Self-media dry goods!Teach you how to make money with Baidu House

The network entrepreneurial project can be said to be two perspectives of reliability and stability, which is certainly better to be better since the media. I believe that friends who often do network promotion and marketing should know the hundred houses, and their influence is relatively large, and Baidu platform is also strongly promoted. It has Baidu’s help, and the family is also windy. Many people use hundreds of books to make money, but must have explosive articles, have popularity and reading, in order to make our subsequent profit space gradually increase. So how do you make money? How can I guarantee the popularity of the bachelor?


Operation from the media for 4 years, I looked at the changes in the media all the way! Since the word, in 17 years, I entered the Volkswagen Zhang Yiming led the headlines all the way today, I have also bounted the headline number, and there is a few hundred thousand in January, and I have adjusted several times. The red-bare diph of the headlines is slid. Strong suction, a lot of authors who make money today, have transferred positions, make money with hundreds!

First, Determine the positioning of our content. When you register the bachelor, you must choose your own field. What we have to share, what are our special fields, what are we are interested in what are our most familiar, or what we are hobby. Only what is the most familiar thing can make it a video, or write a good article, create a relatively high quality content. If you choose the wrong field, then we don’t know where to start, you can’t shoot a good video, you can’t write a good article, because we are not familiar with it, it is difficult to say it, then It’s hard to convince readers! This is necessary to pay attention to when we register in our 100th, because once registration, you can’t modify it!


Second, you will also say that hundreds of books have to send so many articles, how can I have so many inspiration? At this time, then we have to play the role of other software, you can browse some popular topics on all sites. To publish your own opinions and opinions for some of these topics, you can make a very high page. At the same time, you will have a deep insight to some things. Others let you evaluate a thing, don’t worry. Because you have got the corresponding exercise on the family number, you can use it directly. If you really feel inspiration. You can also learn from others. Remember, just learn from the full plagiarism. You can join your own idea in this, which can be an article for your own. So. In such a original case, your browsing will be high.

Third, how to write a high quality title.I can see the title of the blast of others, pay attention to the keywords of others, only to see more, they can experience it.There is always a matter of attention not to be the title party, what exaggerated title, vulgar title, induction, or illegal title, these headings are best not to use, once the platform is not recommended, if the platform thinks you are the title partyThe platform is to be sealed, even some large V’s number, millions of fans have been sealed, and finally do not pay!

Finally, we must constantly learn from some high-quality original creators.Go to walk!About the media to make money, part-time money, entrepreneurship, etc., regular dry goods sharing, experience exchange, etc., I hope to make progress together, I also hope that everyone can pay attention, praise, forward and share!

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