Net red live brush survey: \u0026 quot; 1288 praise +88 live comments + 10 million play \”as long as 30 yuan

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find someone to do the three live, costs spent 90,000, and finally loss of 50,000 do pearl business of looking for Mr. Liu felt anchor it on bad luck.

say that in 2020 the most popular form of business, not \”live electricity supplier\” must go. Whether outbreak spawned a \”national broadcast\” a new era, or in the context of the rapid development of the new economy, \”live with a cargo\” has become a new outlet. A live broadcast, watch the amount of the hundreds of millions, tens of millions, or even billions of turnover, this is a brand allow any business to be envious of the \”flow cell\” and \”trading market.\”

However, among the many seemingly fiery live, so that businesses are often difficult to distinguish the actual situation. \”Difficult to judge yourself, they (anchor) are made out of a lot of data, earning over appearance fees.\” Mr. Liu the case said. The result of this phenomenon is due to many small businesses, like Mr. Liu and had hopes to achieve via live with a cargo sales not only can not be achieved, or even impossible to cover the appearance fees anchor.


Source: Vision China

\”allows businesses to ‘pit-bit fee’ (appearance fees) earn more, even the most conscientious of net red.\” I had handled thousands of red net with a cargo of cases, people familiar with the agency in charge of a network of red MCN operates on the \”daily News\” reporter bluntly.

reporter recently passed extensive investigation learned that, in fact, behind the hot with a cargo of live, like Mr. Liu as \”low cost high pit-bit sales, businesses do not make the anti-loss\” of the studio is not the case few. Meanwhile, after the anchor with a cargo, part return rates as high as 50%, but also to businessmen who complain incessantly.

behind the huge contrast between the ideal and the reality of repeated scalping \”ash production\” is being re-active, the studio fans, thumbs up, popular, comment Jieke brush. Increase powder 100 as 8 yuan, \”Chan +88 1288 Article Comments +10 Wan playing live\” as long as 30 yuan …… Moreover, relying on a single software brush, fan comments, interactive, time interval sales even speak, they It can be freely set.

\”scalping is already a common phenomenon in the industry.\” This is the consensus of a number of industry people helpless.

high \”pit-bit fee\” low sales, businesses do not make the anti-loss

Liu (a pseudonym) from Zhejiang to do pearl business for several years, has sales were flat. Last year, he asked to see their own business friends a month twenty-three anchor for their rear strap goods, selling well. Heart of Mr. Liu through friends, before and after the micro-channel contact way to find the three anchor to bring their own goods.

However, contrary to Mr. Liu expectation is that this experience not only live a few times did not bring net income for themselves, but let themselves lose a lot of money.

\”I think lookingThe anchor is to look at luck, I may not be very good, three live broadcast, my general ledger is loss. \”Liu Xi Sheng said,\” I found a anchor through a friend, the opening fee of 8,000 yuan, but finally I only sell more than 3,000 yuan, the other party came to our venue for 5 hours, which is this effect. \”

According to Mr. Liu, this anchor and Mr. Liu negotiated the\” 20% commission of the play \”, usually the anchor fee of 20,000, but because the anchor is about to change MCN institution (team hatching net red, changing traffic), coupled with friends, taking a lower price with a lower price.

\”A powerful anchor, but not every anchor Very powerful, talking with my words is to watch luck. It is difficult for you to judge their data, and many of their data are made, come over and earn an appearance fee. \”

Mr. Liu summed up three experiences to find an anchor,\” One is to find it in Ali V, one is a friend introduction or go to WeChat group, and one is to watch live broadcast I feel that the anchor is good, I find a ride chat. \”

\” But if you do live, you will know that all data can be done, the real background you don’t know, so you can only judge the anchor. \”Mr. Liu reminded.

Mr. Liu found three live broadcasts,\” pit level fees \”plus commissions totaling nearly 90,000 yuan, but sales is not ideal, shaving various costs, Mr. Liu has lost nearly 50,000 yuan.



