Send express to earn money (how to send it quickly, you can make money again)

With the improvement of the daily consumption level of our people, online shopping has become the most popular shopping method, and the express delivery industry also borrows this shareholder wind.

And the salary of express delivery brothers has also become a question. They are so greedy every day, busy in various corners of the city, can I really enter 10,000 yuan?


China Post Express Newspaper issued on March 22 \”2020 national courier grassroots industry status and satisfaction Investigation Report \”shows that more than half of the courier month income does not exceed 5,000 yuan, only 1.3% of the monthly income exceeds 10,000 yuan.

Obviously, the legend of \”over 10,000\” is really just a legend, and how is the real working status of express delivery? Come listen to what they say.

@ 快 小递:

快递小哥真的都月入万元吗?听听小哥自己怎么说 \”I often see someone to say that the courier is The month, the actual situation is very minus. Each parcel is regardless of size, no matter the weight, the delivery fee is only less than 1 yuan in our hands.

The company is not packaged, the electric tricycle used to send express delivery is purchased by themselves. Lose is subject to compensation, and the complaint should be fined, plus the occasional traffic violations …

[123 ] Earning money is a few hairy hairs! The money is a hundred hundred hundred fines! A short sentence: Express is risky, it needs to be cautious. \”

@ 小:

\”Which months have entered thousands, my branch has a total of 5 couriers, only one person can reach, because there are many factories in the area where he is responsible, there are more than 300 pieces per day. Tickets.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t matter. It is mainly this money to earn very tired! One morning, I started sorting, scanning the pieces, there are many receipts. People hit the phone call to remove: ‘My courier is when I’m,’ How can I have not sent it for so long?

There are so many express delivery every day, After receiving the call, I have to explain the phone, so it is quite helpless. The courier is a one-piece, the phone is a wave of one wave! \”

[ 123]

It can be seen that although the income of express delivery not only is not only like the legend, the industry’s overall prosperity cannot cover many problems in the work of the grassroots courier. Data should be seen up, but also look down, only the foundation is firm, it can be more secure.

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