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This year, a child is really not easy. It is not this money, it is the money, anyway, everywhere. After only born baby, I have become more catricated. Everyone must be a child center, I don’t dare to spend a penny on my body; the child is ready for more than four months, but it has been eating breast milk, but Sometimes I am not enough, I have to buy milk powder to eat, the milk powder of a small can has more than 50 yuan; if I look at my current economic income, you can drink milk powder every day, I can’t stand it! The current price rose quickly, the income and expenditures are really not worth it! Seeing that the child is growing step by step, you should use less, it is what it is worth it; now life, although it is really poor, I believe it will slowly get better through your own efforts.

平平淡淡过每一天 Now I have five dollars in love baby buy a small paper towel, buy more than two or three dollars outside; I used a pack of paper towels. Money a piece of money, now doubled; the price is rising, the basic wages have no great improvement, this is the difference, this is the pressure of real life to humans.

We all hope that your life is getting better and better, but the real life is much more, the people in the income, you don’t dare to mess with the place where you are useless, you will not dare to decorate Dressing yourself, dare not about the three five friends. The difficult life makes themselves to a truth: low-key life. Because you make money hard, you have to live with peace.

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