With the experience of the previous high-play expense low sales, Mr. Liu will start trying to find The anchor of the pit, pure commission. \”The result of pure commissions is to send a lot of samples, there are many either to pull me black, or there is no reply. \”Mr. Liu said helplessly,\” I can only have a complaint. \”

There is no longer, and another Xianing (pseudonym) from Shanghai also has the same experience. In order to promote the baggage box where you are in the company, she invited a tour with a pit at 20,000 yuan. The blogger achieved sales in a period.

\”I selected him from more than a dozen travel bloggers, his previous live data, social platform data is very beautiful, but the last item has not sold out, We can usually broadcast more than a dozen pieces. \”Xiaining said that the reporter said,\” The blogger is also quite embarrassed, and later comes with the product of our Weibo, the honeycomb, etc., we will be exposed as a brand. \”

Although the blogger still has remedial, this zero sales broadcast is still new.

Some anchor return rate is more than 50%

[ 123] Not only that, the reporter further in-depth investigation, the exemption that the brush is highly refined, and it is not uncommon. \”The aquatic brush single is cool, the merchant returns the tears\”, brush the anchorI will run on the pit level fee, only the merchants will pick up the return \”rotten\”.

Even the merchant said that the pure ticket anchor they found, although did not charge the tuning fee, but \”the exemption order on the same day, 90% of the goods on the second day\”.

Senior e-commerce operator small fish also revealed, \”There are some anchors, the pit is expense to find you 50,000, then take 30,000 to brush the single.\”

\”I listen to others Some anchor return rate is very high. And some sellers are middlemen, no physical stores, and the results are all in their own hands. \”Liu Xi Sheng said.

An industry person discloses a reporter that a commission of 50% of general return rate is not returned. Another person engaged in e-commerce operations told reporters: \”Some of the sized quotation rates of small and medium-sized anchors are as high as more than 50%, which is a lot of brushing orders.\”

In addition to brush single belt The return, there are some returns and commodity propaganda, product types.

China Consumers Association announced on March 21, there is two points from the current problem of current e-commerce sales commodities. The number of times mentioned is more: 1. Anaten and false propaganda, 2. Cannot explain the link between commodity characteristics in live broadcast.

A person who engages in e-commerce operates, \”Do not the aesthetics of pit fees, basic return rate needs to see product type, most of the return rate is 5% -15%.\”

For the return rate of live broadcast, Mr. Section of the head of an e-commerce live business is considered that the live broadcast of the goods broadcast is very short, which contains the impulse consumption of consumers, and feels afterwards. The return that does not need to be formed. In addition, when the goods are discovered, the physical and expectations will have a drop, while the goods themselves do not have problems, which will also cause returns.

\”Live E-Commerce Shopping Consumers Satisfaction Online Survey Report\” shows that 37.3% of interviewed consumers encountered product quality problems in live shopping, only 13.6% of consumers have problems After the rights complaint, the rights ratio will be too low, which will grow and fake.

\”Direct E-Commercial Shopping Consumers Satisfaction Online Investigation Report\”

\”Of course, there is no rapidly developing industry or more in the slime, the fish is mixed Phenomenon. For example, an anchor is not a thorough product characteristic, causing a deviation during the promotion, thereby forming after-sales issues. Maybe some exaggeration and false propaganda. \”Mr. Section said. 网红直播刷单调查:"1288赞+88条真人评论+10万播放”只要30元

Image Source: \”Live E-Commerce Shopping Consumers Satisfaction Online Survey Report\”

Human fan mixed true and false, brush single package five flowers 网红直播刷单调查:"1288赞+88条真人评论+10万播放”只要30元

\”Lang is affection, 有 有\”, most of the number of business and anchors is a mutual choiceTie. But now, with the increase of the number of MCN institutions, the net red economy has gradually developed. The competition between the online demand is more and more intense.

Beautiful data and good interaction even become a part of the aquary with the business negotiation. In addition to the business capabilities of the anchor, this has to mention \”brush single\”.

In the \”Daily Economic News\” reporter, the reporter found in more than one in-depth investigation, and now the way to live brush, the package is a five-flowers.

