Release brand new image, Air China Internationalization

Recently, China International Aviation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as \”Air China\”) officially issued a new brand image of \”companion dream landing\” in the world, the brand propaganda film and planned advertisements began to appear in China and important overseas. The various corners of the market.

\”Belong Dream Landing\” is a new interpretation of Air China’s \”Dream Tour\”, which is further deepening the strategic layout of the globalization, consolidating the international market, and accelerates the internationalization process.

发布品牌新形象,国航国际化提速 \”With the enhancement of my country’s economic strength, more and more Chinese people go out of the national gates, challenge themselves, and more and more overseas people come to China, feel the cultural heritage of Huaxia Earth. Looking for more vitality market business opportunities. \”Mr. Luo Yong, general manager of the Market Department of Air China Commercial Commission, said,\” As a bridge carrying China, connecting the world’s bridge, national aviation responsibility and ability to help each passenger bravely take the first step in achieving dreams, we Living the new brand image of ‘a companion, land, is hoping to encourage more people to bravely set foot on a dream trip, achieve self-worth, but also let more passengers know that Air China always accompany, pay attention to and care about each A dream of a dream. \”

The largest carrier

in China, Europe, China, in recent years, with the gradual depth of the global economic integration and the Internet age, the international air transport market is more fierce How to accelerate the internationalization process, accounting for its own place in the global civil aviation market, which has become inevitable in China.

Air China has also been steadily implementing \”internationalization\” strategy, resolutely implementing the strategic intention of the international aviation hub network, accelerating the construction of the global route network of Beijing for the world-class hub.

On April 5 this year, Air China opened Beijing-Houston-Panama City route, Panama City is a Haikou Small, Central America, is seen in the \”all road\” construction is considered \”21st century Silk Road \”Important to the natural extension of Latin America. The opening of Beijing-Houston-Panama City route is also one of the initiatives of Air China to strengthen the investment in the Americas.

Currently, Air China has 12 pool points such as New York (Kennedy, Newark), Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Hawaii, Vancouver. Weekly offers more than 200 flights.

发布品牌新形象,国航国际化提速 In addition to Beijing-Houston-Panama City, Air China has also opened in Beijing-Barcelona, \u200b\u200bBeijing-Copenhagen route, and accelerates the global route network layout of Beijing as a hub, and achieves flying to Asia. While Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Oceania Six continents are covered by rail networks in key cities, and expand international route radiation.

As the largest carrier of China and China, China and China, Air China’s route layout and market share in Beijing is absolutely leadingThe status is also increased to build a Chengdu regional hub, build Shanghai and Shenzhen international portal, and started to focus on the \”One Belt\” Initiative in 2013, and opened Beijing to Minsk, Budapest, Airlines such as Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Colombo, Islamabad, let \”the country is the relatives of the people\” becomes a reality.

Among them, Beijing-Islamabad-Karachi route is the first air passage connected to Beijing to Pakistan; Beijing-Minsk Budapest route is the only air passage of Dacrles and Hungary in China. Beijing-Mumbai route is the current route that is currently flying in the mainland China. 发布品牌新形象,国航国际化提速

In addition, as a member of the World’s Max Aviation Alliance – Star Alliance, Air China is also actively expanding the international market through a variety of ways such as strong cooperation with the world’s top airline, and improves global business layout.

Founded in 1997, the Star Overall League is the world’s first global airline alliance. The current member company is 28, including the United Airlines, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Air Air Aviation, Canada, Turkish Airlines, New Zealand. The world’s leading airlines.

As of March 2018, there were 38 code sharing partners in Air China, truly achieved mutual supplements with partners in route networks and resources. At the same time relying on the huge route network of the Star Union, Air China’s route network is now covered with 1330 destinations in 192 countries and regions. Passengers from Star Alliance Member Airlines can share tickets and check-in counters, loungers, luggage facilities, and other services, experience standards, high levels of aerospace travel services worldwide.

The maintenance service safety guarantees behind the steady operation

behind the network accelerated expansion, the support of the hard work is not allowed to work hard. For many years, Air China has always been \”hard practice\” in all aspects of operating performance, capacity introduction, service and security.

Air China has always adhered to the steady management, the total assets have maintained the first domestic industry in the industry for ten consecutive years. As of the end of 2016, the scale of assets has reached 224.1 billion yuan, and it is the first asset size of China to break through 200 billion airlines. Among the airlines listed in China, the Air China market value ranked first, more than 120 billion yuan, which is the only airline in China than 10 billion yuan.

