Retrieval and loss: put the game on your computer into your year

复得与失去:把电脑上的游戏装进手机这些年 Does the end of the mobile game are the restore? When the \”original juice\” became the transplant rumor of the game developer, it also became a sense of cursing of a difficult meaning.

This article: 缈 seconds, questions from: \”League of Legends\”

I am afraid that the old is not a kind of old show, but a real old.

This is the era of \”alone\” of domestic mobile games. The market share of mobile games is pressed, and the balance of the domestic game market is seriously inclined; this is also the era of game IP \”infinite clones\”, ten In the past years, the number of popular ends of the number, the page tour, etc., all of the PC games, all try to move into the mobile phone, shrink to the pocket.

The flow of flowers, or changed the emotional colors, the classic re-correction, and the \”development password\” that domestic game manufacturers competed in the domestic game manufacturers, often can be used by players every time. Buy a single, the flow verification that is thrown into. If you run a wave of leeks, you are not in a few, but there are pearls in the gravel.

The first day after the National Day holiday, the \”League of Legends\” national service and players met.

With the \”League of Legends\” IP level, online 3 hours, the IOS free list is not considered accident. Although overseas clothing has been launched in October, the national service is a pigeon and then \”still holding half of the face\”, and jumps again before the officially scheduled public beta, adding a round of testing, the game circle negatively Four emotions, but the classic IP appeal and the game player’s \”loyalty\” is there, and people are waiting for them, but they are still expected. 复得与失去:把电脑上的游戏装进手机这些年

Compared to true singing, LOL’s old players have a feeling of hate iron and uncomfortable steel. \”If you have to come out, there is\” What is the glory of the king? \”

Sure enough, the game, the shake, B station, WeChat, Weibo, Xiaohong book and other social networks immediately by the \”League of Legends mobile game\”, open service, limited skin, hero assessment, topic blossom …. .. The League of Legends is a small procedure that is complained to shield even because it is too hot. The quality of the game \”League of Legends\” seems to have not disappointed, always in the iOS free list, and heges multiple Android app store game lists. On TAPTAP, the game score has risen to 8.3, and the high-grade explosive evaluation is also maintained at 8.9.

is excited by the \”League of Legends Mobile Tour\”, the \”King’s Glory\” also opened the unprecedented welfare of the history, the Moba game player joked \”the best era\” is already coming, hot search # League of Legends Can the mobile game can rush the king’s glory? # # # 下.

In 2021, the last phenomenon of the topic center is also from the computer to the mobile phone, will \”a generation of childhood memories\” – web version \”Moore Manor\” is changed to mobile game, so it is easy to promote \”Top flow\”.

According to related data, June 1st, \”MoErmosty Hand Tour \”Open the service 8 hours new users broke through 6 million, the number of online people exceeded 1 million, IOS bestseller score rushed into TOP1, the topic resident in Weibo hot Search, overwhelming game stalks and expressions in social networks Amazer triggered.

复得与失去:把电脑上的游戏装进手机这些年 Moore Manor Hand Tour is mainly based on simulating business gameplay, \”When I am a child, happiness is very simple; after growing, it is simple and very happy\” for Slogan, although the golden system designed by the mobile game layer It is said that everything is no longer \”simple\”, but childhood memories still let players repeatedly \”break\”. After opening the service, its game issued a business company Gigabit’s share price rose by 25% in a week.

It also smart, \”asked\” one of the revenue pillars of Giibit, is also a \”asked\” online game developed.

A set of mature game systems and core gameplay are developed from design, to be verified by market, and the precipitation and out of the game IP are more urgent. Game vendors will not easily let go of classic games \”mobile game\”.

The previous period of \”Harry Potter Magic Awakening\” Butcher NetEase, and the handlel chips of \”reverse water\” will be pinched.