\”Fans We have two, high-end fans 25 yuan, pure people’s fans 60 yuan.\” A brush single trafficker introduced to the reporter, high-end fans are human machine mixed fans, live fans The mixing ratio of the fans is five five. When the reporter puts forward, whether such fans will be isolated, it said: \”Will not, we are confirmed by the official.\”

Another brush hand selling is software, he Give a link to the reporter, there is a merchant who has a brushing order to enter the link to download the software, and log in to its own shop. You can do it.

\”Software has a live interaction function, many live broadcasts are used.\” According to this trafficker, it can also be brushed here. \”From 12 yuan per single, on the software, you can put it yourself.\”

When the reporter puts forward whether it will be checked, the name brush monk said, \”This is not checked, you can slowly In this way, 500-800-1200-2000. \”In addition, he also said that the number of live broadcasts can also operate.

The reporter noted that in addition, the enthusiastic speech in the live broadcast of the audience may also be generated by the machine.

According to the software provided by the trafficker, the merchant after the login software, can manipulate an account in the live inter-stream. In addition, in software, a few hundred sentences can also be set, and the interval between each sentence, and the live broadcast will automatically jump out of a comment, and the atmosphere between the live broadcast looks quite lively.

688 yuan monthly brush single software screenshot, comment, praise, pay attention, buy a single payment.

After this operation, the live broadcast between the human machine fans is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

It is worth mentioning that in this software, there is also a \”buy\” column, and the merchant can also set the amount of buying and each single. Brush single trafficker told reporters that this brush single software price is 688 yuan / month.

In another brush, \”real fan\” is particularly precious. \”The real people at 7:00 pm need to make an appointment in advance, temporarily not row.\” In this single person, 25 yuan can buy 100 people watching live broadcast, but not real people, he emphasizers, \” The price of live people is 10 per hour.Yuan / person \”.

网红直播刷单调查:"1288赞+88条真人评论+10万播放”只要30元 The reporter saw in the name of the brush-free personnel circle, in addition to shake, he still undertakes Taobao, Jingdong, Tmall, all the live broadcasts of major live broadcasts, pepper, etc.

\”I am worried about the upcoming 618. This year’s live broadcast is more than in previous years, during 618, I will answer any questions at 6:00 pm, and only the order is only. He wrote in a circle of friends.

In the reporter, he will have a number of consultations with multiple similar brush units, and there is no shortage \”1288 praise +88 real person comments +100 million play \u003d 30 yuan\” and so on. Low-priced, five-flowers of popular package.

a new media company that is refreshed with the short video live broadcast platform Taking the company’s staff claims that his own brush single business is \”the lowest price\” full network. As of now, tens of thousands of people have purchased the corresponding brush service in the company.

The new media company staff is provided to the reporter’s brush single business price titler

The staff provided to the reporter’s brush single business price is shown, and its business is divided into two categories: \”Hot Package\” and \”Single Service\”. 网红直播刷单调查:"1288赞+88条真人评论+10万播放”只要30元

Among them, \”38 round \u003d 8888 play +188 praise + 50 sharing + 10\” \”388 round \u003d 88888 play + 10 high-level comments\” Waiting for services, the price is also from the lowest 38 yuan to 988 yuan, and \”single service\” includes real fan, praise, high-level comment, play, sharing.

There is no idio, another special offer, The agency customer service personnel of the shake platform brush service is Ren Zhu (the daily economy news \”reporter, 8 yuan can purchase 100 fast fans, more than 1,000 discounts, fill the powder, the price of the fans Higher, each additional 100 shake fans will take 15 yuan.

网红直播刷单调查:"1288赞+88条真人评论+10万播放”只要30元 \”The relative to the shake is expensive, the shake platform is relatively high, the difficulty is relatively high, so the charge is also different. Each list is done by a team, less shake resources, slower, and the trip is the opposite, it is very fast. \”Ren Wei said.

