Routing earning money (Fixun router make money)

On June 16, the number of claims claimed to 10 million, and the transaction volume reached 80 billion yuan of online loan platform Tang Xiaoyu.

After Tang Xiaoyu, there are netizens still say that the four major high-level platforms –, Yaotang Finance, Tang Xiao, Lianwei Finance, only League Finance is still alive.

On June 22, according to relevant media reports:

\”Songjiang Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau has filed funds for high rebate platforms, the case is suspected of suspected The illegal absorption of public deposits, criminal investigators said this is mainly due to the three characteristics of \”the number of people more than 30 people, the amount of more than 1 million, promised to pay attention to the interest\”. The public security is only launched, and the final conclusion is dominated by the court’s judgment. Currently The case is under investigation process. \”0元购斐讯平台被查,曾经让手机人最赚钱的产品

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So far, the four major high-reverse platforms are unable to all Violent.


Reminds to the link finance, you have to say full news. Originally a smart hardware company that started with a router, one is a P2P financial platform, and the wind river is not. But in fact, both interdependently, the deep internal mode operation routine, is a model of intelligent hardware and P2P marketing.

Fixun Company full name: Shanghai FiXX Data Communication Technology Co., Ltd., registered in 2008, operating routers, exchanger, cloud computing technology equipment and other electronic products.

In the field of routers, the amount of Fixin can only be considered a second and third line brand. However, from 2016, Fiji uses its new K2 to launch the concept of \”0 yuan purchase\”, whereby this product sales explosive growth, starting from the first place in the Jingdong platform routers.

The so-called \”0 yuan purchase\” is the purchase of routers through prices spending 399. After a month, 399 yuan will return, and even a few dollars, the router is equal to white.

The returned 399 yuan is naturally not the Fixun directly to give you money. Instead, it is returned to the link financial app on the link financial app.

\”K code\” is the core of the Fiji 0 yuan purchase model, each router will receive a K code, the K code needs to be registered in the link financial registration, in order to connect from the connection after 1 month Financial accounts with 399.

But the true cat is still behind.

Each ID card is unconditionally activated for the K code, but if you want to activate 2 and more K code, you will start to purchase a wealthy platform and more wealth management products on the network platform. You can only activate 5 kcodes per ID card.

This activity is really attractive to a free 399 router within a month. Whether it is it or turn it?And second-hand selling, after you get the principal, it is a tranquilized sale.

399 is a little bit of small and small amount, but it can be determined that the Fixun K2 router is not worth 399. 0元购斐讯平台被查,曾经让手机人最赚钱的产品

According to the various performance parameters of K2: the United Kingdom processing chip MT7620A, the 100G network port is only 64MB of memory, and the USB interface is not provided, and the same kind of competitive price on the market is only about 100 yuan.

Knowing that netizens analyzed, the price of the price of 399, the cost of the material is only 40 yuan, and the author thinks this is already very high. The actual cost should be lower.

In fact, it can be so understandable that the hardware router is just an excuse, and the user spends 399 yuan to buy it. It is worth a financial product.

The financial period is one month, and the financial revenue is a router after the expiration of the month. If the principal of 399, the actual value of the router is 40 yuan, the yield of a month is 10%, which is a bit exaggerated. How is it a traders who lost money, but if you look from a financial perspective.

Now the customer costs of the P2P platform are reached from 10,000 yuan, and it can take 40 yuan to get a customer. At the same time, the customer is in addition to the initial sweetness, in order to activate the K code, other wealth management products on the link platform. It will be greatly attractive, which is an extremely cost-effective sale.

And n 399 stacked also has a refined turnover.

A netizen has a funded pool than this model of Fiji.

Among the pool of this fund, there are two water pipes and two outlet pipes. The water pipe is the money and borrower of the investor and the principal and the taxi are the money of the investor and the money borrowed.

The router is the valve of the water pipe. The flow rate of the water pipe is more controllable by different movable efforts, and the flow rate of the entire pool and the theoretical water in the flow rate pool Not overflow.