\”Reverse Water\” End tour as Netease flagship ancient martial arts mmorpg, known as \”the rivers and lakes that will breathe\”, once because of the quality of the picture, but the subsequent monument is two-pole differentiation, but still Netease Ace IP. And \”reverse water, cold hand\”, naturally, also hopes, from NetEase game to date, the largest team, the official puts down, \”can compare the picture quality\”, \”to subvert and rebuild the content, gameplay of MMO games Ecology.

It is reported that \”the cold hand of the cold\” has opened a closed test called \”stunning\” in the last month, and the mobile game is surprising that we still have not known, but many end tour players are There are all the official industrial operations, \”the end is cold, and the mind is put on the leeks of the hand.\”

But the game player, in fact, it is possible to be the most pure group of people in the world, paying attention to the word of love. Prosive \”leeks\” is willing to be harvested, a strike, eat all over the sky, as long as you change the pattern of \”fresh\”.

So these years, in the domestic game market, we have continuously seen the game of transplanting or transforming to mobile phones, some have completed the \”double kill\”, and some can only say \”chicken ribs\”. And it is only for squeezing IP value.

But the game IP of the mobile game market seems to go back and forth, and we will lose, while we lose.

1. Swarfs: Mobile Tour eruption and transplant tradition (2012 ~ 2013)

When the end of the plane is still discussing whether it is necessary to enter mobile games, take the lead in entering the mobile platform Game developers have earned the first bucket of gold.

At the beginning of the year,In the web game market, the four-party \”Shenxian Road\” iOS version is launched, and it has become the first test water product in the mobile platform. According to the agent’s heart network, after eight months, \”Shenxiandao\” has occupied the first position of the game revenue on the iOS platform, and the monthly income reached 20 million. At the end of the year, they quickly launched the Android version.

This is the first year of smartphone game business blowout, a large number of game developers and personal developers have previously poured into mobile games. However, as the \”cottage\” gene irrigates the land recreation soil of the domestic smart machine, the wind of the domestic mobile game is also accompanied by its \”adolescence\” and become one of the main military of mobile games. \”Fishing Daren\” \”Angry Birds\” \”Plant Wars Zombies\” PC leisure game has also become a popular mimic target of many cottage mobile games.

At that time, it was even unable to call \”transplant\”, but the genuine and pirated incidents \”handling\”. Taking the classic three-color elimination puzzle game \”Zuma\” as an example, you can download the Android version of various domestic developer cottage transplantation, basically a frog displaced in the center, spit out different colors and ripples Beads. Even later, there is no way to avoid, the name is \”cottage ancestors\”.

复得与失去:把电脑上的游戏装进手机这些年 In 2013, it was regarded as a watershed in the domestic game market. Coordinate: \”The first year of mobile games\”, mobile games take off. This year’s ChinaJoy (China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition) is already the home game.

At the exhibition, the Game Work Committee, CNG New Game Research (Gamma Data), International Data Company (IDC) released \”China Game Industry Report from January 2013\”. According to the report, as of June 2013, China Mobile’s online game users reached 171 billion, an increase of 119.3% over the same period last year, but also exceeded the client game users (125 million).

This situation that rigorously chasing is enough to let the industry people in Jinjin. The player is boiling, and the player is talking about the player’s group, and the game manufacturers are discussed.

Someone issued a lament, the page tour, the mobile game, the end of the game. Although this conclusion is still proud of this year (the market share of the end of the time is still several times), the terminal carrier of online games does have turned, and it is irreversible.

Before the mobile Internet arrived, the PC is the only carrier of the network. It is also the only space that the online game can run. Whether it is the personal PC used by the family, or the street emergence Internet cafe, all is at the end. You provide an ecology. The maturity of HTML5 and other technologies makes web games such as convenient, rich web applications more popular. However, the birth and popularity of smartphones, reshape the entire Internet, and creates possibilities and inevitability for the game development and migration to mobile.

Evolution of the terminal, driving the transformation of the game content and the transformation of the game player, but also allows the balance of the market to start tilting.

In 2013, the actual sales income of China Mobile game market was 1.24 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 246.9%. At this time, China’s mobile game market has already had more than a dozen monthly income of more than 10 million yuan of mobile game products, such as \”My name is MT Online\” \”Fishing Daren\” \”Big Haduth\” \”The Sword of the King\”.

