Play games to get cash?\”Hunting Daren\” opens a new model of casual game

2016 The \”King’s Glory\” is hot, and the noun of mobile TV is once again put on the countertop. After experiencing cards, RPG and other patterns, the handstand seems to find another blue sea that belongs to himself. However, the results are clear that the cranes of the \”King of Kings\” on the market have shown that the mobile e-sports market does not think that it is as simple as it is, but it is a light casual game \”greedy snake battle\” and \”ball big battle\”. Successfully knocked on the door for casual games, from the subsequent mimics, it can be seen that the competition of the 2017 hand will be able to fall in the mobile casual area.


Since it comes from leisure games, I think that the \”fishing Daren\” series of \”fishing people\” in the whole street facade and video game. As the earliest leisure game in the arcade, \”fishing people\” achieve great attention in women’s players in a female player group with its easy and simple gameplay. Later, with the joining of the street machine playing betting ingredients, \”fishing people\” gradually became the first choice of many male players, high income and more fun than traditional slot machines made it a new favorite of gaming games. . Although later, with the prevalence of the national gambling, the slot machine and other gaming machines were hidden, but the electricity played in the overall transformation, replaced the traditional gambling, \”fishing people\”, etc. Instead, the transformation is getting more and more fire, and the procedure is restarted in the form of a flour of the offline and the like.

The rise of the intelligent equipment is the first hit to page tour. As a direct competitor of the mobile game, the page tour is hullied from all aspects, which can only return to the second-line and page tour, such as stealing vegetables, fishing, lingering, and eliminating music. It is also the way to enter the mobile field, and there is a more excellent performance in the field of mobile. Said here, I have to mention the \”Hunting Fish\”, as a fishing casual game listed in 2017, inheriting the classic gameplay of fishing games, focusing on the main highlight of interactive socialism as a game Promotion to meet the social games that meet mobile games. 玩游戏得现金?《猎鱼达人》开启休闲游戏新模式

On the basis of strong agencies, the classic gameplay, \”Hunting Daren\” is also seized the gaming attribute belt in the game room in the year, in cash The form provides a reward system for players. Of course, this is not betting, there is no principal investment. Players can donate the red envelopes falling in the red packed fish through the club, and then wait until the prize pool library is full, you can draw. In addition, you can also participate in the cash prizes of the whole service, through the mutual competition between the other players, eventually giving the manufacturer to the cash reward, from the current leakage information, the prize prize is probably 5000RMB, time It is basically a week. So, for players interested in casual games, playing gamesMaking money is a very good attempt.


From \”Russian square\”, the casual game will bring the most happy way to the public with the simplest gameplay.Advance, the emergence of \”hunting fish\” indicates that the casual game will have a more step-by-step development. Through the excitement of the real gold and silver, it will enhance the interactive social interaction between the players. What is the effect, let us wait? \”Hunting fish\”The performance after the official listing.

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