Secret stainless steel basin removal of the old mobile phone This industry has such a big profit and easy to get stories

Li Ge, who is engaged in this industry, said: \”There is such a waste-made rotten mobile phone like you now, it is to go to the countryside to go to the countryside, and the general machine will be in the old age. Take the price of about 3 yuan for the wholesale price, send it to me, you can give 10 yuan -20 yuan. If it is a smart machine, you will take a 10-30 yuan stainless steel basin to change, but they recycle it back, affirmed Some mobile phones will make fewer earnings, but some will earn more, like some old-fashioned machines, maybe little, the new damage machine for thousands of dollars is basically here, I want to give them Six or seven hundred. If you will be more money to make a new year. Do you think how big is the profit. \”


If you have not done, how do you get start? Do this, if you haven’t done it, you can contact your home first, then you can take a stainless steel basin to go to the countryside, and you will give you a valuation. With the number of times, with the number of times, For a long time, you will learn slowly, we will read the year, like 13 years, 14 years, 15 years, the price of mobile phones every year, follow the brand, these you first started, actually Don’t understand, because you are going to the countryside to recycle, you are some people who don’t understand, and young people who understand will generally be placed online or go to the mobile phone store. You are replaced by the pot, as long as you receive your mobile phone, you will definitely make money. Just earning how much earning less.

揭秘不锈钢盆换废旧手机这个行业原来有这么大的利润还易上手故事 Is that the country often received more older machines? That is not, this mobile phone should also look at luck, because many children will send themselves to the smart machine that eliminated the unused smart machine to use the parents in the house. Some parents can’t use it, and they are lost at home. General children are not Will go back, you may have to buy one for your parents. Sometimes their parents see this charming stainless steel basin, they will be replaced directly. So they are generally going to run around, and will not be fixed in a place. If they have limited funds, some people may be sent to the upper class for a week, and some people will set up a month. Family.

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揭秘不锈钢盆换废旧手机这个行业原来有这么大的利润还易上手故事 @ 头条 号

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