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The State Council’s joint-defense mechanism held a press conference on the 18th, introducing the scientific precision to prevent the epidemic prevention and control during the New Year’s Day, What is the current national epidemic situation? Do you want to \”local New Year\” during the Spring Festival? Let’s pay attention –

New Year’s Day, the Spring Festival is approaching, what is the current national epidemic situation?

At present, the overall national epidemic situation remains relatively stable, and the local region has been controlled by local aggregated epidemic in the local area. Some are being controlled.

Yunnan Luanchuan epidemic has not added a case in 8 consecutive days, and the epidemic has been effectively controlled. Harbin, Heilongjiang, Qiqihar has no new cases for 4 consecutive days, and the epidemic is basically controlled. Inner Mongolia, the epidemic of Manchuria, is basically controlled, and the epidemic enters the final stage. Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other places have recently been circulated from central isolation points. The risk of epidemic risk is gradually controlled. Zhejiang Shaoxing is still in the stage of sustainable development. risks of. Si’an and Guangdong Dongguan two places in Guangdong, the same communication chain, the same spread chain of the same overseas, these two places should be strictly controlled, and the epidemic of the two places is still continuing, there is further proliferation. Risk investigation and key area control work is being taken.

What is the characteristics of this round of epidemic?

The recent domestic epidemic still has partially distributed and scale-based aggregation.

Air ports and land ports are the main input pathways, mainly caused by overseas input cases and related items, cold chain food.

Whether the Spring Festival \”in the ground\” should be based on risk research, can not \”cut\”

About \”New Year\”, based on risk The country cannot be \”a knife\” in the country, and it is necessary to introduce relevant policies in the ground.

To classify. For high-risk groups, such as elderly, chronic patients, pregnant women still advocate minimizing unnecessary travel and unnecessary aggregation. Other people travel, advocate relevant protection, and fulfill their responsibilities of their own health first responsible persons. To be considered partition. Now in the high-risk area of \u200b\u200bthe epidemic, special areas such as ports, borders, Beijing, etc. In preparing major activities, the Winter Olympics, Winter Disabled Olympics, to continue to maintain relatively strict control measures. In other parts, we must do a good job of risk assessment, put forward practical, and accurate, and temperature-related policies. The risks of input and output should be considered when doing risk assessments. Should givePublic clear guidance, such as New Year’s Day, Spring Festival travel related extensive information and reference.

During the \”two sections\”, what should people pay attention to what prevention and control needs when returning to their hometowns?

One is personal protection, including wearing masks, hardwacks, not gathering, 1 meter, maintain good hygiene habits and health Lifestyle, actively vaccinate new crown virus vaccines, and should be connected.

The second is that the high-risk area and the county (city, district, flag) personnel strictly restrict travel, abide by local epidemiological investigation, risk personnel investigation, nucleic acid detection, health Monitoring and community prevention and control requirements. If a specific official service is implemented, it is necessary to travel by personnel to ensure that the production and transportation transportation, and the local joint defense mechanism shall be approved for 48 hours, and the nucleic acid detection is negative and negative, and the personal protection of journey, implement the destination epidemic prevention and control regulations.

The third is that the other counties (cities, districts, flags) of the city, the people in the high-risk area are not necessarily not necessary, and the need to travel within 48 hours of nucleic acid detection negative proof .

The fourth is strictly limited to the middle, high-risk areas and the county (city, district, flag), not necessary to go to other counties in the city of China, high-risk areas (city, District, flag).

The fifth is that there are symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and health code \”yellow code\” should fulfill personal protection responsibility, and do not travel before the risk of infection.

During the \”two sections\”, high-risk positions should try to avoid travel

High-risk posts are exposed to possible infections during their work. Personnel may have more opportunities to contact virus contaminated items and environments.

During the \”two sections\”, high-risk positions should try to avoid travel, and there is a need to travel to meet three conditions: First, get from high risk posts more than 14 days; Hold a 48-hour nucleic acid detection negative proof; third is to report in the unit.

These people should do personal protection on their travel, understand and comply with the destination epidemic prevention and control regulations.

How does the railway department do the epidemic prevention and control of the Spring Festival?

Spring Festival will begin on January 17, ending February 25. It is predicted that basic travel needs such as railway Spring Festival will continue to be a certain scale, and the passenger traffic has increased significantly from the Spring Festival of 2021, and the prevention and control of Spring Festival is facing a large test.

In 2022, the Spring Festival capacity increased by about 10% higher than in 2019, and the train will strictly control the train.The passenger ratio, the conditional train implements a distributed ticket, providing relatively loose, more favorable power conditions for epidemic prevention and control. Strictly prevent passengers entering the bus from the ride to get on the bus; use non-contact services such as self-service equipment; delivery to car seat; strengthen station car broadcast propaganda; strengthen station car ventilation and disinfection, regularly carry out environmental hygiene monitoring. The passenger train is reserved in accordance with the regulations, and the emergency isolation places are set up, standardizing the train, station emergency placement, strengthen the emergency disposal training drills, and emergency preparations.

What prevention and control measures have the civil aviation department?

\”Outside Defense Input\”: Airlines cooperate with the long-term passengers on the front temperature test, check code, etc., partition management, partition domain service, recommended passengers Use the washroom in an orderly manner; do a good job in the whole process closed-loop management after travelers;

Ensure normal flights during the \”two sections\”. Airport provides service guidance for special needs travelers such as the elderly. Guaranteed the civil aviation service quality supervision phone 12326 and the company customer service calls.

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