Mun is full, dripping the monopoly cargo information platform is the blood of 30 million drivers.

Today, I saw an article, and said that the consequences of this leak information security as they were full of launching information. Then I saw a picture in the comment, there is no praise, all the sounds,

运满满,滴滴垄断货运信息平台,就是对3000万司机的抽血 The full price model needs to change, if not change, absolute It is a dead end.

His freight price is the price of the owner. What kind of car is looking for a car, how many tons of goods are long, report on the platform, then the owner will ship the price, there are many goods owners I don’t know what car, how many tons are pulled? How many furnitures can be pulled, they are in a quote, and they are looking for four meters and two to make more than ten tons. It is seriously overloaded. The big trailer gives the price of three or four dollars in the platform. This is The actual freight in the freight industry is serious. Nowadays, the drivers are marriage. For the hate, I can’t turn anything to comment, no one likes to be full, no one is praise, all resentment.

All said that the people are in the world, a full app can be a driver all curse this step, and no one,

运满满,滴滴垄断货运信息平台,就是对3000万司机的抽血 [123 ]


运满满,滴滴垄断货运信息平台,就是对3000万司机的抽血 can be full of hello The big reason is because he is helped with the truck, and now the whole freight market is monopolized by them. He wants how to toss us, how to toss our driver, so I think the lawyer of the conscience should stand up and tell him to monopolize the market. Because the freight industry is different from other industries, it has many uncertain randomness, different models, there are different load mode, with different freight rates, transportation in transportation, the time, the time, the goods Light weight, the length of transportation, can be set out in the entire situation, and now it is full, free of charge, free to set a price, so that the drivers are all white. Pumping the blood of 30 million drivers, met the full glory,

运满满,滴滴垄断货运信息平台,就是对3000万司机的抽血 Let’s take a look, no one says you, you are you. You can’t you heart! Your black heart is not long

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