QQ suddenly cancel this function!Apple 11 years of privilege

In many years ago, \”iPhone Online\” on QQ is one of the important reasons for many people to buy iPhone.

After all, friends know that each other is very expensive for IPHONE mobile phones at the time.

The most deadly …


Even many money-making business:

What is a brush? iPhone Online, modify iPhone display model, etc. …

Even now there is \”Show iPhone 12 Online on QQ\”!

And there are many in buying …


In addition to spending money, there are many people with simple Sao at the time. Operate, it is mixed.

That is to change a personalized signature …

QQ突然取消这功能!苹果11年的特权没了 Is this simple and rude?

This also reflected the \”iPhone Online\” from the side, this \”iPhone Online\” is indeed very popular with users ~

To this end, \”the noble tips\” of \”iPhone Online\” have been used along the same now.

And as long as Apple is displayed by default.

But oh, I found a thing, let me feel very annoyed.

That is:

My iPhone 12 PRO National Bank 512GB with Apple Care Non-Hainan Duty Free Store’s full non-24 interest-free stage.

There is no default display \”iPhone online\” …

I immediately found a solution to find a solution. QQ突然取消这功能!苹果11年的特权没了

I found that it is the recent iOS version of QQ has been adjusted to this function:

Now logging in to QQ with iPhone has displayed \”Mobile Online\” by default.

Instead of IPHONE online.

Of course, there is no way to display \”iPhone Online\” again.

You only need to enter editing in \”My Online Status\”, you can re-display the specific iPhone model. QQ突然取消这功能!苹果11年的特权没了 So, I changed back ~

If you want to display color or custom text.

That is enough to charge ~


For QQ this change, it also welcomes the hot discussion of netizens.

It can be said that some people are happy. Some people ~

Some netizens said they like this change very much. QQ突然取消这功能!苹果11年的特权没了

Because you can cover the iPhone online prompt because you can cover the member.

Good guy, old Versailles! With iPhone mobile phone, I have been charged for a year.

Like me, I found my QQ displayed \”Mobile Online\”, then I have to change it back.

After all, I can’t lose ~


For this iPhone exclusive small tail, even netizens have studied more interesting gameplay!

For example, according to the online mobile phone model, it is a boyfriend that is a secret love, or a boyfriend who is secretly loved.


Well? This relationship is a bit complicated.

But it seems to be quite stimulated ~

Even the netizen blinds that the iPhone heat is QQ this exclusive small tail.


However, for the exclusive small tail, it is not just QQ.

Weibo’s exclusive small tail existence is equally strong.

Only in Weibo, the iPhone is not a loss.

QQ突然取消这功能!苹果11年的特权没了 Because you didn’t open a Weibo member, your small tail can only display the iPhone client.

does not specifically display your iPhone model.

QQ突然取消这功能!苹果11年的特权没了 And Android phones, even if you don’t have a Weibo member.

The small tail can also directly display the mobile phone model ~

Android users don’t think it is going back!

Only the Meizu 18 series users have no such benefits.


Today, the Meizu official has no apology on the Meizu 18 series exclusive small tail on Weibo:

\”Because Meizu 18 Series bring us 0 Advert 0 Push 0 pre-installed Flyme9 system. \”

\” \”Since the system is not pre-installed any third-party software (including Weibo).\”

\”Therefore, using Meizu 18 series in Weibo APP released WeiboIt will not show exclusive small tail. QQ突然取消这功能!苹果11年的特权没了

Although this Meizu 18 series has no exclusive small tail, it is not directly displayed \”Android\” as simple as it is.

and \”from\” \”\” \”I personally think it can be accepted. QQ突然取消这功能!苹果11年的特权没了

Of course, if you choose to pay money, then your entire Meizu 19 is completely OK!

[ 123]

Although most people succeed in small tail shots. QQ突然取消这功能!苹果11年的特权没了

But there is also a turning, but also a large factory ~

[ 123] When the mobile phone manufacturer did publicize their own new machines, I sent a document with iPhone.

Then, the thrott shows that the small tail \”is from the iPhone\” …


Of course, our Xiaomi President Lei Jun also turned over the car. QQ突然取消这功能!苹果11年的特权没了

When responding to netizens, it was found to reply from \”iPhone client\”

[123 In this regard, the partner of this Xiaomi Industrial Investment Department said:

\”If a mobile company boss or product manager claims not to experience Apple Samsung products and competing \”

\” Either hypocrisy, either do not compete or don’t care products / away from the front line \”

\” Science and technology innovation and progress is not everyone’s respects in the house or temple.

QQ突然取消这功能!苹果11年的特权没了 Well, this is really reasonable.

So if you change your mobile phone, send Weibo, or use QQ [ 123]

Do you have a sign of new mobile phone model?

Is it low-key to close these \”load symbols\”?

QQ突然取消这功能!苹果11年的特权没了 Also, if the future friends will display Type, will you support?

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that for these exclusive small tail.

Remember to protect your privacy ~

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