The customer service staff said that\” flour \”is sold after the sale

\” all is a highly active artificial team! 1 person 1 machine 1IP, 100% pure people. \”Ren Wei told reporters,\” If you really pay attention to quality, you can go to the platform to promote, but the spending will be large. The general new number, there is a one or two thousand fans, and then use the official promotion, the effect will be better. Wait until 10,000 fans, get a blue V certification, the account weight will be much better. \”

Who is brushing? Who is carnival?

Similar to the above-mentioned short video live platform and e-commerce live platformThe \”professional\” institution of the brush single impulse is visible to the online search. But for these institutions, which people will really buy fans from the pockets, brush it? The answer doesn’t seem to be so simple.

网红直播刷单调查:"1288赞+88条真人评论+10万播放”只要30元 A live industry personnel advised the \”Daily Economic News\” reporter, I have brushed it. He said, \”Brush orders to see the floating unit price of the platform, usually pay the penalty in minutes or 2 hours, if the merchant has KPI requirements for you, then you are always hanging.\”

Industry insiders who are deeply versed from Honghong Belt, in an interview with the \”Daily Economic News\” reporter, said that from him to understand the industry, there will be two types of people who choose to brush single.

The first class is in order to advertise, because only the amount of flour is high, the number of live broadcasts looks more, talk about advertising, can sell the price. A single advertisement earns more than two thousand or even more, it is to maintain this heat.

The second class is to sell, if a live broadcast can only sell 100 sheets, but can sell 1000 sheets through the brush single, whether it is advertising, or for receiving The pit level fee is good.

The person’s point of view has been recognized by another MCN institution that is unwilling to disclose.

\”Just like the Taobao shop, open the Tmall shop (business), why the platform has been strict, but there is always someone to brush the order? In fact, everyone is in order to achieve a kind of effect.\” The owner said If only hundreds of sales, then the place where consumers will tend to have doubts, doubt your product quality problems, or doubt as an aquatic belongs, but if the sales in the live broadcast rises rapidly, It has risen thousands of orders, or even tens of thousands, then there will be many people to buy with the wind.

In fact, for many of the newly started belt anchor, even the middle waist anchor, even if the day re-emergence, \”want to increase the number of fans, continue to get more attention, Not an easy task.

In January of this year, a trainer named the goods in a clothing commodity, 280,000 fans, and now, it has risen by 100,000 to 341,000. The amount of powder of 100,000 fans in half a year increases, but may not be worth mentioning, but behind this, she starts to prepare live at 4:00 am every morning, she will get off work late at 11 o’clock in the middle of the night. Go home for the results.

In this regard, online traffic costs continue to rise, and the live e-commerce market competition is more and more fierce. One side is the urgent need of live goods to fans, the popularity accumulation, and the other side is difficult, Insufficient popularity, this contradiction has formed a large amount of traffic demand, and the brush will become a \”shortcut\” in some an an anchor to improve the reputation.

It is worth noting that it is not just a demand for brush orders, and for some brand merchants, there is also a need for brushing orders.

In this regard, Wang Anshi, a senior investment manager of the innovative workshop, said in an interview with the \”Daily Economic News\” reporter, all e-commerce has always had a problem of brushing orders for a long time. The brush orders of e-commerce live can be roughly divided into two, one is the head network red live brush single, the second is that the merchant deliberately brushed through the external tool or mechanism.

Wang An was further stated that for the net red live brush single, this brush single is to drive directly to the GMV of live goods directly, but in fact, a lot of GMVs that are not true. Of course, many user impulse consumption will be included.

And for the merchant deliberately through external tools or institutions, Wang Anzhi said that the reason why the merchant deliberately brushed the order, because now live e-commerce in the platform of many e-commerce platforms in order to seize the internal weight of the station, Only the amount is high, and the traffic given above the platform is high. Although there is a set of algorithm systems to monitor, the brush orders are still present.

In addition, Wang An has also said that there are still many e-commerce live brushing behavior to \”smashing investors\”, because of performance, it will receive a lot of investors and even investment. However, when choosing a live e-commerce project, investors usually investigate the company’s live data and conversion rates through ITDD (Internet information data due to diligence).

