Rice Technology 2018 revenue for 146 million yuan net profit-87.729 million yuan

On September 17th, there is rice technology (securities code: 834156) Recently announced 2018 half-year report show that as of June 30, 2018, the company achieved a revenue of 146 million yuan; attributing the net owner The profit is -87.729 million yuan.

In the first half of 2018, the company’s overall operating income was 145,843,136.38 yuan. The company adheres to \”high gross profit, short board\” orientation, gradually adjusting business structure, reducing the agency business 209,862,287.96 yuan. During the reporting period, the net profit of the shareholders of the listing company was -8,772,943.41 yuan, a year-on-year decreased by 175.24%.

According to the data of the new three-plate research, there is a company in China is one of the professional manufacturers of China’s first batch of independent engaged in mobile Internet advertising services. Since 2010, since the 2010, there is a \”rice advertising\” trading platform, Always use \”technology to spread outstanding cultural and content\” to the world \”, with\” mobile marketing, selected rice \”as brand value demands. The company focuses on mobile Internet effect marketing service, positioning as global advertisers, media, user value connectors, dedicated to the continued trust of global mobile Internet advertising and content platform.

In the world, the company fully covers all kinds of mobile media resources through the advertising intelligence data platform, the programming advertising trading platform, the social marketing service platform, etc. Data, algorithm capability and operation experience, through multiple advertising forms displayed in mobile applications, help customers achieve business acquisition, user / fan transformation, interaction, or purchase, activity promotion, brand communication, and other marketing goals.

Source Link: http://www.neeq.com.cn/disclosure/2018/2018-08-27/1535358914_844235.pdf

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