And because the genuine \”fishing people\” mobile game a famous touch technology CEO expects that China’s mobile game market will become the world’s largest market, the scale reached 25 billion, may exceed the page tour 50% -70% of the market size. At this point, he was in the event between the list of CJ speakers with more than 50 million monthly income.

But crazy is difficult to cover up. The \”transplantation\” of the cottage and the \”learning\” of each other squeezed the survival space of the high-quality game. At the time, the mobile game \”copying\”, such as \”My name is MT\” game, the same type card mobile game Quickly emerge. Many mobile game products are stronger, and the life cycle is also shortened. At that time, 360 president pointed out that mobile games can have hundreds of new games for a month, but the survival rate is only 5%.

A large number of mobile game manufacturers who follow the wind returned, the competition of the mobile game market entered the quality elimination link, and such as Tencent, NetEase, the perfect, etc. Traditional End players were also expanding in the field of mobile. Development and layout of mobile games. (During 2012-2015, Tencent, NetEase will launch more than 120 and 70 mobile games, perfect world, grand, tour, giant and Jinshan also launched 20 left-right mobile game products.)

[ 123] Mobile game market will be ten times fierce than the PC game market, let us not sleep at night. \”The online CEO of Blue-gate online CEO from the end of the game and mobile games said.

More intense competition also spawned the innovation and maturity of mobile games, and various categories begin to explode, and will gradually evolve by hang up, card classes to the gravity type of MMORPG, \”boutique self-research\” Will be the mainstream concept of the mobile game market in the future, and with the joining of the End Tour, the transplant war of mobile games is also evolved.

In addition to the cottages and handling of the original casual game, many online games have come further.

As the page tour development company is keen to transfer online game products to the mobile game platform (such as \”Shenxian Road\” \”Wolong 吟\”), improve the number of online players through more free game experience. Gradually, some large ends have also begun to conduct cross-platform attempts, such as \”Legend\” \”Star Change\” \”Dream Zhu Xian\” and other old-name client games, all launched the mobile version before 2013. However, the basics achieved by each time is just porting some of the functions and establish a small amount of data, and the user has hoped to play the same game in different games in multiple terminals.

However, through the trend of connecting links between cross-platform between PCs and mobile intelligent terminals, it is still quickly attracted a large number of online game users to transform into mobile online game users, and also doubled the number of mobile online game users. The same level in the year.

Only at the time, there were still industry insiders that \”cross-platform interoperability allows the hot client games and web games to get a longer vitality.\” Transplant to mobile phones, is to continue PC game dominating glory .

They haven’t realized that a new era has arrived, in the game market, transplanted and transplanted relationships will be subversion.

2. Great migration: IP development and \”Termatic Handle\” rule (2014 ~ 2017)

The ultra-supercomput is extremely violent. But the sky is surprising, and it is often too much for a long time.

In 2016, my country’s mobile game market sales revenue reached 81.92 billion yuan, the first account for more than the client game market, also push-to-page tour, reaching 49.5%, becoming the largest share, the fastest growth market.

Data Source: GPC CNG AND IDC

Two-pole reversal, end tour and page tour have emerged in the past 12 years ago. The actual sales income of the client game market was 58.25 billion yuan, down 4.8% year-on-year. The actual sales revenue of the web game market is 18.71 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 14.8%. The mobile game increased by 59.2% year-on-year, and the previous year has reached an amazing 87.2%.

When 2014, China Mobile’s market has reached 27.6 billion, and when the growth rate reached 86% year-on-year, people thought it had a growing ceiling. Ai Rui Consulting is expected that the growth rate of China’s mobile game market will slow down, and it should be maintained at a composite growth rate of about 30%. The entire market will have a turning point in 2018 – the market share of mobile games will exceed the end of the end.

For the development of mobile games, people are looking forward to, but they are still too conservative.