A \”narration\”

of the founder of the MCN institution

is not difficult to find in the interview, there is no shortage of the spearhead behind the net red brush, and think that some MCN The purpose of the agency brush is to rely on the \”pit level fee\” to make a quick money.

At the same time, the person in charge of a large MCN mechanism also franked about the reporter that the brand is often signed with the agency to sign \”Bao Sales\”.

So, how do the real MCN institutions look at the brush?

Hands have thousands of red tape cases, and the beauty of the Red Writer in the net red network, Wang Han recently accepted the \”Daily Economic News\” reporter interview, gave the live brush single in his eyes. And thinking and suggestions about brushing orders to SMEs.

1, the market is not as crazy, all the treasures of the treasure net red IP

Wang Han told the reporter, according to the platform, directly add some fake fans, this The situation is actually relatively small. If the platform is more tremendous to an IP, it is rarely do this (brush), because this will have a severe punishment measures. 网红直播刷单调查:"1288赞+88条真人评论+10万播放”只要30元

And now, no matter how bright means, even if you look for real people, the live broadcast platform can also be monitored. After all, the technology has been very developed, and there is basically no threshold.

\”But he (live platform) does not necessarily say that you can seal you, don’t say a penalty, but give you a limited flow, this numberThe weight is reduced. \”

Therefore, in Wang Han’s view, the main attitude of live broadcast platform is still a blow, and it is necessary to guarantee the fairness and competition of this platform, otherwise no one is playing.

another Aspect, if it is just a regular person to play one number, brush a 20,000 fans don’t have much impact on the platform, and it seems that you can’t say that you don’t have to do this.

\”Fantasus can not completely represent you The influence. You brushed the figs, the video point Zonong is going to go, the video is praised to brush, the video is forwarded, the comment is not brushing, then your cost is very high. And you are brushing out is a fake comment, and it is obvious. \”For this kind of brush single effect, Wang Han is also in the words.

It is worth mentioning that, in the case of the current situation, Wang Han believes that it is always broadcast, pepper, and maiti. It has not been able to compare. \”At that time, the volume was very crazy, and now (live brush) is actually no market. \”

\” If you want to operate a net red, it will not choose brush. Book, you can attract 1 million fans on your own, why do you have to brush a 500,000 to get 1.5 million, there is no benefit of you, or even an account may be blocked, then, all your efforts are all spent. Such a large punishment is very small, so there are few people. \”

\” Even if you brush 10 million playback, brush 10 million fans, the merchant’s goods can not be sold, what is the meaning? \”

\” When short video and live broadcast become a gameplay, there is no routing and secret, the impact of brush sales is almost minimal. \”Wang Han said.

He further pointed out that a number of millions of fans, send a video, if you praise there, there is a few hundred, just prove that this number doesn’t have anyone, he did this There is no meaning, it is better, it is better to have no fans. And everyone will look at your live broadcast, video, you know that it is not good.

2, \”Business is looking for net red If you just want to bring The goods, more than 95% is definitely a loss of money \” \”Talking about the hot net red belt, Wang Han is also straightforward.

His example, Luo Yonghao sells, Wang Laoji, a bottle of a bottle, is he making money? (Business) give Luo Yonghao price It is extremely low, it may be the cost price of the factory, the more the merchants are sold, the more you have lost. And, Luo Yonghao’s pit fees have hundreds of thousands.

\”Business to find Luo Yonghao live band If it is better to sell it, it doesn’t matter if you don’t sell it. Why did he find Luo Yonghao? It is for an advertising effect. The merchant finds Li Jiaqi, and Viria is for an advertising effect. This is the purpose of the business to find big net red. \”Wang Han said.

For small businesses to find small net red, Wang Han also gives his warning.

\”First of all, he (small net red) will receive your pit fees. You can sell the small net red to 30,000 pit fees, and must consider your own interests, he also knows the business Profit, how much is, then he must earn money this money. Let the merchants earn this three-five thousand pit fees, this is very conscience net red. Most of them, the merchants sell it at all Come back, you (business) want to have a lot of money in this, \”

Why do the merchant also want to find a red tape?

