Quickly listed, everyone shouts!How to wool from China?

The Hong Kong capital market is very lively today, which has ushered in the first 821 瞩 万 瞩 瞩 瞩 瞩.

Established for ten years, the fast-handed old iron announced that it is going to be listed.

First, I know the fast hand

Speaking of the quick hand, many people like to take it with the shake ratio. But these two people essentially grab the same piece of cake: shake is mainly to sell small advertising, and the quick hand is basically relying on live business to make money.

In the past, the fast hand management performance was constantly good:

In 2017, the quick-end revenue was 8.321 billion, profit of 777 million.

In 2019, the recreation of 39.1 billion and the profit was 1.347 billion.

In the future, the quick hand has a star sea:

Headed from Ai Rui consultation: By 2025, there will be more people, spend more time in short video . Live, this quick-ended source sector, its market size will reach 416.6 billion yuan.

Observes can be treated, future futuristic.

Such a variast potential stock, which is a diamond Wang Lao, who is in the capital market, and it is earned.

Second, the new expected revenue

Hong Kong stocks have a feature: I am very popular stock, basically a piece of effort.

Refer to December last year, two new stocks attracted attention:

Jingdong health, the first day of the listing rose 55.85%, one hand of 1971 Hong Kong;

Bubble Mart The first day of the listing rose 79.22%, and the income of HK $ 6100.

The fast-selling market is healthy than Jingdong, and the bubble mart is high. So don’t be afraid, prepare your wallet, rest assured to play!

Third, what is the potential risks

Sign in new fast hand has two:

1, did not hit, the head was killed, died!

2, hit, cheered, happy to die ~

January 26, That is, today, the quick hand began to accept the public subscription. A large number of shareholders rub the palm, and the knife is hoo. Is there any way to improve the winning rate? Of course!

First, let’s understand the new rules:

The total share of Hong Kong stocks will be distributed, allocated to the 1: 1 ratio, two groups of B. 快手上市,人人喊打!如何从中薅羊毛? A group: The amount of subscription is less than / equal to 5 million Hong Kong dollars;

Group B: The subscription amount is greater than HK $ 5 million.

When drawing, pumping. The purchaser competes in their respective pools and does not affect each other.

The Nail Funds is low, and there are many small and medium-sized industries involved. The A group has a red shoe distribution mechanism, which is to make each participant, at least 1 hand. However, it is difficult to think that many middle doors.

The threshold of the Group B is high, and the participant’s rich people have less people, and the sign rate is high. The mechanism of the Group B is: the more purchases, the more you sign. Moreover, once the sign, the number of hands is very considerable!

Based on the above rules, a number of accounts to play new strategies is the correct posture. It is now expected that the fast-selling price range is HK $ 105-115, and each hand is estimated to be 50 shares. Take a median number of 110 Hong Kong dollars to calculate: the price of one hand is expected to be HK $ 5500.

In the case of a group competition, if the mediation rate is 20%, the A account spends a 2nd hand of HK $ 11,000, then the probability of being signed in the A account may be 21.5%. But if you distribute 11,000 HK $ A, b two accounts, then the winning rate of each hand is 20%.

Opened more than 100 households, basically stabilized. Of course, the difficulty of sitting 100 accounts is comparable to the three thousand of the Hori, so a more practical improvement is: through the leverage financing to ensure that at least one account enters the pool of the group. The rest of the account is watering in the pool of the A group.

Five, when to draw

Hong Kong stocks are new from open subscription to deadline, usually 3-4 days. The subscription will be listed for a week after the deadline is deadline. The previous trading day will be published in the previous trading day. I wish you all good luck ~

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