The mobile game market has reached more than 25 billion, than the \”lookout\” of the game company CEO seems to be a year. The mobile game transcende is the \”turning point\” of the market to become the market, and it is also two years earlier than the professional \”estimate\” based on the data basis.

This miracle growth is unprecedented with unprecedented prosperity, and the \”End Tour Change Hand Tour\” is inextricably divided, even by its hand.

NetEase’s \”Fantasy Westward Journey\” may be \”Termatic Handle\” that can’t go through the pole and myth of the past, and all IP game dreams are like. 复得与失去:把电脑上的游戏装进手机这些年

As one of NetEase’s strongest IP, in the Era Era, \”Fantasy Westward Journey\” has exceeded 300 million accumulated registered users. In March 2015, based on the extension developmentThe \”Fantasy Westward Journey\” homes hide the golden soup, just two hours, successfully won the first place in the free game list. On the second day of the mobile game, the number of online people successfully broke through 1 million, and it broke through 1.5 million mark after one week.

According to the estimate, in November, the \”Fantasy Westward Journey\” mobile game has exceeded 1 billion, and the second place in the income list is not only. At this time, the second and three are also the IP games that are changed from the end, and the \”Westward Journey\” from Netease is also from Netease, and the grand \”Legend\”. (\”King’s glory\” is also born in this month)

Until today, end tour 18 years, mobile game 6 years, and \”Fantasy Westward Journey\” still ranks in the forefront of iOS games, and stabilize Also mentioned in the quarterly earnings in NetEase. The \”Life\” of a game can extend to this, undoubtedly, the peer is called the singularity, the old end tour IP is sitting the name of the gold mine.

In just three years, it is not only a \”Fantasy Westward Journey\” \”The Legend of the Blood\”, \”Asked\” \”Journey\” \”Shenwu\” \”Jian Xia Love\” and other more ancient classic online games have launched a mature mobile game version, There is also an online game of \”Jiuyin Zhen\”, \”Jiu Yin Zhen\”, \”Jiuyin Zhen\”, \”Jiu Yin Zhen\”, \”Jiuyin Zhen\”, \”Jiu Yin Zhen\”, and other online games.

In 2016, \”Termatic\” game revenue accounted for continued rising per month. In May, \”Termatic\” accounted for more than half, 51.1%, 51.1% in the top ten of the list, 51.1%, more occupied in the top ten. \”Fantasy Westward Journey\” takes 800 million water long-term rebounding, \”asked\” to occupy the runner-up position, \”Journey\” just on the line to rush into the top five, \”Ghost Story\” income is further improved, these popular mobile games come from a well-known end tour IP shows powerful enhancement capacity and market potential.

A large-scale online game that was popular, the game manufacturer as long as the popular seeds were broadcast on the computer, and the players can harvest the \”mobile game version\” that they launched. The history called a bean, and the end is swim.

Tencent, Netease, Shanda, Perfect and other end games have used end tour IP to recover lost land in mobile game market, and the end tour IP adaptive mobile game has become the \”shortcut\” of major game companies. But IP reinforcement or development, no matter whether it is rough, it is still a new game of \”another stove\”.

At the same time, there is also a batch of stand-alone game manufacturers who are hot in the world to be busy with IP \”moving\”. In the middle of 2015, the first generation of \”New Swords and Sword\”, the complete transplant version of the \”New Sword\” has just launched the iOS, Daoyu Information announced the news of the full range of fairy swords (the 2nd generation ~ 5 generation) transplanted mobile game, and Another big national order IP \”Xuanyuan Sword\” series in Daoyu hand, and many of the works have been launched a mobile version (referring to a single machine transplant version, rather than later \”Daewoo Shuangjian\” IP’s various network mobile games) .

复得与失去:把电脑上的游戏装进手机这些年 With respect to the IP development of online games, the direct transplant of buying a single machine is moreSimple and rude, there is no need to set the payment system and interactive mode for your hand. Basically, as long as it make some adaptation and optimization, there is no \”change\” process of \”reform\”. But with the words of love, the price is hot. In 2014, \”Xuanyuan Sword\”: Tianshi \”Transplant Edition has just landed in the iOS platform, selling price 60, far-high pay mobile game average.

