Playing the game can also earn money: the new smile is the most complete Raiders of the rivers and lakes, and the one-week income is not a dream.

The game can be used to entertain, but can be used to make money, how to move bricks in the game is also a school, can also become a deputy industry! \”New Swordsman\” mobile game is a MMORPG mobile game in the perfect martial arts theme, and the basic background of Jin Yong’s works novel \”Swordsman\” is blue. The picture is beautiful, the scenery is good, and there are many people playing. It can move brick making money, this is enough.

玩手游也能挣钱:新笑傲江湖搬砖最全攻略,一周收入百万不是梦 I am a gray-grade player, just starting to misunderstand, and the silver house is not available, and later the opportunity is coincidentally gangd. Fall, slowly embarked on the way to move bricks. In general, making money is easy, mainly the mechanism of the new smile swords and lake mobile games, which is very friendly to the moving brick party, I can easily have tens of millions of silver.

This game has a large number of silver:

One is daily, pulled twice a week, one number of 8750 each time, the words of the enemy, casually fighting 1500 about. Plus collecting materials sold, one day, one day has more than 10,000 guarantees, one week, one, 700,000 silver income.

The second method of stabilizing the silver is to gain auction, but this method threshold is slightly high, his own gang and preliminary investment, each world leader’s 3 clear new preamble speaking, then put transaction Requirements for sale every day. The ingot spended by the auction will return to your account.

The other is a treasure hunt, the income of treasure hunt is not too stable. If you dig out the ice, the seven string two deductions can get 8600 silver. Clearing the general curse and Taiji sword method more value money, each fragment is more than 20,000. But this is more luck, in general, more than 40 props enters a monkey hole, almost ten days can have more than 20,000 benefits, an average account number 15,000 a week.

In addition to the more stable spots above, what is the equipped with a copy can also sell money, but the number of small play is certain, but there are two copies very good, because big The number is required to brush the value, one is the Jedi, the other is Bai Mountain, at this time, I will make a red pet book or a solitary piece can make a small ear.

Then let’s count, if you play three accounts (you must team up to pull the car, thus three accounts are the lowest choice, the ability can play more, of course, you can earn more Each account has established five roles, a total of 15 roles, a total of less than 1 million per week income. Is it so simple to earn money?

Generally, some players will be recycled in order to buy tiger fragments after opening the service. Silver two. This week can easily earn 2 or three hundred dollars!

Author: Write in the end, there are some mobile game studios, in order to make a few months as soon as possible, get 5000, 6000, or even 1000, disturb the market order does not say, the damage is unfavorable, so it is called to pay attention to the market order, Steady prices, everyone can have money.


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