No 50 square meters of paint shop, how to get a million?

A couple of husband and wife, starting from 2000, starting to age for rectangular paint, has been nearly 20 years.

At the beginning of the store, the location was not mature, almost did not make money. Later, with the expansion of economic development and urbanization, this shop finally waited for spring. Don’t read the small shop only 50 square meters, now the marketing amount is almost 60,000, the annual sales of up to 20 million.

This is the most model of the South people to do business, starting with a small store, the agent distributes a good product, waiting for the market to mature, to the spring, began to make money.

The same is another store in this business area. It is a small supermarket. It is only a terminal region of Wang Laoji. It only uses a truck. The two workers are specifically used to transport distribution, only by the Wang Laoji. One year earned net profit from 10,000 yuan, it is not the other tobacco alcohol involved in small supermarkets.

The so-called tree is better, it is this. It is also because of this big tree, although it covers the wind and rain, it also blocks a lot of space.


I asked Banglantian Boss: \”Do you have marketing?\”

The store owner said: \”No. If the headquarters of the Landang Support activities, we will do it. If we don’t, we will not do it. \”

I ask:\” Why don’t you do some activities? \”

shop owner said \”Why do you have to do activities? If you don’t have this plan support, these money must be ourselves.\”

I asked: \”You have saved the activities, sell more Product, what is the money? \”

The store is said:\” But my present store is very profitable, I don’t sell the product, why do you want to do activities? \”

I said that I finally realized that this problem has been plaguing me for a long time: Why is most of the physical stores without marketing, just wait for customers to come to the door?

The reason is not that they don’t understand marketing, but because they think: now business is good, no marketing. In they think, marketing is in the snow to send carbon, not cosmetics!

This truth is as dialectical relationship with medicine and health. A person who is living, there is no sick person, never take medicine; when taking medicine is sick. In other words, these shop owners think that only when they are poor, they need to be marketing! They didn’t think of \”marketing\” two words. Moreover, in them think: marketing is required to spend a lot of money.

When you think \”don’t need marketing\”, then you will never go to understand marketing; when you think \”Marketing requires big price\”, then any marketing you consider will require a big price.

Unless you ask yourself in another way: \”HowFlower money to make a marketing more money? \”

I said to the paint shop owner: 不到50平米的油漆小店,如何年入千万?

First, marketing is to make you money, not letting you spend money;

[123 Second, there are many kinds of marketing methods don’t need to spend a lot of money, sometimes even zero cost;

Third, the more business, the more marketing, this is not good for future business Time to play the foundation;

Paint shop owner asked: \”Then you said, my store, why don’t you spend money to make marketing? \”

I said:\” It is very simple, you can make you double the money as long as you do three things.

First: Package for your product.

If you carefully count your customer group, you will find that a class of customers tend to tend to a certain type. Product portfolio. For example, as a paint, there are primers, topcoat, wood lacquer, etc. Closed primers, etc. 123]

Therefore, this time determines which paint to choose from, it is often the factor of determinants. With money customers, no high-end products are selected in primary, topcoat, wood lacquer, economical customers, It is another kind of saving choice; and engineering customers, it is also a choice.

These different product selection forms a product portfolio. High-grade combination, economic portfolio, engineering portfolio Wait. So, you only need to package these product portfolios, for sale, you can improve your business immediately.

Not only reducing customer pick-time, but also reduces service costs and unnecessary Inventory, more importantly, the package can be sold more.

Second: Change the sales concept.

You are not paint, you sell to your home improvement, about your home, you sell to engineering customers is a friendship about long-term partners.

When you introduce the product to customers, almost all is According to the customer needs, the customer needs, most of the problems are similar, which is often priced, performance, use, coloring, after-sales, etc.

However, some problems are deeply hidden In the heart, there is no saying. It is because of these problems, which determines what products buying customers. These issues are the psychological satisfaction and happiness of customers who want to get in your product.

Home improvement customers buy you Paint, not used to drink, but useTo decorate home, it is more tasteful, more feeling. Therefore, you sell paint, you know how to stimulate our customers’ Lenovo, to draw customers after using some kind of paint! The invisible psychological needs are often more than tangible things, the price is high!

不到50平米的油漆小店,如何年入千万? In addition: The answer to those professional issues unless there is long-term sales experience, otherwise the answer cannot be exactly. This is also a question that most of the physical store boss is facing, if you change a new salesman tomorrow, how do you do business? You need to edit this information into written materials, don’t lazy.

Third: Use the flock effect.

hangs a sales update table on the wall every day. Which customer sold today, the customer’s simple situation, etc.

For example: \”** Community, Mr. Liu, three rooms, two rooms, 104 square meters, 2017-6-22, 2017-6-25 delivery\”, etc.

The effect of this is that not only the determination to purchase new customers, but most new customers will ask similar purchased customers, for example: Mr. Zhang is a new customer, his house is just three rooms. Two halls, then you will definitely ask Mr. Liu’s paint, which grade, how big to use, etc. At this time, it is a good time to sell product portfolios.

Only in this simple sales update table, at least 10% can be improved. This data is not a Du, but an empirical one after a large amount of marketing.

Do you need a lot of money? Is not it simple?

Moreover, no matter what industry you are engaged in, these three marketing techniques can be applied to your own business as long as you have modified it. I hope that today’s methodology can bring some inspiration ~

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