Online posting earning money (post it published in the article how to make money)



to register an account directly in the Jingdong Alliance, then certify your personal information! Get a promotion link. In fact, and Ali mother is almost, I can get a private promotion connection directly in the background, then pay attention to the mobile terminal and computer promotion links, this process can not be used for 20 minutes.


Find some router stickers, or some posts with the router can be affiliated! You can also find some suitable forums!


掌握贴吧的核心涨粉技术,轻松月入万元 Look for generation

If it is not an old driver, find a business, especially the pig’s eightfits, or some treasures have generations, you can’t get people Under the way, anyway, the price is ok, then you will have the rest of your time.

I have a tool to let him automatically pass the top of day and night, and the tool has free crack or pay. It’s not imagined!

Many people have a question now, I still have to play now, I know, I know, now someone wants to prepare for the excitement! Many times, things are people, you If you don’t want to go, you don’t mean that you don’t want to eat your sister. It doesn’t mean people. It’s just like a lot of people say that the micro-commercial brush is not good, micro-commercial street! But people who make money through micro-business A lot of a lot! Of course, there are many things! What is people!

掌握贴吧的核心涨粉技术,轻松月入万元 Post Bar is not that you can send it, represent you fan, traffic, The focus is your copy! Your soft text. Is it attracted to your intention to customer or the fans you want!

Post is the first step

Soft text to attract people in the second step is the core game!

Don’t write, directly imitate, directly, you can find the direct antique ticket for the ancient play or bracelet, you can find the soft text of the boutique, if you discard your handmade, it is too tired or troubles. Write is also possible!

Many times, we only need to find more, just like it is similar, more attractive, you can copy him directly, or modify the QR code, or modify someone! If you are afraid of using others Ok, directly imitate his routine, go to a treasure to find some e-books to organize it! Then if you can take the post, you will go directly.

I believe that most people who do network or micro-commercial will choose skin care or health products. Or male products are profiteering products!

掌握贴吧的核心涨粉技术,轻松月入万元 Humanity requires story support, need good soft text boot support! At this time, we will find a little related to it, or the health stickers!After the soft text, modify it into your own.

Most of the cards in this part, because many can post, but did not suck the powder, this time this post is not done, most people are tangled every day.Posting IP to change the account, restart the router, play the stickers, you will make your soft text post, you can find someone else! (Post Bar is in soft text guidance)

If you already have a projectI want to expand my precision fans, I can try it!

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