Shake, how to play, how to play turritus, earn 300 daily (serial eleven)

The wind can blow a blank paper, but it is not possible to blow away a butterfly because the power of life is that it is not coming.

1, today is the 12th day I started to make money on hanging. Today, the second day of the actual editing video, when I brush, I accidentally take it in the live broadcast of mobile phone photography. For live broadcast, I have never paying attention, whether it is a star, or the other belt live broadcast is good, I am going to go in, I will come out, but I will take it in it.

Why is it immersed in? Because I am in the editing video, I have a problem, and I have a problem, I want to solve him, now I am able to react, just go to the live broadcast, just, I just, how to make I want to do it. Video, because you need, because you have encountered it, you will be immersed.

So when you need to learn knowledge, now give everyone a good study suggestion, in addition to everyone can go to the B station, I found the live broadcast of hanging, and I can learn to gain. Very much dry goods. As for the reasons, as long as they are engaged or teaching lives, they will always output a lot of dry goods in the live broadcast to make fans. You think, if you enter a live room for a knowledge learning class, I found that there is no dry goods inside. Do you just hit the X ah in the upper right corner!

2, when we see a very exciting video, in addition to appreciation, how many people will study how he did it? ? Such a person, basically people who will not make money on shake, they have no such awareness, that is, our usual Internet make money thinking. After your own constant self-suggestion, let yourself develop things that encounter interested, you should think of this styling can you make money? How to make money, guide your thinking to make money.

抖音赚钱记,新手如何玩转抖音,每天赚300起(连载十一) Today, I have continued to brush the video to find an answer, to solve my problem, when you brush your own video, your favorite video, that is basically the product you want, this time We have to go to study such a video. Look at his copyright case, look at his music, see which techniques have a video, what special effects have been used, how to clip combination, after familiar with the editing software, basically you carefully study you know the above answer. So, you want to operate such a video, you can make it basically according to this idea.

3, in the live broadcast, I see a lot of problems than me, I can basically answer. Do you say this is a progress? For example, someone is in the live broadcast: Your account is hitting the label of other industries. Can I use this account?

The reason why been hopped in other industries is definitely found that the work is not vertical,Sometimes we think that our work is vertical, but the system thinks not vertical. At this time, the system will give you the industry label he think. This label is played with you, the account is not vertical, and the push fans are no longer the fans you want.

抖音赚钱记,新手如何玩转抖音,每天赚300起(连载十一) This time we have to do is continuously released vertical products, so that the system will call this label. But some people are too urgent, think that they can come back by one or two videos, I can only say more, at least 10 works!

4, today I learned a knowledge point in the live broadcast, share it with you! Just when we do a shake item, when we upload a product, don’t share a friend circle to let friends give a little (unless your friends circle fans are consistent), this Look at it, there is no role, but will hurt your account. As long as it is a brush, his account will be labeled by the system. If it is not perpendicular, you will give you a good value, you will hurt your account verticalness, such a praise, you will find, you The work will be recommended to a mixed fan, the fans are not accurate.

The correct approach is that when we are doing a shake item, we started a video. Let’s brush the same bank, to actively go to their commentary message, when you are a wonderful comment, after you are top or hot, you will bring you precise fans. There is also a live broadcast of the live broadcast, when you study, there will be a lot of super precision fans come in, you want these fans to pay attention to you, you will be active, especially when you play After reward, or after he pays attention, he will let him pay attention to you.

The above, is what I learned in the live broadcast today, share it with people who are doing a shake project, I hope that your fans are getting more and more, making money is getting faster!

抖音赚钱记,新手如何玩转抖音,每天赚300起(连载十一) After finishing, I finally wish!

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