Open the website to earn money (establishing the website to make money)

Not recommended, unless you can’t find a job, because college students have not experienced, it is necessary to have a certain cost, no experience and technical levels, and only have some simple projects, just 2 years before graduation. It is important to learn quickly and grow quickly. If you have a diploma, the school has a little name, it is recommended to go to the big company, don’t take any position, big company will learn a lot. You can also go to the entrepreneurial or outsourcing company, which is easy to close, but will make you learn a lot, overtime every day.

I have just graduated 2006, I started, the first startup and 5 students, each person took 50,000, and the result was that it was closed, and I didn’t want to think about it, several just People who come out, technology only know, business does not understand, where is online selling mobile phones and helps companies doing websites, in fact, doing everything is good, such as Taobao. There is 250,000, but if there is no income, how long, and too many shareholders, the unexpected is too large, the implementation is not good, so if you want to start a business, you must not be too much. Then I and another university classmate, 2 people once again, help the company to do the website, because only the website, the other won’t, I didn’t think of it for more than ten years, and I still remit it by credit card. I have to rent a house, eat and drink, At that time, I also recruited a few young or secondary school graduated a small girl calling or sweeping the building. In the past, this method still had a certain effect, but people who do not manage and recruit have no work experience, the degree is low, the website is actually a professional service industry. The little girl didn’t have any orders for a few months. He lost, I had to speculate. At most, I owe bank 50,000. At that time, I was a lot of money. At that time, there were thousands It can be the down payment of a set of rooms. At that time, the pressure was very stressed, so we saw that there were peers to hit classified advertising, so we didn’t think of whether it was still a bit effect. In 2006, the newspaper is still more people, remember the previous slogan Yes: Brand boutique building is 888 yuan. There are still a few calls every day, you can earn a little money. Later, I tried to be Baidu promotion. At that time, I was very cheap. I got a few angles. At that time, I was afraid that I was in the beginning, set 50 yuan a day, I used to be very good, much better than now, the result has been doing more than 10 years. Baidu. It can be said that it has also accumulated a lot of customers on the continuous project of Baidu.

But now the environment has changed, such as relying on this basic business to entrepreneurship is high cost, so college students must start a business to do websites and applets. It can be used as a sub-industrial estimate.

Programmer salary for website and applets and applets is generally over 10,000 and more than 3 years.

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