Opened more than 20,000!During the epidemic, it is still expanding!Why is the nickname?

The 2020 new crown epidemic is just like a global economy of a black swan.

In China, the influence of the epidemic, many people have been isolated at the beginning of the year, causing many retail industries to suffer unprecedented hits.

Among them, especially the catering industry is striking. It is also, when the epidemic, the chairman of the West Because said: \”It’s also to live.\” Become a portrayal of the dining industry during the epidemic.

But interesting, there is such a catering company during the epidemic, not only there is no loss, but it is even better, it is a new chicken that many people have eaten. Row!

YES! Up to now, the total number of new chickens in the country has broken through 2,2030, and has become the most famous fried chicken brand in China.


2,2030 home What concept, I am comparable to the number of KFC and McDonald’s in the country’s store!

Compared to the KFC, the number of stores of the new chicken chops is 3 times! Compared to McDonald’s, the quantity of the new chicken chops is 7 times!

Didn’t you think? It is this inconspicuous chicken box, but now it is so popular!

Not only that, during the epidemic, when all catering industries are layoffs, when the store is broken, the new chicken chick is expanding!

Only in April this year, the new chicken chick has added more than 600 stores in China. And people still say, the future of the new chicken chops is to open to 100,000!

So why is the new chicken chop selling so good?

In fact, the reason why the new chicken chops is sold and its positioning has a big relationship. Many of us today are saying consumption upgrades, but how much is the users who really comply with consumption upgrades in the 14 billion people?

This point can be seen from the rise of a lot of rise. Today, the e-commerce has been close to the saturation. It is a giant, which can be seen that there is a great space in China’s sinking market!

The rise of the new chicken chops is inseparable from the positioning of the sinking market. The first store of the new chicken chops was opened in 2000, when I opened Wenzhou, as the business is getting better and better, the new chicken row is alsoStarting from the branch mode to the current franchise mode, getting more and more fire.


Why can a chicken have so many people love to eat?

First, whether it is KFC or McDonald’s successfully proves that everyone is love to eat fried chicken, this foreign fast food in the Chinese catering market has a big market. .

Although many people in big cities will choose to go to McDonald’s, KFC eat fried chicken, but for many small cities and towns, eat a KFC, McDonald’s money is not cheap.

So, what should I do if I want to eat fried chicken? At this time, the fried chicken chops became the best choice.

The price of a fried chicken rook is only about 10 yuan, such a price is acceptable, think I will buy it immediately, I don’t have to hesitate at all. This is why many shops in the new chicken chops are filled with train stations, snack streets, etc., because everyone only wants to eat, they will buy it immediately.

Not only that, in the face of this group of sink users, the novel chicken chops also use a very technically marketing tool, which is given. You have a cola in McDonald’s, but there is snow, but it’s very expensive, you have to spend money, but you can drink a drink, not only this, but I will send you.

So, many new chicken chops often attract customers to buy soft drinks by buying chickens, and this is just stamped in this group of users. The new chicken chops can always meet the desire to eat fried chicken, this also sent soft silver, so will you hesitate when he wants to buy it? It is definitely ready to eat at any time.

So, today’s success is not reasonable, and there is often a blue sea in the Red Sea, and the opportunity is often left to the entrepreneurship of the market. By!

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