Open agency accounting company to earn money (how about opening a proxy accounting company)

did a lot of agents, low fees (in the finance company for many years, there is still a deposit, squandering), the customer is hard, the customer encountered is not millions, and there are hundreds of eighty Put, what kind of wonderful is seen ~ (of course, there will be a good customer)

Many customers don’t understand the difference between traditional finance and agent accounting accounting, often paying cheap labor money Ask us to do the job of thousands of salary, do you think it is possible? The agency finance is actually a flattening of the account, the tax is right, and the tax will be reported. (One hundred hundred dollars don’t require it too much)

There is also a kind of recredient account fee, once a year’s accounting fee will pay for a full-time finance, but also follow You bargain, I feel expensive, but I’m going to do things, it is: Oh ~? Is this something to do? (My heart is a wave, do you give me money? I will do it for you) Sometimes they will feel that they should be what you did after you have made it. It should not be pet to be in the beginning!

But the current financial market is really really confusing, maybe you have a payment of the financial job outside to you, just enter the job, just entered the door of the country. (Mainly, the financial threshold is low, the requirements are not high, it is some people who can do it), such as the original financial company, no matter what kind of degree, what professional, as long as you hear, you are willing to do, you can come in, there is no restriction. (It’s not like this early years)

I feel that this line is getting less and less, I have been thinking about this, I can do it, I can do it? Now in my hometown, I think about the future.


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