Shanghai woman opens the bar, customer consumption, poured a million yuan gift package, where do you learn money?

Miss Shanghai opened a bar, I took the cost for 3 months, and I earned 1 million in a year. I said that Miss Zhou is \”Gray Strip\”, but Miss Zhou said that she is fully profitable. Are all of their own skills, then how did she make money?

上海女人开酒吧,顾客消费倒贴万元礼包,哪儿学的赚钱套路? First, the background introduction

Miss Zhou was originally a company white-collar worker, life is still going, but why she will suddenly decide to open a bar? Mainly in order to make money, Miss Zhou is only 30 years old, but she has always been unwilling. She has become a lady now, and she lives quite exquisite every day, but Miss Miss is still for life.

Although it is more than popular, people are so strange, especially likes to find themselves, watching friends in the friends, they will see photos of friends everywhere, but only she is hard Going to work in the company, this impact on Miss Zhou is also quite large.

Opening the wine is not that simple, especially for novices, the first month of Miss Zhou, the first month of the month is very fast from the hot, and Miss Miss, Miss, almost every night. I can’t sleep, people are the boss is the case, not only should I consider how to make money, but I have to consider how not money, these are not easy.

上海女人开酒吧,顾客消费倒贴万元礼包,哪儿学的赚钱套路? Really let Miss Zhou stopped or even profitable is not her own, but her friend, this friend is just working at the bar, got her After the help, Miss Zhou changed the way, and this suddenly opened her way to get rich, let us take a look, the bar is using the marketing method to earn millions of wealth.

Second, specific scheme

The bar has a specific consumer group, so it is necessary to introduce the drainage activities for these people, otherwise it will be like a headless flies, not only the efficiency is low, but also make money, in a friend Suggestions, several activities launched by Miss Miss are quite targeted.

Nowadays, many young people are not willing to clean up the room, and the bar has launched a activity. As long as the customer is in the bar to reach 600 yuan and more, Give a sweeping robot worth 3,000 yuan, so that you can completely \”clear\” the help of the customer.

上海女人开酒吧,顾客消费倒贴万元礼包,哪儿学的赚钱套路? After the activity launched, there was a lot of consumers, and for customers, it is nothing to spend, but Miss Zhou’s bar can be obtained. Sweeping robots, they are naturally more willing to spend here.

\”Thoughts decide to go out.\” The activities (industries) cases are just a few ways of teachers. When you can’t find the door, you can see what the game in the column is what the gameplay is, the experience of others is the ladder of your success!

[2] Handle members to give 10,000 yuan package

According to the bar regulations, as long as the customer spends 2000 yuan to handle membership card, you can get 10,000 yuan gift package, this gift includes 50,000 yuan drinks consumption stored value and sweepstakes, the sweepstakes have no air prize, even the lowest award is also 200 cash.

To tell the truth, except Miss Zhou’s bar, I am afraid that there is no second bar to have such a big discount, then the Miss Zhou is not lost in such a word. This is the power of the bar, although the marketing activities are very beneficial for customers, the preferential strength is very strong, but it is actually the most profitable or bar.

, so let’s analyze it, how is the bar, in fact, and those marketing activities have a routine.

Third, the profit analysis

First, although the customer consumption reached 600 yuan and more, the value of 3,000 yuan was given, but this is a premise, that is, the customer first needs It is a member. If the customer is not a member, you need to invite 10 customers to visit the bar to have the opportunity to get the sweeping robot.

In fact, the cost of sweeping the robot is only about 1,000 yuan, so once there is a lot of customers to go to the bar to consume, the cost can be largely shared. 上海女人开酒吧,顾客消费倒贴万元礼包,哪儿学的赚钱套路?

In addition, the presented 50,000 yuan wine consumption stored value is actually consumption, 15% of each customer consumption will be deducted from the consumption quota, whitening, but it is to play 8.5 fold for customers. There is no loss for the bar, and as to the 200 yuan cash, it is also divided into customers 4 times.

Many customers look at themselves as if they can account for a lot of cheap, but in fact, the actual benefits that customers can get, most of them are empty, of course, even this is like this, actually with others Compared with Miss Wednes, the bars are not less profit.

Doing a business is this, there is no so-called win-win, it is a zero and game, not your losing is me, and basically 99% are business to make money. Consumers want to pick up cheap, it is very difficult. After all, all the promotions are the results of the merchant repeatedly thinking. As the old saying, the buyer is not as good as buyers.

The idea is wrong, how do you play a loss? If you do business now, it is not good. I suggest you look more, learn more about how others play.

So, no matter what you do, you can also engage in a similar thing, or find a more suitable marketing solution in the following columns. 上海女人开酒吧,顾客消费倒贴万元礼包,哪儿学的赚钱套路?

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