Search for fairy hand to make money (seek fairy happiness is fun, burn money)

Recently, some people often saw \”seeking fairy\” mobile games, making this kind of opinion. I feel that there is nothing wrong with the comments, just hope that it is a game itself or its own problem. In order to avoid similar problems, I have a few words for some newbie players who have just joined the \”寻\” mobile game.

对《寻仙》新手玩家的几句忠告 没钱千万别逞强

Don’t blindly comparison without charging, watching the best of others think about it yourself? Like some of my friends playing games, I will have time, I have time, of course, this game also has a way to make money, have time, if you think about the first charge 6 yuan, there is no time to say goodbye to this game’s big team (here big team The value is a copy) unless you don’t care, or wait for someone else to sell materials, the 6 yuan party’s life is hard, and the growth is still long.

对《寻仙》新手玩家的几句忠告 没钱千万别逞强 It is not recommended to pray for people above the party to pray with the box. One of the best improvements is not large, and the box face is black, and it is also normal. It can be small one day. I can pumdery, I may not think about the harvest, the small capital party refuses to challenge the challenge.

About career choices, many people are particularly entangled. Now there is only 6 occupations in the mobile game, each profession has a characteristic, no professional metamorphosis can be more than 1V, like to take the lead, play Jin Gang, there is swordsman feelings to play the sword, the Master is more biased Controlling fire or power, like to save people, play Tian Jun, like disgusting others, playing nime, spending money, you are stronger than others, don’t spend money, find a big team to know friends, you will enjoy it naturally Even if the next copy is dead, you can customize the pleasure of copy. Anyway, there is, you will choose how you choose.

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