Several games that can make money on your mobile phone

The game has a software version of the new era of adult mobile phones, and the mobile version of the smashing landlord to similar end tour has a weak income, and it is often a kind of happiness that has become many players. Some people are in order to work, some people are in order to earn five money only one day!

Let’s talk about several games in the liver?

The first: delusions can earning the same day during the day

second: Ghosts a day of liver silver two equipment magic weapons can exchange income

Third: creation Well-to-the-day, the price of the hepatic, the fourth place: After tomorrow, although the gold bars are not very good, there is also a good income of the liver to vomit blood

Fifth: strategy game upgrade castle Class out resources change

The earnings of other games have more risk, which is also quite good in leisure, and it is still quite good, of course, these games I have said. Some need to be charged, but you just have to play casual, don’t charge, 0 grams 0 liver, you can have a lot of gains

The game is either for the most liver? Golden people set

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