Shanghai finds the current situation and cost of living

Share dry goods:

Long-term work (contract worker) 5000-8000 personal social security deduction more than 500 + provident fund 180 or so

hour work unit price: 22-25 yuan / left, 25 yuan or more

In addition to the convenience of the electronic industry factory, the food and theater service industry basically provides

company nature ranking: European and American foreign companies – large private enterprises – Japan and South Korea – Taiwan enterprises – small private enterprises [ 123]


Urban rent unit price is basically more than 3,000 sharing or rental beds suggestion to find buns, postrooms

Outer Ring rental : Single room with more than 1500 conditions

Industrial area rent: 800 (private) 1200 (small area)

Minimum rent cost: 800 or more

Eating: [123 ]

Breakfast 3.5-5.5 (Barbie steamed bun)

China meal: 15-20 yuan (简 餐, land museum, sand county)

Dinner: 15-20 yuan (简 简, pull Noodle, Shaxian)

Minimum food: 1000

Analysis: Packs eat: salary 5500 left and so month Consumption Eating breakfast 150 (generally do not provide breakfast) Other consumption 350 can be deposited 5,000 yuan The year is 60,000 yuan (the ideal state does not contain the year-end award)

Non-package to eat: salary 6500 left and so month consumption eat 700 (generally provide lunch, cooking, eat less than a little more, other consumption 300 rent 800 can save Into 4200 (Ideal does not contain the year-end award)

Xiaosheng: According to the work hours of work: no deduction of social security to make money fast shortcomings: no guarantee is unstable promotion space

Suggestion: Looking for a job, you can find a long-term development of the appropriate long-term work. Long-term development can be saved

If you are not familiar with you, you can find a long time to do the long-term work, you will definitely be more than a small time.

Shanghai social security: Shanghai social security continued to pay for 10 years, can apply for retirement provident fund in Shanghai

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