More than 3 million people online glory \”The King of Paradise\” was born \”The Broad Star Response\” third month challenge

On September 5, the national K song \”The Quest Broadcasting\” The third phase of the third phase of the \”king\” monthly challenge is successfully closed. The four big stars lapeted the team official Yubo, Junjun, Zhang Jinqi, and Yu Zhong led 16 people to open a passionate carnival music party. After nearly 5 hours of fierce competition, at the testimony of the 3.33 million viewers, the final left left, Zhou Zi, the seven brothers Wang Qingwei, the impression, Guo Kaiwen, Jin Yang, Jack Fangjingjie got the final 7 advancement, and four stars The team leader successfully promoted the semi-final. At this point, after three full-time fairy music vehicle warfare, the list of all players in the semi-finals eventually settled!

超300万人在线围观“派对之王”诞生《主播星声代》第三期月度挑战赛收官 \”The Broadcasting Star\” is the first year of the national K song The music competition live show, the event is designed to choose the dream, love the high-quality anchor of singing, and help it on the shining stage of the Ko Songs. The competition lasted for 4 months, a total of 4 stage competitions, half-finals, and finals of the finals, and the finals of each stage of the competition, and the competition in each stage is continuously upgraded. In order to improve the professionalism of the program, the organizer invited Xu Yan, \”Sound into the hearts\”, and the music producer of the producer and the Music producer of Fang Datong as the three professional judges, and witness the national K The birth of the song \”The King of Paid\”.

Opening four stars pilot team official chorus \”ordinary disco\” quickly ignited the music DNA of the on-site judges and online audiences, as if to set the large-scale Audi site. The 16-bit anchor is divided into four groups in PK, respectively, with the theme of the vitality, swing party, pop parties, youth party, and the theme. 超300万人在线围观“派对之王”诞生《主播星声代》第三期月度挑战赛收官

The left left sing \”Happy First\”, just like the lyrics \”Day high my happiness is supreme\”, ignited the joy of the audience; Zhou Ziyu’s \”I want to fly\”, instantly mobilize the scene The carnival atmosphere; the seven brothers Wang Qingwei re-interpreted the classic old song \”Love Friends\”, so that the on-site anchor and judges sway with the rhythm; can be with the enemy’s \”Green Apple Paradise\”, a young The voice of the voice will bring people back to the student’s era; the impression sings a \”mojito\”, the prelude sounds in an instant, and Guo Kaiwen brings a \”Tang Dynasty\”, an open ears. The first English song \”Domino\”, the pronunciation standard bite clearly puts the online audience in one second from the classic back to modern.

The leader and personal warfare the audience underline the audience is full, and the fun interactive game has also added a bright color to the whole game, and become the highest view of the audience. From the link. The first game link, the four major team anchors led people \”listening to the pre-play robbery\”, strength competition \”China Small Tank\” name; the second \”action practice song\” small game, test the response speed, Hand dance and smile.


At this point, the national K song \”The aesthetic star\” three months of the moonline challenge, September 21, 9 star lader team officials and 21 promotion players will be halfwayPositive pair on the stage of the final.As a national music entertainment social platform, the National K song has been continuously updated iteration in 7 years. In the powerful sound entertainment function and the characteristic social game, countless users use the song as media, and stand up on the larger stage shining.With an open, inclusive music ecological soil, the national K song mining has created a batch of high-quality anchors, let their songs have been heard by more people.In the future, I look forward to the national K song to help these music people have a more powerful energy, and contribute more value for the development of China’s voice entertainment.

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