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Tiben Bayi Luke Da West is a motor repair store operator in Kizilu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang. In these years, he has experienced the changes in the country, and he also witnessed the change of everyone. In the past, the main transportation of the herders was the horse and camel. It is the sandstone road of the potholes; Today, more and more people have opened private cars. , The highway refines the township, the income of herders is increasing, and also moved to the spacious and bright housing room, the better the day.

The sun in the afternoon is exactly, the 41-year-old Temman Bayi Luke Dai is toned to a cargo big truck to replace the tire, which is the fourth single day of the day.

In some years, he was the only car repair shop operator in Urry Township, Kizilu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang. From only the big trucks that can only be repaired in the country, they have more and more private cars, and the business in the store is getting better and better. More and more people who get the car! \”In the eyes of Tiben, this symbolizes people living in this land to live better.

Previously moving on riding, now open private cars

Tibenbubi is a living, when moving, horse and camel are the main means of transportation, \”people Horseback riding or camel rushing cattle and sheep. There are more than 60 kilometers between the two pastures. If you go out in the morning, you can only drink cold water, eat dry. \”But if your luck is not good, you encounter rain or Other bursts, you have to stay in the wild. This is something that is often in the memory of Thamanbai.

If it is not a heavy disease, no one will go to the county of nearly 100 kilometers. Trimba said, because there is no transportation, many people have never entered the city in their lives. He saw two cars when he was a child, one is a large truck in nearby iron mine to transport ore, and the other is a tractor of the township government.

The herders are sick or have an urgent point to go to the county. In addition to riding a big truck, you can use the large truck with vacant time. \”I remember that when I was sick, I couldn’t ride the horse. I didn’t wait for four or five days. I finally sat in the county in the car, I took four or five hours, when I got off the bus The body is ash. \”

Huaba Yi, a deputy secretary of the party committee of Urk Chagi Township, said that he just walked at work, and then bought a bicycle,\” Where can I Think, many residents can now go to work in a private car! \”

Yes, the herders are now using private cars. The pickup truck is the most practical model of the pastoral, and the car is also very common. StartGradually, \”first, someone rode the motorcycle, then there was a pick-up car, the car.\” In this change, Temmanba saw the business opportunity: With a car, there is a repair car demand, but The only car repair shop at the time of the countryside is facing close to the age of the operator. When I was working outside, I had a home auto repair shop next to it. When I left, he often went to see the repairers to work, and sometimes I will take my hand and learn some simple repair technology. So he seized the opportunity to open a car repair shop near the township government.

The road has been repaired, and the car is getting more and more

When the auto repair shop just opened, the lottery of the tires was the most, \”There will be sandstone roads, not good Don’t say, I have a special fee tire. \”Even so, because the car is not much, TD Mama is only 2,000 yuan in one month.\” The door of repair shop is a dirt road. It is a mud pit when it is a rain.

The greater change begins with the highway, the highway extends to the township, the sandstone road of the door of the car repair shop has also become a flat asphalt road. Located in Wusi County to my country’s West End Port – Ilkshtette port, gradually intensive, business vehicles between Kyrgyzstan, bring a lot of business to the auto repair shop.

\”One night, I received the phone, and said that the car delivered to the port is broken on the road near Jean Township. I took the tools to repair the car, but also let the relatives in Jejub have dinner. Eating for the driver. \”Tempman’s enthusiasm to help the driver’s urgent urgent, he also became friends with that driver, and now he is still in contact, and his repair shop has also treated a word of mouth in these port ports. .

\”Now I can earn more than 5,000 yuan in a month. I have been waiting for the 7th and August, and the car who came here will be more, and the business will be better.\” Temmanba said, although business Better, but there is a new problem: more and more models, the repair technology required is also unstoppable, and the techniques you have mastered have gradually can’t keep up. With the changes in market demand, three repair shops have started around, one of the operators have also been an apprentice in his store. \”They are young people, learning new technologies faster, we give together The past vehicle maintenance. \”

Once, here is deep in poor areas, and the herdsmen even have a basic life. TRMBBYo has never thought that life changes will be so fast, and the era of horses and camels has become history. \”This is inseparable from the good policy of the country. Just say that my repair shop is not to repair the way home. I can have such a good business. It is understood that all of Xinjiang all the highways have implemented highways. All counties and cities have realized second-level road connectivity, all townships and conditions with all townships and conditions. Both hardened roads.

There are more money to earn money, life is getting better and better

more let TemanBay is happy in 2015, and there is also a great improvement in the township power supply, and it is more convenient to practice the car. In the past, the towns were powered by a small hydropower station. Sometimes they are not very stable, Temmanba can only bring the basic problems such as electric metal generators. It is probably 5 liters of diesel in one day. \”If the diesel is temporarily used. There is no way, I can only stop the life, there is no lamp in the evening, but I also affect business. \”Now, electric power supply is not a problem.\”

In addition to the auto repair shop, Tibenba is another craft.

6 years ago, Tunmanbi moved into the warm room, and the decoration skills of the work of school were used, and the home was clean and unique. In recent years, her herders have gradually fired through the relocation of the people and housing projects, and the renovation technology of Temmanba has brought him business. When the auto repair shop is not busy, he will be renovated to the villagers. Spring growing grass, autumn mowing, requires machinery. Tontanbai bought tractor and mower with friends, and started to plow the herds, mowing the herds.

\”The livestock at home is handed over to others. I have a business year’s income for more than 100,000 yuan. Now two children are going to school, and life is getting better and better.\” Tutans I have just changed a new car in two years. \”My daughter is boarding in the middle of the county. I often drive to see her, I will arrive at one hour.\”

Not only Temmanbai, Urk Chaji Township The life of herders has changed: through the improvement of livestock varieties, the income of herders has increased, and the spacious and bright housing room is lived. I don’t want the herdsmen who are in water and grass in the past four seasons, began \”Lianzhaizhen\”, and several people form a grazing \”alliance\”, turning through which the idle people choose other income and other income and other income.

\”You look at this nearby restaurants.\” Temmanba said that this is the change in the development of tourism in recent years. \”I hope everyone’s days are getting better!\” [123 ]

\”People’s Daily\” (July 27, 2021)

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