Now make a grilled cold face to earn money (grilled cold face profit)

I used to say that everyone can eaten mountains, can eat big meat hard vegetables, now the era is different, and those things are not mainstream, now the eating goods are pursuit of all places, have not seen it. The best, pursue this freshness, even where to eat snacks, don’t be flying away from thousands of miles away. It’s a bit crazy, as the same as food, I can only say it!


Northeast is also a place where the food is rich, and the mushrooms that are prepared to give the grandfather stew, there is no unique grilled egg, but the Northeastern people eat The most important thing is the cold surface, most of the northeastern people are super like to eat cold noodles, although it is simple to eat every day, but it is really only to eat in the northeast, especially welcome, many people like there. Come on lunch, night markets are much better, you can buy it everywhere! Harbin big sister night market \”roasted cold noodles\”, 5 yuan a day sell 1000 copies, over half a profit!


Big sister has been more than 40 this year. It has been three years this year. Talking about the biggest feeling of these three years is that the hot winter is cold in summer. But in order to life, you must strive at full speed.

Do the barbecue cold face is quite low, a roasted iron pan grilled plate, a bottle of petroleum gas, plus a truck can be opened, cost does not need to be very big, but also do it. Very simple, put the cold face on the iron plate.


, then hit an egg on the cold surface, and smoothly and lower the eggs on the cold surface with a shovel. When the egg is solidified, the other side is turned over with the shovel. fry.

On this surface without eggs, brush a garlic chili sauce, then sprinkled with cumin and curry on chili sauce.


Then put the sausage, onions, gold mushrooms, coriander and chopped, and rolled up after a while, and cut into a block along the cold surface with a shovel, and then For semi-separation, the process is very simple but very good, which can take care of various tastes. The big sister is very good, find which material is put less, will take the initiative to give you more, do business enough.


After being installed with a disposable tray, it was completed. Basically, you can do a batch of 8 copies in one minute. The cost of the cold noodles is actually not much, a cold face, an egg, a sausage and a little gold hi-mushroom, the profit can be more than half, although it is simple but can not always do it, the price is best to buy it. The big sister said that when he can sell 1,000 days a day, there are more than 600 copies of one day, and it is more than working together!

What do you think? 哈尔滨大姐夜市卖“烤冷面”5元一份一天卖1000份,利润过半

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