It can be seen that it is actually the operation of capital than the router. Gao Ming is, \”0 yuan purchase\” mode, completely separated hardware and finance.

On the one hand, this avoids the intervention of financial management concepts. Users just think I only want a router, I can’t pull it with myself. 0元购斐讯平台被查,曾经让手机人最赚钱的产品

If there is no router’s concept, directly with the user, invest 399, returning the interest of the corresponding value of the principal and the router after a month, I am afraid that there are few people dare to try, there is a router complete Not the same.

On the other hand, two companies have also avoided risks in this form. The technology company has no right to make this substantive financial activity.

But through activities, it is just that the turnover is put into third parties.Financial platform, and third-party financial platform, return the corresponding return to the registered investors. These two situations are not in the jurisprus.

In May last year, due to \”to lure consumers to buy high-risk financial products\”, Taobao and idle fish have been banned as sensitive words, and Jingdong has restricted Fiji to play \”0 yuan purchase Promotion label.

The biggest risk of this model is that \”0 yuan purchase\” is only a promotion of Fiji, and once the financial platform riot, Feixian can announce \”End\”: I Is selling to your 399 router, my home 40 yuan router is to have 399 premium, everyone is your love.

Once this happens, the extremely dispersed Fixun users certainly have nothing to say, can only buy products, it is difficult to concentrate on rights.

After the K2 router, the new new product is frequent, even in 2017, I have a named Wemema show, including the whole high-speed rail to do advertising promotion. In the router industry that is not high in the profit margin, it is more luxurious.

In the new product of the Fiji, it is not a marketing idea of \u200b\u200bK2. All products will be low in high premium, then return all the price mode, and not only one month after returning, pattern Start getting more.

One of the portable Bluetooth speakers sold 1999 yuan, the top products in the industry have sold the same price. However, this Bluetooth speaker can also activate the K code, and the return is divided into 12 issues in the year. From the perspective of financial management, the investment 1999, the annual interest is a Bluetooth speaker.

Other smart bracelets such as 999 yuan and a smart speaker of 2499 yuan, the return period is 3 months and 24 months.

In this mode, Fi Xi is no longer called a technical company, but a financial company that works capital for hardware as a citizen.

Fixun company founder and actual controller Gu Guoping’s background, in fact, why the Fixin is keen on this model. Last year, a farce exposure related to the list of ST Hui, listed:

ST Hui ball for Gu Guoping actually controlled, it has been punished for many times Gu Guoping also fell into a huge debt crisis after the 16-year stock market, and was banned by the Securities and Regulatory Commission for lifting the stock market due to the confidence of violations.

Gu Guoping itself is a person who is more good at investing in capital. The link finance is also a multi-port-like meguchuo in business information.

In addition to the link finance, another investment wealth management platform Huaxian Wanjia Jinxue also conducted the \”0 yuan purchase\” business agreement with Fixun, September 2017 Fixun brand body fat scale officially landed in Huaxia Gold Service platform, also open\”0 yuan purchase\” mode.Huaxia Wanjia is mainly engaged in Internet supply chain finance. Founded in 2014, the registered capital is 50 million yuan.0元购斐讯平台被查,曾经让手机人最赚钱的产品

Huaxian Wanjia Golden Co., Ltd. is not only \”cooperative\”.In a variety of Huaxia Gold Works, it is found that the borph or guarantee is in the borph or the guarantee, and there is no lack of related parties and downstream enterprises in Shanghai Conflux (Fiyi Mother Company).

After the investigation of the joint finance, the Fiki immediately issued a statement that he is just a normal partnership. If the link finance is not able to fulfill the commitment of 0 yuan purchase, FiXix will follow promiseFull amount of redemption.

However, there is no financial partner as a support, no marketing of \”0 yuan purchase\” induces users, the \”Fixun\” in the Fixun statement is always in high qualityIntelligent hardware products have been approved by customers \”as if they are talking about a ridiculous joke.

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