Pile machine earning money (how much can you earn a year of pile driver)

From the handle to the captain, then from the contracting equipment to the purchase equipment, 37-year-old Qiliang Spring has went deep into the pile foundation construction industry for 20 years, and deal with hydraulic static stadium. 20 years of grinding, he has developed into a small-scale industry with 21 static stadium, more than 100 million industries with only 21st sectors, more than 100 million industries. Fuli story.


Ten years of grinding the initial ad horn

That is before and after 2001, Li Liangchun ran to Nanjing to swim to Nanjing, and began to contact the static pressure. . \u0026 # 34; there is no special idea into this line, just to find a job. Where you first started working, you will earn a six or seventy dollars a day. \u0026 # 34;

Because of the hospitality, good health, Li Liangchun quickly touched the performance of the equipment, from a small working computer to become the leader of the dominant equipment; after a few years, In this line, it has become more mature.

\u0026 # 34; I started to contract a one, I earned four or less than one year; after the market was slowly opened, I contracted one in the second year, and there were 300,000. Afterwards, a device earns a year to make a year. \u0026 # 34; In the following two years, the boss feels that the pile drum is poor, and if you make any money, I want to sell the equipment, so, in 2011, Li Liangqi finally had two truly sheltered equipment, which is going to do it. A game.

Working with the mountains and rivers

\u0026 # 34; the two devices I sold out at the end of the year! Because it is old, the performance can not keep up! \u0026 # 34;

Purchase equipment.

\u0026 # 34; I have always been unsatisfactory for the equipment used, but because it is contracted from the boss, there is not much thought; wait until I do it yourself, you can’t make it! \u0026 # 34; After a comprehensive in-depth investigation, Yan Liangchun turned his eyes to the mountains and river intelligence, and pulled a ZyJ800 static pressure pile back home on February 12, 2012, which opened the intelligence with mountain river. The curtain of lasting cooperation.

\u0026 # 34; On April 12, I bought a zyj800, let’s get a pair of \u0026 # 39; twin \u0026 # 39 ;; Buy a zyj860 in December 31; 2013 I bought a second-hand ZyJ860. \u0026 # 34;

With the personal experience of Yan Yichun, the industry in the pile foundation is periodically, after two years of prosperity, 2014It is downturn again. Although his business is also developing, the speed is significantly slow, and the frequency of the purchase equipment is also reduced, or rent or buy second-hand;茆 茆 春 is also a big step forward.


Mountain River intelligent hydraulic static stress machine

in 2017, because of the urgent need of the project, Yan Liang rushed to Mountain River Smart \u0026 # 34; grab \u0026 # 34; A larger tonnage zyj1060b static pressure pile machine, from the next purchase equipment, he basically chooses this model, especially last year and this year, he bought seven eight ZYJ1060B.

Today, the equipment number of Li Liangchun has been ranked 21, and a number corresponds to a device, plus intermediate phase-out replacement, he has purchased nearly 30 static pressure drum equipment, will also be much more Taiwan equipment has been contracted. 从1台到21台液压静力压桩机,他只用了8年

茆 茆 春 和 和 20 压 机 机 创 创 创 创 创 创 创 创 创 创 创 创 创; 创 创;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Which place is good: good quality, look good appearance, good pile effect, long time, and pay value! Serving, calling a call, use the mountain river intelligent pile machine, construction is guaranteed, will not have problems! \u0026 # 34;

Referring to the intelligence of the mountain river, Li Liangchun always praises, now, his career is more and more, the face is getting more and more wide, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, etc. The housing construction pile of many cities has the credit of the mountain river intelligent stadium. Affected by his influence, many peers, friends also have learned from viewing to the mountains and rivers, and then to buy, and join the mountains and rivers.

\u0026 # 34; As long as you ask me, I will definitely recommend mountain river intelligence. I will know when I use it. If the mountain river is not smart, will I buy so much? Next, I will then buy, whether replacement or increase equipment, choose Shanhe Intelligence! \u0026 # 34;

Since the beginning of this year, it has been affected by the epidemic and rainy weather. confidence!

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