Moon cakes also \”inner volume\” really hard two months, lying on the year?

Mid-Autumn Festival this year,

Have you eaten moon cakes?

Mid-Autumn Festival holiday,

# This month has a multi-volume # top question boarding the Weibo hot search,

from price, taste, packaging ingredients Wait,

is a dimension of this month.


From the price to the taste, moon cake opens \”internal volume\” war

The first is that there are more and more moon cakes.

Recently, Minhang Workers’ Canatis in the Shanghai Mental Health Center launched \”No. 600 Wan Ping South Road\”, because of its moon cake, there is a pattern of \”Shanghai Mental Health Center\” and \”brain\” image, due to this It is the internal gift box of the staff canteen, not sold out, soon, after being photographed to the Internet, it attracted the competition.


In a second-hand idle transfer platform, the price of \”mental cake\” has 599 and 699 yuan, and even the high price of 1288 yuan.

Not only is there a market speculation, but also the self-pricing of other manufacturers is also surprising. For example, Saiting and NASA joint space archive egg yolk cake cake gift box Mid-Autumn Festival gift 6 pieces, priced 656 yuan, each moon cake average price is 110 yuan.

The joint name of Haagen-Dazs and the Louvre Museum \”Lu Fu Yue\” ice cream moon cake gift box, priced at 1288 yuan, one moon cake is 148 yuan.

At the same time, the annual moon cake coupon has always been a financial product, and many manufacturers will make a fortune.

This set of flows is: first selling moon cake coupons, after the manufacturer, distributors and consumers, moon cake coupons that realize gift value ultimately flow into the hands of the yellow cattle. At this time, the moon cake manufacturers will recover these moon cake coupons from the hand of the yellow cattle, and the yellow cattle sometimes sells these moon cake coupons to other consumers in a discount price.

However, the yellow cattle is mainly a hot product that consumers who don’t redeem exchange, such as Haagen-Dazs’s ice cream moon cake, Starbucks moon cake coupon.

Moon cake manufacturers will recover these moon cake coupons from the price of the yellow cattle. The return of the return is the profit of the company, and a moon cake is not sold. It can make money alone. Moreover, the more moon cake coupons, the greater the space from which it is profitable.

The whole process may not produce consumption moon cakes, but this circle, the merchants make money, the user earns the face, and no one shouted.

Yuanzu Shares showed that the annual newspapers were shown in more than one year, and the amount was as high as 184 million yuan. Selling moon cake coupons, making money than selling moon cakes.

Second, the taste is getting wonderful.

A few years ago, Starbucks have launched a bamboo charcoal moon cake. Since the concept of the concept is hot from the netizens, but now, the moon cake tastes again, people are also seeI am very surprised: there is only net red explosion screw powder, crayfish, also pay attention to the baby’s nest, 枸杞, Ganoderma lucidum taste. This year, Yang Zhikan is tasteful to become a good heart, and many moon cake gift boxes of the Internet big plants are less than this taste. In summary, all kinds of seven octaves are endless.

According to the analysis of moon cake consumption issued by Jingdong Consumption and Industrial Development Research Institute, in terms of taste rankings, five ritual moon cakes are still the first chair, stream, ice skin, etc., roses, roses Lychee, peach and other true fruit tastes into new winds; 95, even, even, even a special taste such as husband and wife, Baiwei chicken.

Compared with the moon cake, the knowledge of the milled moon cake is out. Many people know that the big V said it has aware of knowing the moon cake avatters, this message is once hosted. There are even some \”sacrifices\” and a strong netizen, specializing in the moon cake to experiment, how long, pull, and long.

月饼也“内卷”真的辛苦两个月,躺赚一整年? In this regard, knowing the official issuance of a statement, saying that the original intention is to buy a healthier low-sugar moon cake, ignore sucrose substitutes – maltitol can cause some people tolerate, and add excess, so Knowing the decision to recall all moon cakes and remind the friends who have received less food from the moon cake.

