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We usually have a habit of reading novels, especially now the rise of online novels. Many people will take out mobile phones to see the novels. Whether it is sitting on the subway, you will see a lot of people around you. Watching a novel with a mobile phone, it can be said that the novel is already a very mature industry, and the wonderful novels, people are more willing to pay for the payment, and have developed the habit of paying reading. When you read the wonderful, the novel is gone, you need to click on the original text. After paying the charge, you can continue to read. If it is a very attractive novel, many people are willing to pay for continuing, so many public numbers are doing this. Novel promotion. These novels are the novel platform sent to these WeChat public accounts. The public account can get 80% -90% profit division, which means to recharge 100 yuan, the public number can get 80-90 yuan, if 10,000 fans The public number, generally a novel can earn around 90,000 yuan, the more fans, the more you earn. If you have a WeChat public number in your hand, there is no better realization mode, or you can choose the project, return or you can. If you don’t have a public number, you also want to make a novel’s event, it is also possible, you can send the link to the WeChat group, QQ group, friends circle, etc. I have a little brother in my circle to do this, plus all kinds every day. WeChat, QQ group, then send the link of the novel to the inside, there are many people in the same day, the key is that you have to persist, the more accumulated groups, the more money.

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