Now selling a house to earn money (selling a house to earn money)


At the beginning of December 2021, a warm weekend afternoon, I agreed to chat in Longhu Lake, North Longhu.

As a small social place in the Beilong Lake, it is just right.

The sky in the early winter is clear and high, the sun is so warm, and the sun is quiet in the outdoor umbrella under the table, and the side is not far away is the water system. The sound is the benefits, not quiet. Make trouble.

Two years ago, Xiajia is a salespeaker of a real estate from the Beilong Lake. Once an accidental chance, I will accompany customers to see the house, I will meet him, and I often chat into a friend.

No two years, according to his friends circle, currently in the medical beauty industry. I feel huge for me this time. This article records several representative topics, in the form of question and answer, quite playable.

Q: Why did you choose to sell a house in Beilong Lake?

A: It is very accidental for real estate sales, but in the Beilong Lake, it is the result of my careful consideration. The earliest experience has experienced a real estate, the kind of real estate that I just can’t just reappeared, every day, I found a problem, I have been a happiness, but they are a heart. Heavy, expression is dignified.

The final analysis is no money, and their purchase of houses is a multi-party branch, and it is difficult to come. When the money is going out, there is no feeling, but it is the pressure multiplied. You talk to them the value of the property, it is really not talking, the house is their only redemption, and there is no price. Although I also sold a dozen houses, I have nothing to talk to customers, I really don’t have much chat.

The experience has been more than a year, and the Zhengzhou real estate market has emerged in the Zhengzhou real estate market. Probably in the second half of 2016, the house is selling a good thing for developers, but those who just need to buy a house will be more worried.

The change in house prices reflects the humbleness of the people. Most of the time and humble people are deal. I am more and more likely to have a mustach, and there is no sense of value and sense of existence; although the house is selling, in addition to busy It is a void. I choose to leave the just need area.

Where to leave, I have considered it for a long time, I also read a lot of real estate, and finally chooses Beilong Lake. Because Zhengzhou’s just need to have too much disk, it is too small to improve the disk; even if it improves the disc, the surroundings often mix the need, purely improved area, it seems to see the North Dragon Lake.

I found a lot of research on planning data about Beilong Lake, the more I feel that this region is unlimited. When the sales of the Ultra Long Lake real estate and the communication to customers, the original research has become my basic skill. In the days to sell in the North Dragon Lake, I think my choice is right. Every day is the customer who is more than 10,000, obviously feels different:

Although some people are in mind, but north Dragon Lake valueIt is the main reason for attracting him. They all have multiple properties, choose Beilong Lake, which is planning to upgrade the family wealth again. Customers who buy a house here, engage in industry relatively concentrated: financial securities, business executives, engineering construction, education and training, Internet applications, pharmaceutical instruments, etc.

I am studying in college, in order to communicate more in-depth communication with customers, I am self-studying economics, paying attention to stocks and futures – some information, buying information, buy Some stocks sometimes have a few daily limit, and I am worthy of me a month.

I found that the influence of the industry and occupation to a person is too big, not only how much earning money, the so-called wealth accumulation speed; more importantly, the perspective of the world is waiting for the problem of thinking Way. This is in the past, I am not imagined. \”People will always earn money outside their own cognition!\”

Beyond the things that knows, it is a difference between the heavens, the sky, the sky.

Ask 2: Press you so that you have got bigger in the North Dragon Lake, but why don’t you do an industrial consultant?

A: The house of Beilong Lake, there are a lot of commissions, some people joking said that March will not open, and open it in March. But it is true, in Beilong Lake, it is sold, all of the excellent people are not only earned by commissions. There are about 15,000 houses in the South of the North Dragon, the cheapest total price is more than 6 million, no more than 20 million, and hundreds of millions of single-family. People who can buy such a house, their assets, the eyes are not the same; and such people, I think it is our greatest resource we have sold in Beilong Lake.

Of course, it is not that you want to make friends. Need your ability and effort. At that time, I had a colleague, he has been doing the project of Beilong Lake. He firmly believes in a point:

Which project is not saying, he chooses which project to do sales, it is a product product, location , Developer brands and other situations, just like customers look at the house. In his words, he wants to check it for customers. Customers are also very recognized to him. Which real estate is sold, where customers will buy a set. Customers are not bad, lack is to choose the product, and he is done for customers, and customers are naturally willing. Such sales are excellent.

There is also a type of sales personnel that provide full-process services to the owners, from the seller to delivery to renovation, and even customers want to sell houses, they also give it. Because the customers are friends, customers are very relieved to them – customers are very busy, the more rich people, the more time, the more time they need to have such a \”housekeeper\”. For the sales staff, each participating link can have considerable income. Such salespersons are also very excellent.

I chose the third route. After I did more than two years of sales in Beilong Lake, I met a batch of customers, pioneering the field of view – although I don’t think the real estate industry will endJunction, but a significant change is getting harder and harder; the quality of the house in the North Dragon Lake is shrinking, the owner of Beilong Lake is also changing, the threshold is decreasing.

Long this past, there must be problems. When I chat with a few relationship customers, I said my above feelings and opinions. They also agree that one of the customers is to do a health care industry. He asked me if I want to change the industry – after a period of research, I listened to his suggestion, it is now doing medical beauty, a generation of cells Protein beauty products.

While not doing an industrial consultant, I am still in Beilong Lake, because of the first two years of customer resource accumulation and integration, my goal is mostly here.

Ask 3: Or ask a question about real estate, how do you view the owners of Beilong Lake and Beilong Lake?

A: In fact, there is also mentioned that Beilong Lake is a good area, so it is a unified planning, very pure. But the biggest problem is the lack of support, this lack is not time to solve – not like someone, it will be a few years.

The residential planning of Beilong Lake is very low, and it is a high-level improvement community. The occupancy rate is very low – even if someone is burning, although I bought multiple houses in this. The result is that there is no popularity in the region, no popularity is willing to do it, no one is willing to come. This is a dead cycle, which is the crux formed when planning. This is not a time problem.

I said the owners of Beilong Lake, I think it can be discussed in phases. The owner before 2018, it is indeed very powerful, and later they have purchased many times; after getting less unprinted, some projects have made small-scale low price products, customers It is incorporated, and the threshold has also dropped a lot.

There are also many speculative people in the owners of Beilong Lake, and most of the rights of the final rights rights are such a person. Which of your own boss has you seen it on the roadside? The owner of the Dragon Dream is the owner of the Dragon, and the rights of people are direct and Xu Yingming, and it is advised. But now, the road to block the street release emotions – this can not solve the problem, but it is witnessed that the hierarchy is high.

The golden age of Beilong Lake has passed – from the sales level. This is also a reason why I am going. The times have passed, but the resources in the era are worth cherishing, this is the reason I am still in Beilong Lake. The wind is turning, followed by planning.

Zhengzhou has a value community, 20 years ago, the world, ten years ago, the Alliance New Town, this year is in the Beilong Lake, it is difficult to say, it is estimated that it is not. The starting point of the North Dragon Lake is too high.

When Xiao Jia said at this time, my fourth question is to the mouth, but I haven’t asked again:

Selling a house in Beilong Lake, is it very cattle?

The answer does not speak self – but that onlyBelong to the golden age.

The outdoor is not too cold, but after a saying, the coffee in my hand has been cool.When we shake hands, Xiajia said that he just went to the half-hook to buy a sugar-free thick-sugar-free fiber bobbin bread:

\”This is a habit of my day in the past half year.\”

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