Month, how can college students earn money after 90?

When the height of 158cm body weight, the hundred cobs appeared on the red carpet of Taobao 2018 content ceremony, many people couldn’t believe it, this is because the girl can eat.

The cobi is because live broadcasting 10 barrels of turkey noodles on the Internet let everyone know. After that, she challenged 30 grape egg tarts in the way, 25 meat buns, 8 pounds of white rice … I have accumulated more than 2 million microblogs in half a year, so far to Weibo More than 58 million fans have been accumulated, with more than 20 million fans. Live cuisine brought eye effect, the midjet has a special function – the stomach, boarding the \”Everyday\” variety show, and cooperate with some brands. According to \”blog world\”, its single live income can reach 6 digits.

月入百万,90后大学生如何靠吃饭挣钱? As a Chongqing sister, the most love of the midjack is hot pot. Before doing live broadcast, she was born in 1992, after graduating from Chongqing Jiaotong University, I am helping the store in my sister. One year later, because she could not endure the boring work.

月入百万,90后大学生如何靠吃饭挣钱? In April 2016, the martial arts began to broadcast, and the initial simple eating did not cause great attention. After a month, she was swallowed with 10 barrel of fire chicken noodles in 16 minutes and 20 seconds, instantly detonating the network, attracting more than 100,000 people to watch. 40 flowers cake, 25 buns, 100 dumplings, 120 sushi, 6 pounds of curry chicken dry rice … I have updated it regularly, and the powder is raised. This fan grows, the mandrel is all, \”\” There are so many people like to see others to eat. \”

When I just made live broadcast, the manda is encountered to do Taobao’s talk, and the two eventually become a couple. In March 2017, they set up a division and established a team of 20 people and started the company’s operation of cobs IP. The cobi monarch puts the live video clip to the Internet and found that the playback is higher than the live broadcast. Although it is still the heart of the mudstone flow, it is a relatively real eating atmosphere, rather than a destination. At present, the content update of the miper will be a period of two, and the creation has also entered the smooth period. Not long ago, the martial arts collaborate with Tmall, taste fresh cuisine from the United States, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, and interacted with the diplomat, attracted hundreds of thousands of people. At the end of 2017, the midst of the martial arts was still in Taobao, and the team staff had expanded more than 50 people. At present, the e-commerce selection is currently prepared for the late Timers. 月入百万,90后大学生如何靠吃饭挣钱?

On this road broadcast, the manda is in this road, killing a road with his own brain. . [Follow the entrepreneurship (ID: chuangyejia), read 7,000 kinds of money business in China]

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