Painting and calligraphy make money (how to make money in calligraphers)

# 刘晓庆 live broadcast of the word # Guide: Liu Xiaoqing \”a word thousand of gold\”, does it really have a celebrity effect? Well-known calligraphy homedance

Star practice calligraphy, selling words, it has become uncommon, even once reached the extent of \”a word thousands of gold\”, this is not exempted: Is it true that these stars calligraphy is really so high?

The answer is naturally negative.


Take the \”Peasant Singer\” Zhu Zhi, said that the big words do not know a few of him, because the hard \”cultural people\” is \”not working\”, even A joke of \”a pen forgets\” once.

In even, there are still many people to buy, but also the rumors of \”4 words selling 200,000\”.

刘晓庆直播卖字,3天收入超百万,书法家点评:“与书法不沾边” It is not difficult to find that the so-called \”star calligraphy value is high\”, more or the star effect, not strength.

Even if it has been died, \”famous mouth\”, a teacher with a lot of achievements in the painting and calligraphy, worth tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of works in his life, \”people walking tea Cool \”, became an unmanned, and the price of cabbage.

In this \”radioper + interest\” trend, in June 2017, I officially worshiped the vice president of China National Painting Institute, and the Executive Dean of the Calligraphy Seal. Lu Der is a teacher, holding Liu Xiaoqing, who has passed the personal books and beauty, has also joined the ranks of \”live goods\”, and selling words on the spot. 刘晓庆直播卖字,3天收入超百万,书法家点评:“与书法不沾边”

November 13 Its \”fidelity\” has caused a lot of netizens.

The biggest controversy is \”high prices\”, a blessing 888 yuan, a large \”giving\” two characters more than 9999 yuan, properly \”word thousand gold\”. 刘晓庆直播卖字,3天收入超百万,书法家点评:“与书法不沾边”

In the face of the question, Liu Xiaoqing didn’t care, but in the case, \”This price is only live in the live broadcast, and it is not this price outside\”, it is obviously \”live room.\” Buy my words, you earn \”, even claim\” the live calligraphy is to promote Chinese culture, because the value of the value is much easier than writing \”.\”


Can no recognition, that is, Liu Xiaoqing \”dedication\”, live broadcast from the beginning to the end, in addition to occasionally looked back to netizens, most of the time is now writing .

The income is naturally very critical, and the cheapest \”blessing\” and the most expensive \”bedroom\” have more than 300,000, and \”3 days income is over 100,000\”.


There is a \”out of the lively,Inner Word Time Road, \”Just Liu Xiaoqing’s calligraphy? Well-known calligraphers – Chairman of Chengdu Calligraphy Association Shu Yu, all in the words\” I don’t touch the calligraphy \”, saying\” I can’t work hard \”.



And these, it is also sufficient to prove the interests brought by \”star effect\”, has already surpassed the strength of calligraphy.

刘晓庆直播卖字,3天收入超百万,书法家点评:“与书法不沾边” (original articles, unreasonableAllowed, it is strictly forbidden to reprint, the violation will be \”)

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