Passengers spend 41 yuan, the driver is 35 yuan, the drip earns 6 yuan, is this reasonable?

Drip travel is a quite controversial Internet company, the emergence of dripping, to some extent, the way consumers travel, drip let more people have become \”freelancers\” Chance.

But from essentially, the drip is nothing more than a online taxi company. Take a dripping to the driver, the consumer’s taxi fee is much more expensive than before, and the drip is \”sitting on the ground\”.


Since the drivers complain to high, consumers complain to taxing. Under the pressure, the tetration rules were released for some time.

From the description of the drip dripping, the driver’s revenue of the net approximation of the passengers accounted for 79.1% of the total passengers in 2020. Among the remaining 20.9%, 10.9% is a passenger subsidy discount, 6.9% is a business cost (technology research and development, server, security, customer service, manpower, offline operation, etc.) and taxation and payment fee, 3.1% is the network approximately Net profit in the car business.

In fact, the drip announcement is not much sense, because the drip driver has a single money, how much consumers have spent the taxi, which is something.

Everyone will take a look at this taxi example, a price of 41 yuan, the driver said that he got a hand 35 yuan, the middle 6 dollars were taken away, Why do you earn 6 dollars? 乘客支出41元,司机到手35元,滴滴赚走6元,这合理吗?

Of course, the drip is also open, since it is a company, then make money is necessary, or so support company employees?

Do you make this 6 yuan? Or is it reasonable? Spring Gongzi believes still has certain rationality, why?

Drop development maintenance app gives you a car (drawing maintenance map, big data matching stroke, driver seconds), do you want to cost?

Take the customer service 24 hours to help you solve the problem, do you want to cost? More than 10,000 employees were raised, 15 million active drivers served approximately 500 million users around the world, and there was a cost of such a large company.

Why is it 6 yuan? This is actually the market competition and the result of the game. To put it bluntly, now many Internet platforms have done the work of government departments. For example, dripping is actually the taxi information channel. You take a drop platform to go high-speed channel. This channel is constructed by the country, and if the country is constructed, if the people are constructed, it must be a profit. But in the final analysis, there is no passage, that efficiency will be very low.

Since the beginning of the Spring Gongzi, it is not very cold. The core of the drip problem is not to draw a high low, but whether the drip has been uniform, integrity management. You can expens, but you can’t lie. 乘客支出41元,司机到手35元,滴滴赚走6元,这合理吗?

That is to say, you are open.The company, making money, you should be, as for how much it is your truth, but the drop can not be boring, because the drip driver is more bitter.

After taking a few days, I went to the United States to go to the United States. In the context of the Sino-US technology war, the domestic Internet companies have returned to domestic listing, and the dripping is not going to the United States, this is notThere is a problem

It is worth mentioning that the dripping travel taxation, even if its scientific and technological content is high, it is an intermediary service.You can earn the money of the intermediary service, you can make a flow of money, but you can’t control the life of others, because the drip wants yourself to make your own car, and the driver is deeply bound.

To know, the drip is not alternative to the market. The best way to see the anti-drip is to use the Baidu map and the Gaode map to take a taxi.Of course, this is not for a long time, and it is necessary to gradually improve the employment relationship management of taxi.乘客支出41元,司机到手35元,滴滴赚走6元,这合理吗?

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