When a similar IP transplant becomes a profitable tool, the behavior of the game manufacturers is also very urgent. IP change game with semi-finished products, the same IP is repeated, mobile version, 3D version, new XX version is endless, some IP can even find 4, 5 moving mobile games. So the transplant game was labeled \”Selling Feelings\” in people’s universal impression, which is expected and was cast aside, and the final quality should look at luck, and many are not as good as people.

However, with the upgrade of smartphone hardware and mobile game quality, the mobile game itself is no longer a synonym of the crude abuse. The market share is constantly refreshing, and its quality also presents an infinite approaching PC game trend. . When more and more end tour IP and stand-alone masterpiece migrates, the game feelings still exist, but the players are no longer so forth. 复得与失去:把电脑上的游戏装进手机这些年 So, even if the game developer is initially exactly the idea of \u200b\u200b\”provincial things\”, \”circle\” ideas, but the process of transplantation is no longer so easy, and the quality of some transplanted games is indeed in \”big migration\”. Constantly evolving.

Whether it is the consideration of the user group, the operation mode is compatible, the virtual button debugging, or for the game’s game innovation and experience optimization, when the game developer needs to face players, they face the boutique Transplantation R \u0026 D cycle is not subjured in a new game project, and its fineness is not subjected to a real organ transplant surgery, requires a long process and gives new students.

Tencent launched the \”Crossing FireWire\” mobile version of \”Crossing Fire\”: The Battle of the Fire: The King of the Fire: The Sports Development, Tencent Agent, the classic FPS (first person shooter) game from the beginning Tourization ideas, to the first public beta, Tencent’s Tianmei studio group planning team spent three years, the market research is half load.

Different from ordinary card classes or round-making games, the process is relatively low, and there is almost no input conversion problem – just replace the mouse to finger, transition nature. But the FPS game has three major elements: mobile, aiming, shooting, players When the mobile phone is running, only two fingers have completed these three necessary operations, and there is such as switching guns, shot clips, jumping. Waiting for action, there are seven or eight items, from the PC side to the mobile terminal, this is a very big challenge.

The R \u0026 D team is quite happy on the input of the input. For example, the mechanism of joining lineary auxiliary movement in the virtual rocker is corrected (the real roller has an entity, and the virtualThere is no physical touch, many players are very difficult to walk straight); such as optimizing the use of sniper guns, when the thumb is automatically converted into sniosters, then shoot, shoot, will separately separate two actions Comnthetically together (the way the PC side sniper is the right mouse button to convert the sniper, left button shooting, but only one thumbs should be more difficult).

And all everything, such as the planning team, is to restore the end of \”original smell\”.

\”Operating the hand, the ballistics of the firearms, etc., these are important selling points of the FPS game, especially the players have accepted in the past ten years of game career, we can’t change it easily.\” CS hand The main plan of the tour, said that in order to let the experience feel close to the end of the end, the ballistic of the mobile game is recorded with a special tool of 60 frames per second, and then the perfect replication is perfectred through the engine.

Slow work out of thin, more and more PC games are finely launched, and the money is not good. For example, Tencent’s \”QQ Hyun Dance\” and \”QQ Speed\” have two 2008 games, even if you have long announced, you will not delete the mobile game in the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, ten years.

The end of the end of the IP development phase changed mobile game, although it is still not able to open the name of \”cutting leeks\”, but many transplanted games can be on the mobile phone. As beautiful and exquisite, high smoothness, strong playability, and basically can restore enough complex operations in limited touch and buttons.