In Wang Han, it may be that there is no other way. \”He (merchant) listening to net red shipments very large, was identified by ‘kidnapped’.\”

\”So, all business is looking for net red, you only want him to help the goods, this The idea is not available. If you want to find a net red to you, you will go to the sales volume, make a burst, then do an advertisement, this idea is desirable. You can get some kind of seed customers from the Internet. Get 1000 seed users, these customers can also repurcharge, can also put 10,000 customers, there is this idea. \”

\” This market is already mature, unlike the beginning Net red does not know his value, you give him a lot less money, then he sold millions of money, this probability is extremely low, the probability of 1%, this luck is small. 95% is definitely Loss of money. \”To say this, Wang Han did not forget to emphasize, this is the case that they have passed thousands of net red belts, there is no deviation.

Why Li Jiaqi’s livelihood price is so high, because he has a lot of traffic, you can talk to the business a very low price, you can take the advertising fee from the merchant, take benefits.

In fact, this behavior of buying goods at this time has become a kind of behavior of buying advertising. Business is looking for you, and it has become an advertisement. That finally became, small merchants did not squeeze in this threshold, only have a big brand that has a strong brand to play this game. The problem is that many small merchants will go in this routine, and they will suffer.

So, small merchants must want to clearly, spend 100,000, what is the purpose of 1 million to find net red? Wang Han said that if your purpose is to do the brand, then you will do it; if you say pure to bring the goods, you don’t do it. Otherwise, you are not as good as spending your own products.

False prosperity is not good in industrial ecology, supervision has been on the road

It is undeniable that domestic live e-commerce foreground is considerable. IIMEDIA Research Data show that China’s live e-commerce industry has reached 43.8 billion yuan in 2019, it is expected that the scale of 2020 will be doubled. At the same time, Mi media consultation expects that by 2020 China’s live broadcast users will reach 524 million people.Cover live game live, show live broadcast, livelihood, e-commerce live, etc.

But while the scale of the live e-commerce market is rapidly expanded, the brush single fake has become a \”hidden rules\” in the industry. What is the meaning of this prosperity?

\”Live anchor for data is good, do hundreds of thousands or one or two million fans, but this shift ability is particularly limited, even if it is a low unit price item such as selling clothes, it will not sell well. \”Wang Han told the Daily Economic News\” reporter. In his view, the net red economy under the current era has been different from the past, no longer walking \”quantity\”, for the MCN institution, but also to operate some big IP, focus on the main energy And vertical IP, excavate an IP greater value.

returned to live band, Wang An, also told reporters, \”Net red live sales refund rate is about 30% -40%, but this is only because of consumer impulses Bringing the situation caused by sexual purchases, and malicious brush single is difficult to have specific statistics because the platform difference is different, but this will undoubtedly trigger the inferior coin of the entire live e-commerce industry. \”

[123 ] Source: \”Live E-commerce Shopping Consumers Satisfaction Online Survey Report\”

In fact, the behavior of brush data fake is not only damaged by the interests of the merchant, but also possible to thus off consumers for the anchor The trust of the live broadcast platform. It is also because of this, whether it is a live e-commerce platform or a short video live broadcast platform, it is strictly played.

In this regard, Taobao live broadcast reporters reported that since 2016 Taobao lives, it has attached great importance to avoiding data foam. On the one hand, the platform has established a sound mechanism to prevent brush data. At the same time, Taobao live broadcast also relying on Taobao platform perfect mechanism, organize strikes, data fake, etc. In addition, for some merchants in Taobao platform, there is a soldiestal \”brush data robot\”, Taobao platform has been multi-wheel strike.

\”The attitude of data fraud is absolutely zero tolerance, because only real data can bring healthy development.\” Jingdong live broadcast relevant person in charge also told the \”Daily Economic News\” reporter, Jingdong live broadcast from the initial period of creation Pay very much attention to data real and data health and have doubled from the technical and rule levels. Among them, the technical level Jingdong live broadcast has been accepted in a strict anti-brush system, and it is intercepted for data fake. In addition, in the rule level, Jingdong live broadcast also develops severe punishment, for data fake merchants, institutions, and people, according to the proposition of the plot, severely sealed.

