Ordinary, it is also extraordinary – Xuzhou Mi Baba Excellent Driver Meng Master

There is such a group of people, when approaching, you will not cause your attention, you will not have a memory. However, it is precisely because of their hard work, so that our city is working properly, they are freight drivers. Today, let us know a cute driver master – Xuzhou Miginal Master.


In Xuzhou Mi Baba, there is such an ordinary driver, his name is Meng Lingong, a 90. First come, give people an impression is that the maturity is stable, and it is optimistic and cheerful. The tempering of life, let him have a unique capacity in this age.

Master Meng joined Xuzhou Mi Baba in November 2019. At first, some did not adapt, the company’s supply also tried several, but they did not stabilize. At this time, there is a car demand for the Coca-Cola project. Although the freight is considerable, because the labor intensity is large, we must unload 6 tons of drinks every day, most of the drivers can’t hold.

Meng Master is actively put forward the willingness to try, first to solve the loading and unloading problem, he will carry out unloading with his wife. In the summer of the hot sun, their husband and wife are sun-dark. Because the delivery process is too hard, Meng Master also wanted to give up a few times. However, in the communication and help of the market operation colleagues, he defeated himself, and finally insisted on the Coca-Cola project. He has been dry now …


After the company, He always works in diligence, customer-centered, never gains more than a person, and actively obey the company’s deployment, and sacrifice their rest time, take the initiative to add points to other urgent drivers. Master. In the ordinary job, an extraordinary results have fully reflected the model role of excellent freight drivers.

Remember this year’s epidemic, because SF projects must protect the normal supply of living materials, there are many goods that need to be delivered daily, and the vehicles enter the transfer field to queue unloading, he takes the initiative to help other drivers waiting to be unloaded, let Other drivers will take a break and eat. It is the excellent quality of his public, happy to help people, deeply touched every driver master.

Meng Master’s deeds were driven, and the company employees and drivers were praised to him. In view of the performance of Meng Master, in the second quarter of Xuzhou, the second quarter of the exclusive driver, Meng Master is returned to the excellent driver’s representative!


Meng Master won Xuzhou Mi Baba \”second quarter excellent driver\” honor reward

Every industry has it Value, each profession has its weight, every payment will have a return. Ordinary position, ordinary role, can achieve extraordinary achievements, and there is an extraordinary meaning. Thanks to Meng Master, the hard work in the job, the mostAfterwards, Meng Master will be able to be smooth and red in the freight industry.

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