In 2017, the \”Tianlong Eight Hand Tour\”, the \”Dragon Valley Mobile Tour\”, Tencent and Diagonal Blizzard Joints \” Summon mobile games \”, etc., all harvested in the heat. This year, Tencent continued to dominate Chinese mobile games with its self-developed Moba game \”King\”, well known, this game is almost the mobile transformation version of the \”League of Legends\”, but not so famous, but The \”League of Legends\” mobile game has also entered the development phase at this time.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the same year, commonly known as \”eating chicken\”, the desert island survival game \”Jedi survival: big escape\” fire all over the world, also leads a game boom in China, domestic Migrant gaming companies have come to the field, and they compete for the \”eating chicken\” in the mobile terminal. NetEase took the lead in launching \”Wilderness Action\”, Tencent’s Photon Studio and Tianshama Studio also conducted a horse racing, developed \”Jedi survival: stimulating battlefield\” and \”Jedi survival: the whole army assault\”, the final winning thing is now \”Peace Elite\”. At the time, there were more than 50 big escaled mobile games in the project.

Of course, this is also a manifestation of PC game transplant mobile game, but only the same, the range is too large, and it is not discussed here. We still return to those domestic game developers orDomestic agency distributors for the transplantation of a game, or IP development, official mobile game version.

After all, in the top ten of this year, there are still more than half of the mobile games made by classical end tour.

At the time, the game media estimated, the big trend of \”Termatic\” in China will also span throughout 2018.

However, there is also a limitations in the possibility, although the rapid development of mobile phone performance is sigh, but the mobile phone operate is still more than the game carrier of the computer or host, and the mobile game is still in the game despise the chain. The end, while the mobile market is the largest game type or leisure, to send time to meet the entertainment needs of players.

Most severe PC games are simplified, and depleted processing. When a mobile game has lost convenience and simplicity because it is too large and complicated, it may even bring a worse gaming experience, and persuade the mainstream of the mobile game. However, such as \”crossing the fire line\” mobile version is also due to simplifying more low threshold players, and being reprimanded as the world of primary school students.

Does the end of the mobile game are the restore? \”The original smell becomes the transplant rumor of the game developer, and it is almost a sense of meaning of the difficulty.

3. New wind direction: Steam Transplantation and Triple Intercom (2018 ~ 2021)

[ 123] But the contradiction can be transferred, and there is nothing to block the pace of mobile travel.

When the world is set off the mobile game transplantation of the PC game. In 2018, the Blizzard Carnival, \”Diablo : The release of the immortal \”mobile game\” Don’t you guys have pHONES for ten years of public relations crisis \”The irony and snoring are still in the ears, and the players are not quenching two spit, but the well-known foreign game manufacturers are still in the mobile market, and they are determined.

复得与失去:把电脑上的游戏装进手机这些年 and the country is\” mobile game \” Wang Dao, making money tight \”industry is more likely to say. Although since 2018, after a few years of speed arrogant, the growth rate of domestic mobile game market has been slow, and the growth rate of ARPU is also significantly slow. And this year, The influence of supervision and version number, the number of new travels has fallen sharply, and the IP long-term operation capacity and autonomous research and development capabilities of the tray manufacturers are also more test.

Under the cold, the original game, on the one hand, The head game big factory continues to open the enrichment of the end of the IP, and there are some small studios or game teams to develop domestic independent games, such as the \”Too Painted Volume\” and \”Chinese Parents\” and \”Chinese Parents\” \”

STEAM, the ranking, the meritorious list, the first domestic masterpiece is more and more, the title of\” domestic light \”is inflation, and the boutique is also naturally followed.

in tUnder the Steam tab of the APTAP platform, you can find a lot of Steam Transplantation.

In fact, the wind of Steam Transplantation Game has been scraped for a long time, single machine, online, action, strategy, puzzle, role playing, and is all available. The boutique game transplantation of the foreign studio is immersive, such as \”Escape 2\” \”Icey\” \”To the Moon\” \”Machinery Fa City\” \”Talent\” \”Human Declaim\”. But with the excellent works of domestic games continue to take their heads, this wind direction is also vigorous in domestic manufacturers, in 2018 to 2020, such as \”Death\” \”Candle\” \”Lost Castle\” \”Three Color Painting Love\” \”sword and far The high-profile domestic games on Steams such as \”(formerly endless road) are migrating the moving end.