It is understood that Jingdong live broadcasts have also established the \”Wind Control Project Group\” internally, which is specifically targeted to live in a series of industries such as data injection, data fake, and other industries.

Not just live e-commerce platform, for short videoThis is also the same.

The relevant person in charge of the shake told reporters that in recent years, the criminals have been noticed that some of the black production industry is staring on short video live platforms, using brush powder, registering robot account, etc., manufacturing false data , Hurt the platform user experience. For such phenomena, the shake has established a sound recognition combat mechanism, and perform real-time interception of various cheating behaviors such as data fake. For users, institutions and shakes that brush data using cheating, they will be punished according to the platform rules, and the circumstances will be permanently banned.

In fact, in 2019, the shake has launched a three-month \”Woodpecker 2019\” special action, combating the black and affordable behavior on the platform. Public data shows that as of December 31, 2019, the special combat action ban allegedly brushed the cheating illegal account number 203 million, and reported to the relevant departments 113.

It is worth mentioning that the self-supervision of the live broadcast platform is about to be introduced soon.


Recently, the China Commercial Federation issued a notice, documentation requirements, led by the China Commercial Federation Media Shopping Professional Committee, drafting the development of the first national community standard \”video live shopping operations and basic specifications\” and Two standards such as \”Network Shopping Integrity Service System Evaluation Guide\”.

This means that the first national live e-commerce standard will be introduced, and it is expected that it will be officially released in July. Enter the \”Regulatory Age\”, standardization \”Game Rules\” will help new students’ improvement results, \”live broadcast\” industry will end barbarism and achieve cultivation.

Reporter’s Belief | Live Belief, \”Selling should be a trust\”

In fact, this form of live broadcast has emerged a few years ago, and 2019 is also known. For \”e-commerce live broadcast first year\”. In 2020, it is affected by new coronal pneumonia, \”home economy\” has become a market hotspot, and companies and merchants are willing to explore and try innovative marketing models, and live broadcast live.

With the addition of major stars, net red joins, live bands help consumers reduce the choice time, the anchor chooses to choose a good price and honesty, consumers only need to decide whether to buy. At the same time, you can also interact, intuitively and vividly \”what you see\” is easy to accept by consumers.

For merchants, the live broadcast of goods is also obvious to sell sales. Even if you cannot harvest a lot of sales, facing millions of live broadcast traffic, you can also harvest good brands due to a certain brand exposure and the anchoring of the anchor.

In addition, policy support is also an important promotion factor in fire development, and industry support and encourage policies continue to be introduced. Multi-landDragonfly, CCTV host personally broadcasts the goods, and is also recognized and supported for this emerging model.

So, can it become a qualified \”blessing anchor\” in a single \”big traffic\”? The answer is obviously negative.

As the head of the head of the head of e-commerce live business, the live broadcast of the goods and the continued improvement of the retail \”infrastructure\” and supporting policies of e-commerce warehousing, distribution, overseas customs clearance.

The large flow is just a foundation configuration in live band, because some people will only buy, the more people who will buy, the more people who will buy. But in turn, when the traffic is greater, the larger the responsibility to be borne by the merchants.

The aquatic sale is not only a good quality, actually selling is a trust, consumers’ trust in the anchor and product. Therefore, the anchors should carefully choose a cooperative brand, and strictly check the selection links. Merchants should regulate the supply chain, work hard in the quality of goods, and ensure after-sales service.

Behind this responsibility and trust, don’t be wrapped in a single shot. After all, the brush is defrauded to each other, and damage is the entire live industry chain, which is damaged, and trust is not more than half of the adulteration and destruction.

Editor: Li Zhuo Wang Liang

Vision: Shuai Lingyu

Typography: Wang Lina Yang Shihan

[ 123] Daily Economic News

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