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The debt is still the same, but in reality, there are some honest and unfortunate people. Due to the failure of production and operation, it is difficult to pay attention to the debt, and long-term debt quagmires. In order to save these people, on December 2nd, the Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court issued the \”Implementation Opinions on the Implementation of the Implementant Economic Rebirth\”. Will this make the debtor fake bankruptcy? Is it fair to the creditor? Look at the case of the Nanjing Gaochun Court.

\”Personal Bankruptcy\”:

Exemption of more than 540,000 yuan remaining debt

Debt Man Guou, Nanjing Gaochun District, 2003 after the project Loss, owing high debt. In order to earn money, he will work more, but it will not be able to pay attention to the debt. He has never returned the old family in 17 years because of the concern of the creditor. 南京首例!欠债127.8万元,申请“个人破产”后免除54万多元剩余债务

In June 2020, Nanjing Gaochun Court began pilot \”Personal debt cleaning pilot work with personal bankruptcy\”. As an executor, I was applying for personal debt cleanup to the court in November of the same year, and I fully reported all personal property.


The court found that Valley arrears more than 20 creditors a total of 12.78 million yuan, and he also has 1 house and small deposit worth more than 700,000 yuan.

南京首例!欠债127.8万元,申请“个人破产”后免除54万多元剩余债务 On December 21, 2020, the court organized the first creditor meeting. The 21 creditors fully understand the economic situation of the valley and confirmed his integrity, and voted in accordance with the voting rules agreed before the meeting, the Valley’s personal debt payment plan. Mr. Yu Yu, \”He did not escape the debt, it is indeed no money, I believe in him.\”

南京首例!欠债127.8万元,申请“个人破产”后免除54万多元剩余债务 After the defending plan, the defending ratio of Guogu reaches 57.28%, the remaining debts are all exempt from all . At present, Valley has fulfilled its clearing plan, and his remaining more than 540,000 yuan debts are all exempted.

This month, after a year of credit test period, if there is no malicious escape, the credit will be recovered. You don’t have to pay back the debt, decided to stay with your loved ones and take care of the elderly. Malin, the Executive Board of Nanjing Gaochun District People’s Court, said: \”After returning to him on December 1 this year, he said that it is very easy. He can’t see hope. East is hiding in Tibet, and I don’t dare to face the creditor. I am not afraid, the problem is solved. \”南京首例!欠债127.8万元,申请“个人破产”后免除54万多元剩余债务

How to avoid false\” bankruptcy \”really\” fudge debut \”?

On December 2nd, the Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court issued the \”Implementation Opinions on the Rebirth of the Implementant Economic Rebirth\”.

Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court Trial Committee Liu Hongbing introduced: \”This pilot work makes these honest and unfortunately have a regenerative opportunity, but also let all creditors get full understanding of the debtor. In the case of a reality, the debt is made. \”南京首例!欠债127.8万元,申请“个人破产”后免除54万多元剩余债务

[1At the same time, the debtors were eligible to escape the debt by putting the integrity of the integrity and financial investigation, and the financial survey.

南京首例!欠债127.8万元,申请“个人破产”后免除54万多元剩余债务 Liu Hongbing said: \”This ‘personal bankruptcy’ pilot is very high for integrity requirements. If he wants to pass the transfer, concealment of property to escape the debt, he is a review of the procedure.The review will make this person a transparent person. Some people are reluctant to do transparency, and he can’t afford transparency. \”

Jiangsu Guangshi Gong Media News Center reporter / Chen Yua Zhong LeiShu

Source: Jiangsu News

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