PS Deputy Industry: Teach you how to use PS amateur to make money?

PS Deputy Industry – Teach you how to use PS amateur to make money

to share a few PS-related articles, very practical and dry goods, there are many puglets to collect.

Note: You need a PS software installation package and self-study tutorial, you can give you private letters.


The position of \”He Nanchi\” is also free study (PS, PR, Excel, PPT, Language Skills, etc.) sharing, so you welcome everyone. To communicate together.

Speaking of PS, it will be an indispensable skill in the workplace, which can make you a workplace for efficient solutions, such as: design logo, make a poster, design PPT, change the documents Color … Master PS, you can save a lot of time from these daily trivial things; of course, more importantly, PS can help you with your homework!



Proficient PS, can also use this skill employment, let your interests begin to change their careers and improve their competitiveness.

There is a relatively fire topic recently – \”Secondary Schools Needs\”, learning to master PS skills, whether it is a workplace person OR in college students, we can use this skill to operate its own secondary business, meet the secondary business Just need. Try thinking about it, if you work hard, the girl Chanel, YSL, Dior a lot of lipsticks have also been in hand, and the boys are also enough to buy a AJ for a month!


If you want to achieve sub-industries or occupations through PS, you must first learn the skills of PS. It is understood that the external training institutions receive 3-5K, but you can learn from this skill through self-study ability, this money is saved, buy ribs it is not fragrant?


, then learn how PS skills, how to make money with PS? Where can I pick up the buyer?

BIU ~ give you the characteristics of the PS part-time order channel summary and their platform


Pig Bajie (obliration official website)


TIP: There is a large number of orders, and the cooperation mode is wide, and there are many competitors.

Summary: People in this top-level capabilities can find corresponding design needs, there are some guaranteed measures, but they can also avoid the routine of bad merchants.If you are eye-catching, your time is sufficient, you can consider doing it. PS副业:教你如何利用ps业余赚钱?


TIP: Suitable for part-time job, Download material, deposited works, luck + strength, may encounter a headhunting to be drunk.

Summary: The overall price of all kinds is not high. To be honest, if you can do it, but careful, the ordinary single is basically no problem, earn a 100+ out of the day.


PS副业:教你如何利用ps业余赚钱? Taobao (considered official website)

TIP : Universal Taobao, complete resources

Summary: Taobao Search Keywords: flat design, picture intensive, PS diagram. Will show a lot of this shop, many of them have outsourcing services, you can find them cooperate. But you have to remember to see the store information, comment, introduction, and the volume of the transaction is based on the basis. However, lazy practice is that I also open a small shop, hanging the business version of Wangwang, take some time decoration design, just wait for the fish on the hook, sometimes I can get the ticket. In addition, if the customer is very high, the unit price is also very high, you can outsource to other stores, make a difference, as long as you have the customer, you can make money. It is also possible to add a small advertisement in various design sites to increase the exposure rate, as a way of our own.

No. 4

(recommended to use \”idle fish\” APP, PC search In the box, don’t know where) PS副业:教你如何利用ps业余赚钱?

TIP: a lot of singles, most unit prices are low, but for skill requirements are not very high.

Summary: Entertainment is OK, because you will always receive X needs in various lives, such as requesting the girlfriend’s P-LV package in the hands. In addition, it can also be done in combination with short video of the moment, after all, the brain does not have every day, but your father has a trick to grind you every day.


Part-time q group, shake, fast hand and other communities

TIP: cautious Routing, 眼 人, not very reliable manner. PS副业:教你如何利用ps业余赚钱?

Summary: The amount is not high, and it is easy to compare the price, and it is common after the finished product output, and it is common, the environment is also a fish. If it is a friend who knows, I think it can still try, the unfamiliar pick-up group is still cautious.

No. 6

Other types

For example:

1 In various design websites, some part-time information is left in personal profile;

2 to find physical stores, advertising, photography, printing this type, ask if it is necessary to establish part-time cooperation;

3 Strive to meet the industry big cattle and experienced big, seek flying;

PS副业:教你如何利用ps业余赚钱?The website is contract, there are many orders above, but the requirements are also very high.If you can stick to those platforms, thousands of revenues in a month is still very considerable.

But remind everyone that I need it hard, when your skill is hard, you can always come into contact with higher level design, high requirements natural high-profile benefits ~

Hey, persistIt is victory !!!

(Declaring: Diangu stem from the Internet, another article only represents personal opinions, please pay attention to prevent various routines and part-time traps)

(author, editing, etc.Audioli)

Note: If you need a PS software installation package and self-study tutorial, you can give you private letters.

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