Part-time purchase, she earns more than 1 year

Fill in the last express single, Wang Weiwei (the name) has long stretched a lazy waist, and she finally fills all the orders from the previous year. In the past 1 year of 4 months, she has a business of overseas purchasing, earning 160,000 yuan. She often woken a ringtone in the middle of the night, and often drives dozens of kilometers from many supermarkets to buy milk powder or health products. She will also lose their buyers because of the loss of transnational express delivery. In the eyes of the outside, purchasing is a profession that can make money. As everyone knows, behind the purchase, \”trouble\” and \”toss\” are always accompanied by …

It takes only 2 weeks of only 2 weeks

People who have left abroad, many people will Choose part-time purchase, Wang Weiwei is one of them. 7 years of study abroad experience, providing a lot of convenience for her part-time purchase.

After the university graduated, Wang Weiwei did a teaching assistant in foreign universities, and later opened a coffee shop, but \”didn’t do it for a long time.\” Later, she opened a sushi shop until returned to others before returning to China. Now, she is selling domestic tiled companies in China, and purchasing is half-pushing half. She will clear the boundaries with their career purchases. \”First, the professional purchasing will be a living, no more than three days of fishing two days. Second, they will spend a lot of money, a lot of goods, I No. \”

Australia’s milk powder and health products are Wang Weiwei’s main purchasing type. Her friend works in a supermarket in Australia. Before the milk powder is not limited to purchase, she can use employee benefits to get low-priced milk powder; she also knows the manufacturer of health care products, providing goods in low price.

Part-time purchasing is \”trouble\” and \”toss\”, sometimes more energyful than the main industry. Wang Weiwei said that now in Australia, it is difficult to prepare buyers in a supermarket or pharmacy. Before the milk powder shelves, a face.

Later, the supermarket purchase, one person can only buy 4 cans of milk powder, \”In the past, 3 days to send back to the country, now take 2 weeks. A few supermarkets, do tens of kilometers , Tossing. \”

Very tired of customers

after getting up, Wang Weiwei sent purchasing health products into a circle, prototypes, cranberry, month Seeing the grass … The photos are all photographed, as well as the background of the English store, \”This is more likely to believe that the source of goods is true.\” A photo of a commodity can not be used for a long time, you need to update regularly, one is often due to product packaging Transform, but also let the buyer feel that the purchaser often flows frequently in pharmacy or supermarkets, supply fidelity. Wang Weiwei edited his propaganda, from the online learning of the goods, the effect, shelf life, etc.

After purchasing product information, it will soonThere is a buyer asking, this is the process of the most Wang Weiwei crazy. \”Everyone will ask the price, ask if the effect is true, ask the time, but these are not a two sentences to be clear. More than a dozen people ask to reply more than ten times, dozens of people have to reply dozens of times It is the same content, even if everyone only talks for more than ten minutes, my leisure time is also occupied. \”

Wang Weiwei’s city has two hours and time,\” Everyone has time I basically eat or have a rest, there are special acute children, don’t return them, they will continue to ask ‘. There is a domestic night owl, often in order to maintain customers, as long as the phone rang me I have a reply, and I really feel my neurlanced time. \”In addition, part-time purchasing often encounters\” people who are counted in jams \”, they are familiar with the exchange rate, will turn over the official price of the wall to browse the goods,\” We purchased the rules of incompativation, \” Exchange rate is generally 1: 6, the current exchange rate is 4, there is a customer who is not willing. But we have to buy things with Australian coins. At the beginning of the year, the exchange rate is 6, and now pays 4 counts. \”[123 ]

Filling the cash outlet is a boring process, requiring a copy of the buyer’s name, address, mobile phone number, and purchased goods over again. \”When you fill a single, your hands will be tired.\” Multinational shopping needs to provide ID number, because of fear of leaking personal information, many buyers don’t want to provide, \”Then I can use my ID number, but the same identity The certificate number is shipped to the same city. The two batches will be delayed for about a week. The risk that is deducted by the customs will also increase. \”

Very profitable\” One month is 10,000 \”

[ 123] In an interview, Wang Weiwei hung up a call. \”I am afraid of what is coming, I have lost a batch of goods.\” This is also all kinds of part-time purchases. \” It is difficult to find it back, and there are very few express delivery companies. \”There is no way, I can only recognize this kind of unlucky.\”

Wang Weiwei’s WeChat only 191 friends, mostly her agent. \”It’s too tired to rely on retail, I’m too tired.\” Therefore, the development agent became a method of solving this problem. Wang Wei also has his own business. \”For example, the official price of 16 Australian coins, plus 6 times the exchange rate and 20 yuan postage, the cost price is about 120 yuan, I give each agent’s price is different, get the goods big The price gives him lower. \”She will also bundle sales, such as calcium tablets, fish oil, probiotics, make a special fit for baby, or lady who will be cranberry, moon, collagen combination combo. \”This is also the first to ship, and you can save money.\”

How much does it cost to make a purchase? Wang Weiwei said: \”After all, there is exchange rate, total 160,000 yuan Let’s take a month. One month is there. Purchase must make money, but this has cyclical, such as a customer bought two bottles of liver tablets, then he won’t be to buy in two or three months, New Year’s Eve The business will be better. \”InterviewWang Weiwei’s WeChat often sounds, she said that they are all customers who consult product information.\”Dry this, very happy when earning money, but the sins and grievances only know themselves.\”

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