in the field can be said that in December 2021, it came out of the independent market. In addition, the concept of \”Yuan Universe\” is influenced, the game, the media theme ETF welcomes the collective outbreak in December.

Winning the ETF gains in December is the Cathay Capital Movie Theme ETF, which has increased 21.22%.

The ETF rising runner-up is the Yinhua Middle School, the Yinhua Middle-aged film theme ETF, and the monthly increase is 19.13%. 全网首发!2021年最赚钱基金排行榜公布

Winning the ETF rose in the morning of December is the Penghua Secondary Media Media ETF, and the monthly increase is 15.83%.

In summary, the top five of the list are all previously related to the Media.

It is worth mentioning that the infrastructure is also finally raised in December, in which the best Cathay Central is full refers to the ETF of the building materials, the increase is 12.67%.

(Risk Tips: This paper isoweded, the team does not guarantee the accuracy and integrity of the information; this article only uses only investment reference, and does not constitute any investment opinions, due to any investment loss caused by this article The person should be borne by themselves.)

One year end chapter, look backIn a hurry in 2021, although the market experienced the industry’s rotation, the public fund industry still rolled forward.

In the past year, you may experience the suffering of the retracence, may have tasted the rise, it is these wavelet fluctuations that painted a curve of life fluctuations.

Let us stay all memories in 2021, and welcoming the first twilight of 2022.

I wish you all a smooth sailing in 2022, the account is red, Happy New Year!

Risk Tips: The fund investment is risky, and investment needs to be cautious.Any view, analysis and prediction in this article is for reference only, and does not constitute any form of investment in the reader.

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