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Tang poetry, poetry, the beauty of Chinese literature, only read it! In recent years, more and more people listening to the books, Himalaya FM These platforms will produce 10,000 audible readers every year. Some audio readers involve national learning, history, emotions and other subjects, smart people can already make money from these audio readers.

Casually search the audio website, you will find that many anchors are general and there is no fixed work, but they rely on the platform recorded a month, and there is a lot of fans. Indeed, there is a new type of employment direction of a new type of employment of a working time, a lot of new types of employment, and a large market demand.

Today, I will introduce you to the difficulty is not so big, suitable for many people’s audio reading.

Audio reading is called

\”Audio Reading Sound\”: Engaged in art creation activities that will become a broadcast from text, it is currently Common dubbing part-time jobs.

All common websites in life are creation and consumption platforms of audible readers, such as Himalaya FM, lazy listening, 蜓 fm, penguin FM, etc.

中国文学读出来有多美,声音好听就能这样兼职赚钱 Recently, the broadcast \”Qing Yu\” is online in 2015, there is a sound reading product, and a single album has played more than 190 million yuan. If you listen to 0.2 yuan per set, it is 38 million. Yuan’s content income.

中国文学读出来有多美,声音好听就能这样兼职赚钱 Unconsciously, there is an audio-reading broadcast has involved all aspects of the content consumption, which means that the digital published gold is coming!

What are the development space of audio-reading

In the past, audio readers were produced by traditional media such as radio stations, audio and video publishing houses, and produced more about 100 years. In recent years, there have been more than 100,000 audio books such as Himalaya FM, lazy listeners and other platforms. It is 100 times the traditional media.

In addition, there is no low income of audio and reading, and the newbie 100 yuan / hour recording fee is calculated. The full-time anchor can record at least 4 hours of finished product, 26 days a month, part-time income at least 10400 yuan / month If it is a recorded high price book, such as 250 yuan / hour, the month is not a problem.

(Scanning the QR code below, participate in the audio-reading student career lecture, take you into the circle to take you)


Is it a very little person to learn? Dunition

Otherwise, 87% of the audio-readable anchor is 87% compared to traditional media, and many major anchors are also in the bureau of a bureau. Now they are also sitting millions of fans. .

The business of audio reading is a self-playing, landing. If you are a broadcast host, thenTake the specification of \”broadcast\”. If you are just amateur reciting enthusiasts, you can rely on \”play\” to assist you.

The correct posture of the audio-entered line

Self-study is a common learning method, but it is inevitable to take some detours:

Famous student works and The book written on the book, who is right?

There are a lot of exciting paragraphs in the audio, but what should I practice?

Pronunciation skills and role simulation repeatedly listened to repeated training, did not find a feeling, don’t know who to ask?

If there is an experienced predecessor with a large number of audio readings and recording resources, you can make you have a deeper understanding of the audio reading, and earlier in the book. The sequence of 20,000.

The night listening book will help receive the first book from a newcomer, if you are an aquatic anchor, we will assist you to receive a high price book. As the official partner of the Himalaya FM, we have helped more than 500 students to pass the prEN, successfully order! 中国文学读出来有多美,声音好听就能这样兼职赚钱

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