The third is that the packaging is increasingly culturally confident.

In the context of the rise of the national tide, the museums filled with cultural heritage have long been the participation of moon cakes.

Guangzhou Museum is a variety of moon cake packaging, Mid-Qiying Yue, traditional cultural texture, Beijing Opera, Mid-Qiyue, traditional cultural texture, Beijing Opera, Mid-Qiying, and Niki, etc.

The Samsung Pile Museum launched \”pray for God tree\” moon cake gift box.

The Suzhou Museum joints the Suzhou old brand Songhe Tower, and the \”three terminal map\” in Suzhou Museum is inspired, and the \”Mid-Autumn Festival\” gift box is launched.

Young people are willing to pay for the value of the value, in order to hit the young people, many traditional manufacturers spent a lot of thought in the shape, such as the \”court wind\” moon cake packaging gift box in Daoxiang Village, find It is a designer with Dior; the old name is beautiful to borrow the popular small yellow people IP to make moon cake gift boxes. It is also found NASA to launch a moon cake.

Old dining, pastry enterprises, cross-border players are fighting 月饼也“内卷”真的辛苦两个月,躺赚一整年?

The small moon cake is currently 100 billion months, and the market size is still increasing. Medical consultation data shows that 2015-2020, China’s moon cake sales have a rise, from 13.18 billion yuan to RMB 20.52 billion, which is expected that China’s moon cake sales reached 21.81 billion yuan in 2021.

月饼也“内卷”真的辛苦两个月,躺赚一整年? According to \”2020 Mooncake Data Consumption Report\”, the sales size of Mid-Autumn moon cake has been continuously increasing. In 2015, moon cake production was 328,000 tons, sales of 13.18 billion yuan, 2019 moon cake productionAbout 364,000 tons increased by 1.4% year-on-year; sales of approximately 19.67 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.9%. In 2019, my country’s moon cake sales reached 1.38 billion, that is, every Chinese can divide one.

At the same time, the market share is more in the head market, and a large number of small and medium enterprises are out.

Tianyutianographic data shows that in 2020, the number of moon cake enterprises is 2522, down 11.5% year-on-year; China is currently in my country, the merchant-related enterprises related to mooncake related enterprises have a total of 2.3 million, and it has decreased at the end of 2020. From January to August 2021, the new registration of moon cakes was 783, fell 51.3% year-on-year.

On the other hand, because the moon cake’s seasonal properties, the Mid-Autumn Festival will no longer have a market, and the competition in a short period of time is especially fierce. The wonderful taste of moon cake is endless, and it is also showing \”anxiety\” and \”inner volume\” of moon cake enterprises.

The current moon cake players are mainly divided into three major camps: old catering enterprises, baking / pastry companies, cross-border companies. In recent years, more and more cross-border players, such as the tea of \u200b\u200bselling milk tea, Nai Xue’s tea, the good shops selling nuts, etc., I want to share a piece.

Compared with the first two, cross-border enterprises themselves bring their own traffic, have certain brand effects and topics, more easy to become \”net red explosion\”, but \”2020 moon cake data consumption report\” pointed out Generally, cross-border enterprises generally adopt the solution mode, often do not have advantages in technology, formulations. 月饼也“内卷”真的辛苦两个月,躺赚一整年?

However, in these two years, the market has more and more demand for such high-end moon cakes. According to the Chinese consumers in China, buy moon cake budget investigations, purchase more than 100 yuan or more moon cake in 2021 Significantly improved, the growth room of high-end moon cake is still broad.

These A-strand companies have a half-revenue from moon cake

For moon cake production enterprises, some netizens are comments: \”Hard work for two months, lying throughout the year.\”

[ 123] Mooncake sales window is short, only two months before the Mid-Autumn Festival, but many companies can support the revenue \”Half Mountain\” in many years.

On the A-share market, the priests of moon cakes in the revenue have relatively few companies, including Guangzhou wine home (, Yuanzu shares (, peach plum bread ( , * ST Mai (, etc.