From the perspective of profitability, except for the 2008 financial crisis, in 2009, the total amount of Air China’s profit and net profit margin kept in the industry. Especially in 2012 to 2013, the global fuel prices are in historical and high, and the overall downturn of civil aviation industry, Air China still maintains good profitability, and operating profits account for more than 50% of China’s civil aviation industry.

In the aviation industry, Air China in the aviation industry with high liabilitiesIt also constructs a reasonable, robust asset-liability structure, and the asset-liability rate has been stable in the industry at a lower level. According to China Air China (, the company is attributable to the net profit of the parent company 2.628 billion yuan, an increase of 79.26% year-on-year.

The robust finance structure also allows Air China to have more refused to introduce advanced models, improve service and security.

According to the planning of Air China, the largest number of steadfast teams in 2016-2020 will maintain a high-speed growth of about 7.5%, which is expected to exceed 800 flights in the national airline and subsidiary fleets in 2020, while capacity investment will also be realized. 10% of the year.

Among them, the National Airlines in the next 5 will continue to introduce the most advanced wide-body aircraft such as Boeing 787 and Airbus 350 to pick up the international route of the country. For example, the Airbus 350-900 will be delivered in the second half of this year, and all the remote direct flights of Air China can cover all the remote direct flights of Air China. The official class is the first to choose 1-2-1 layout anti-fish bone seat, which greatly improves the private density of the cabin. Guaranteed the living space and comfort of the passengers; the super economy class selected the same case-type exclusive seat with the narrow body head, and the space is more spacious, and it is equipped with adjustable leg and pedal; the economy class uses the latest super Thin seat, the seat is rich, the headrest adjustment is large, and the comfort is greatly improved.

In addition, Air China A350-900 passenger plane also has a flat Wi-Fi system and air interconnection, and guests can use their mobile electronic devices to chat, send and receive emails, watch videos, and colorful. Entertainment.

While hardware continues to improve, the software is also improved in synchronization. In Air China, rest assured, smooth, comfortable, and moved \”four-hearted service\” concepts have been always running, such as with the national flag-known Global Jinfeng Passenger Group, often according to the needs of passengers, in product design, a series of innovations, sunshine coffee The house, the air lounge, and even the whole Jude roasted ducks go into the cabin; in 2008, Air China Jinfeng Group took the lead in proposing the concept of \”theme flight\”, every time, the new route opened, combined with the theme of the work, design unique design activity. Today, the theme flight has been emulated by major airlines.

At the same time, Air China is also the first domestic use of passenger self-employment, passenger self-contained baggage procedures, and airlines with part of the autonomous distribution terminal, is the first central government. Airlines carrying a working mode, is also the first airline in China’s civil aviation industry launched the \”Flat Chair\” and \”All Process Dear Services\” as the core content. With the success of ritual, Korean, German, Russian, Thai, and Meeting, the airlines is increasingly displayed.

Safety operation is an important endorsement of Air China Brands. In the view of Air China management, safety is the life line of airline operations, which is the base of Air China.This responsibility. Air China always adheres to the safety development concept of \”safety first, prevention, comprehensive management\”. Flight safety record. 发布品牌新形象,国航国际化提速

According to the annual Civil Aviation Lite Data, Air China Safety Safety Indicators are far better than the industry level, and they are among the best in domestic large airlines.

The consolidation of flight safety is also inseparable from business technology exquisite, strict style, good service, good service and mechanical maintenance team.

Currently, Air China has China’s largest broadcaster and the world’s largest, stronger plateau team, runs most of the world’s plateau airport, and has been recognized in flight difficulty. It was safely flying on the Chengdu-Lhasa route, which was regarded as \”air restricted area\” by the International Civil Aviation Cross, 53 years (starting 1965). 发布品牌新形象,国航国际化提速

Air China’s plane also has specialized, standardized technical guarantee. In June 2015, the original National Airlines Engineering Technology Branch and the former Beijing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd., established a new Beijing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd., with more than 160 domestic maintenance sites and international maintenance sites, formed radiant domestic and foreign Repair network.

Air China Machinery System holds a maintenance license issued by China Civil Aviation Authority (CAAC), the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), is China The Civil Aviation Authorized Civil Aircraft Modification Design Committee arrested (DMDOR), with 11 large-scale gains and advanced facilities and equipment with powerful maintenance.

From the end of the 1980s, Air China has achieved nearly 20 domestic maintenance projects, and more than 100 science and technology research and development projects have received the science and technology awards of the national or China Civil Aviation Authority, filled the Chinese civil aviation maintenance industry. Technology blank.

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