And \”Chinese Parents\” also announced the news of transplant mobile games in October 2019, and then the TAPTAP is reserved, but the finished product is still not visible to the trace.

Developers aimed at Steam Sales, word of mouth, no longer fried in love IP, can also attract users with the original quality and popularity. In addition to the big IP of online or Xian Xia standing, transplant games in high quality independent games are also more obvious, people began to pursue boutique games in the mobile side, although weak social, but unique game sex, Or based on the plot continuous immersion.

And in 2019, according to the 2014 orange web text reasoning game \”Latership Reduction\” adapted role playing adventure game \”Invisible Guardian\” login after STEAM, a few months later, Also immediately put the shelves of IOS and Android platforms, mobile version and PC version do not have any difference in content.

It is not difficult to find that when a similar porting game PC side is different from the mobile terminal, we are even very difficult to reproduce, just shortening the window period like a cinema, exported Is the same disk content medium. Regardless of the PC, or mobile phones, IPAD, or hosts, they are only a game manufacturer multi-platform or cross-platform income plan.

However, the transplant game on Steam is mostly based on stand-alone or narrative games. It is more convenient to transplant, and the cycle is more short, and for many people online, more severe network mobile games, for At the same time, the layout of multiple platforms, the strange match has also increased.

For example, the XXX mobile game PC side.

At the end of 2020, Tencent Guofe World MMORPG mobile game \”Tianya Moon Knife\” officially public beta, and also log in to IOS and Android platforms, and PC. In the PVP in the \”Tianya Mingyue Knife\” mobile game, the PC version of the operation is clearly more advantageous. If the mobile phone is matched to the PC side, it is almost hung in the same value environment, the game experience is very poor, and \”PC dog\” \”The mouse macro\” is also generally being spit and boycott in mobile players, once being jealous.

After the official make adjustments, the development armed PC is prioritized to match the PC, the phone is prioritized to match the functionality of the mobile phone, balance the degree of isolation of the two parties. Interestingly, \”Tianya Moon Knife\” This is the end of the game, but there are many players to select the PC side in a mobile game, and return to the PC large screen from the mobile small screen.

But no one feels strange, this \”reverse migration\” tradition of mobile games has been passionate about playing mobile games on the computer’s simulator.

When he gradually captures the mobile market, the glory of the Android simulator will begin. Everything you can do, the simulator can do, even better – the system may be more stable, the operation may be more comfortable, the game running on the computer is also more suitable for using it to work, the time of working hours, you can Many open. Bring live broadcast, game media evaluation is almost on the simulator.

Therefore, in the past few years, the game manufacturers have always launched the official \”official version\” of the mobile game in the PC side. An Android simulator manufacturer has revealed that in addition to the simulator’s advertising income, the PC version of helping vendors customized mobile games is also one of their main revenue.

Not only like \”Tianya Mingyue Knife\”, \”Tianzi\”, there is this phenomenon in such an end tour, but more and more native mobile games have also launched \”PC\” in the first time \”PC\” Version\”. Miha Tour’s \”God\”, NetEase’s \”Harry Potter Magic Awakening\” and other popular mobile games are simultaneously labeled in the PC.

Then, in the new hand of these multi-end landing, another new wind direction is not stopped: triple intervene.

\”Triple Intercomity\” in the mobile game is the name suggests, that is, account data between PC, iOS, and Android platform. An account can be switched at will, and the game data is interoperable, and the friends with other ports will no longer be separated. Players can play in hand, three ends.

January 2021, on the eve of the public beta, Netease’s Eastern Fantasy Theme Hand Game \”Tianyi\” announced his \”three-way interoperant\” news, pre-load It is officially turned on.

复得与失去:把电脑上的游戏装进手机这些年 \”Three-way interoperability\” was called for many years, but it is now gradually become a trend of high-quality new tour, and there are many old games follow the trend. As at the beginning of this year, there were more than 5 years, and there were more SLG mobile games \”Rate of the earth\” and also entered the PC side after the quality upgrade, and I took the three-end interoperable function, expanded the income channel, and stabilized their own market.