According to the earning report, 2017-2019, Guangzhou wine households leased the monthly cake of 898 million yuan, 1.038 billion yuan, 1.92 billion yuan. In 2020, the Guangzhou wine households took 1378 million yuan, accounting for 41.9% of total revenue, and gross profit margin reached 58.37%. It can be seen that the moon cake is available in two months ago, you can bring 40% income for Guangzhou wine.

月饼也“内卷”真的辛苦两个月,躺赚一整年? Another moon cake giant – Yuanzu shares, 2017 monthThe cake gift box revenue is 618 million yuan, accounting for 35.64% of the total business revenue, and the gross profit margin is 67.83%. In 2018, the moon cake gift box revenue was 695 million yuan, 829 million yuan, respectively. In 2020, Yuanzu shares included a moon cake, scorpion, etc., a Chinese and Western pastries, including 4 million boxes, revenue reached 1.388 billion yuan, and the gross profit margin is 55.96%, and the revenue is about 56%.

In 2020, * ST Mai’s \”holiday food\” category is 70.482 million yuan, gross profit margin reached 53.16%, and the revenue is 8.05%. Tao Li bread last year, monthly, the monthly sales revenue was 118 million yuan, an increase of 11.19% year-on-year, gross profit margin 34.43%.

According to CCTV Financial Report, Dong Bozhi, director of overseas business departments of Suzhou Daoxiang Village Group, said that the company exported more than 20 containers in 2021, nearly 5 million moon cakes, this year increased by 70% over 2020.

Low sugar low-fat healthy moon cake is the next trend?

In today’s consumers pay more and more attention to health, the moon cake vendors may consider the change of ways, not necessarily in packaging, prices, can spend more flowers at the product level thought.

In public cognition, moon cake has always been high oil, high sugar products, on the consumption, some professional doctors suggest, adults eat moon cakes as much as possible, do not exceed one hundred grams.

Moreover, for healthy moon cakes, market demand has increased significantly in recent years. There is a data show that more than 40% and the following consumers prefer low-sugar low-fat health foods become new standards for moon cake products, and more and more consumers buy \”Suggestion Mooncake\”.

How to make the moon cake health, let more people can eat moon cake without burden, do a big cake, is a problem that the manufacturer will solve.

To this end, many merchants launched a loss of fat, low-calorie, low calorie, high protein, etc.

In addition, there are also plants meat moon cakes, fresh fruit moon cakes, low sugar moon cakes, etc. also have received attention.

However, the production of \”sugar\” moon cake must pay attention to the amount of sugar to use, in addition, there are some merchants to exaggerate the banner of health mine.

For example, use green tea to make a stuffing, referring to the heat of the heat; use the olive oil cake, saying that there is no cholesterol, etc. .

These claims have the moon cake with health efficacy, is it really healthy?

Experts pointed out that whether it is green tea, bird’s nest or abalone, these additional ingredients are actually only an accessories in moon cakes, accounting for a small part. Since the content is limited, the health effect is also very \”limited\”, which cannot rely on such moon cakes to health.

Moreover, the health care ingredient is difficult to offset the high fat, high-sugar, high-calorie foods to people’s adverse effects, so it is still not appropriate.In addition, the moon cake with a sugar banner on the market is not really a sugar, but there is no additional sugar in sugar, mostly with a sugar.

However, some of the sequential sugar-free moon cake may contain glucose syrup, malt syrup, etc., even raised blood sugar, which is faster than sucrose, is not suitable for diabetic patients.

Industry pointed out that according to my country’s requirements for packaging food labels, sugar content ≤0.5g / 100g can be called true \”no sugar\”, in fact, can achieve this required moon cake basics No, but no sugar moon cake also contains a lot of grease.

In short, there is no absolutely healthy moon cake in the market, the best way to choose a low-sugar low-fat moon cake, taste is guaranteed, then control it from the amount of consumption.

Although the moon cake is delicious, don’t be greedy.

Source: Red Star News, 36

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