Mobile phone makes money part-time fake (mobile phone part-time make money platform is true? Exposing the truth)

Recently, Ms. Sun, who lives in Liuhe District, earns commissions in the online part-time task, and the result is scamned for 260,000 yuan.


It turned out that in the first half of this year, Ms. Sun did not intend to enter a learning group. On September 5, there was a \”instructor\” sent a picture, for Ms. Sun, I opened a job, it was an advertisement of part-time money, and Ms. Sun broke the picture on the picture with chat software. The show is a download link. Ms. Sun downloaded the app in the link and registered with the mobile number. . Then, a \”task Mandarin\” contact Ms. Sun, the content is a commission, and another \”receptionist Ting Ting\” gives Sun Ms. Ms. Ms. Sun, the task is some public welfare quiz, the task of the popular quiz. Ms. Sun is started with the request, recharge the specified bank card number, and the recharge balance will be displayed in the app. Ms. Sun did three tasks, with a total of 1668 yuan, and Ms. Sun discovered the page prompt \”Ms. Sun\”, Ms. Sun immediately contracted the \”instructor\”, and the instructor let him remedial measures, that is, recharge, so Ms. Sun shall recharge in accordance with the prompt. Until September 6, Ms. Sun transferred the 5 bank cards to the liar to transfer 267302 yuan, and Ms. Sun, who is still unable to discover, and choose to report the police.

First step: scammers release part-time information through web, recruitment platform, network dating platform, etc., the recruiters conduct network part-time brush orders, promise to return shopping costs immediately after the transaction Additional commission, and \”zero investment\” \”no risk\”, \”Nijie\”, etc.

Step 2: When the first single, the liar will make a small amount, let you taste the sweetness. When you brush the single transaction amount, the liar will refuse the return with various reasons. And pull you black.

Police Tip: The liar is often in the name of part-time brush, first with small rebate as a bait, and kive you black after you put a lot of money.

Remember: All brush orders are fraud, don’t be confused by Xiaoli, don’t pay any margin and deposit!

Source: Nanjing Liuhe Public Security Microfafford

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