For mobile players in iOS and Android, it is naturally a big joy to cross-platform, which is also a thing today, because Apple and Android phone’s boundaries are hard and student. Friends are separated in different service areas, and even some netizens speak \”I can’t do it in 2021.\”The game should hang an ‘simply don’t have a brand.

There is always a wall between PC and movement. Players who like PVP gameplay seem to have the default. Operation, horizontal, etc. It is a widely controversial topic. But thanks to the development of hardware and technology, the limitations of platform performance can not be eliminated, but it is no insurmountable gap, and the three ends are interoperable, and even multi-end interworking of platforms such as hosts, perhaps The inevitivity trend of future market development. What more, different players’ circles are also penetrating each other, and the players of a single platform will be less and less.

But let’s go to make mobile games to make great strength, from greed The snake starts, to a tree of a flower, animal hair, character is true, building multi-person competitive huge world, we transplant complex computer games to mobile phone, let go of the mobile game to restore End tour, but in order to get the way of the ultimate game experience, if it is still fun on the computer, there is a bit irony.

This seems to return to that question: the end of the hand tour Is it a restore end tour?

Go back to the current \”League of Legends Mobile Tour\”, the frontal evaluation is the rendering of the deductance, the reproduction of the depth of the end game, many old players will feel \”or the feeling of the past \”. Art style, play operation, war fog and eye-catching field, rune system, return to the city purchase equipment, etc. Feelings and feedback.

While there is already weakened in some links, it is too far from the end of the end, and it still shows \”unfriendly\” of non-ended players. The operation is relatively complicated, and it is difficult to get difficult. The overall time is long, the overall rhythm is slow, and some people have spit \”to play a bureau. There are also entry players to think that although the quality of the mobile game is expected, the experience of the Moba game is not in the same day. Mobile game players will not give up the \”King’s Glory\”, and the end players come back to play a feeling, and the time is greasy, and finally I found it back to the scented.

复得与失去:把电脑上的游戏装进手机这些年 \”King’s glory\” can become a national hand One of the important reasons for this is because it reduces the threshold of the Moba game, which will incorporate a broader player group in the bag. In the comparison of the hatchback, most people also believe that the \”King’s glory\” is large, condensed The cost, energy, money, etc. The cost is high. It is the foundation of the \”League of Legends\” in six years.

But \”League of Legends Mobile Tour\” is not In order to defeat the \”King’s Glory\”, it has higher game level and stronger competitiveness. Let me know that even if there are two games players, the winners are only Tencent. And actually, \”King\”Glory\” has also been seen when there is a product that is \”too complicated\”, \”it is not easy to play\”, but there is always a new thing to go in front of the times, people can keep up with this era.

Perhaps the history of development of the PC game in the mobile platform may make the game players in the nose, but it is also the development of this transplant and re-enactment attempt to continuously dig the possibility of mobile games. Players believe that we can revisit the classics on your mobile phone and play more advanced and more future games.

When the \”boutique\” concept becomes mainstream of the mobile game, the attributive requirements are not only the boutique self-research, but also the boutique transplantation. We have higher requirements for \”transplantation\”. The one after transplantation is also boutique.

So, standing today, reviewing the development process of transplant games for many years, the emergence of \”League of Legends\” is not perfect, but still has positive significance. But when we need more League of Legends Mobile Tour, we may regret that when the game manufacturer is almost in the year after 2015, it will put the end of the product to the market, and the market is on the market. Level less products are getting less, many of the truly valuable IPs have been exhausted.

Brushed Sands, in the repeated IP development and PC transplant, we really have harvested some good games and progress, but more \”replacing the old\”, if it is only a result, there is no transcendence We have lost something in this consumption, such as nostalgic enthusiasm, innovation, and more classic maternal.

When we talk about the feelings, the \”real old\” is not what we expect, but refers to its new intention and energy in the previous era. The classic is hidden in the classic, but the classic is not transplanted, but is always waiting for invented.


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