Share a full-time mother’s money

Many women have retired from the workplace after marriage, but they have to look for a part-time job for Bao Ma, so they can make them better balance their families and careers. So what are the part-time jobs for the mother? The new e-commerce is one of them. Today we will follow the treasure mom Zhang Ying, and look at the small tricks of her work.

Compared to traditional employment mode, the new e-commerce platform has a strong flexibility and time freedom, and is a part-time job that is suitable for the part-time work. Simply, it is grafting the personal social circle. By interacting buyers trust, then build goods sold by establishing personal IP, in addition to significant social, but also flexible employment, let the treasure mother do not need a fixed office No need to start funds, do not use goods, while reducing entrepreneurial burden, you can also take care of your family at home and take care of your child.

\”I have also thought of opening a physical store or online store, selling snacks, maternal and child products, but open a store requires a lot of cost, including supply, warehousing, Various invisible costs, etc. It is also a foggy, and I don’t want to put it too much invested and risk.

\”Later, he saw the Bao Ma group. Someone shared a food supplement product, the price was more favorable, I will order, Into I inspired me, social e-commerce So fire, I should try it, just contact the treasure mother who shares the product, with her assistance, start touching and understanding the whale to buy this new e-commerce platform, and also open their own digitization The store. \”Just like this, Zhang Ying hugged a try to see his own business life.

\”In fact, many people have said this model is more common, not very optimistic, and then after understanding, it will complete my doubts.\” In fact, new e-commerce In the present background, they pay attention to the spirit of common richness, the logic of symbiosis, and the innovation. Follow the principles of universal sharing, reduce the threshold, let more people integrate into the new e-commerce network, use the tools provided by the platform, promote marketing platforms, and transform their social resources and labor. Value. Simply, other platforms can only be a forwarding machine, but in this new e-commerce platform, I have a globalized operation. I have my own store. I can participate in the whole industry chain, I can freely put anything I want to sell. All after-sales and delivery are completed by the platform, do not require funding, basically considered zero risk babysitting operation support. What do you need, the platform can work with and support what you do. \”

\” So as a breech, it is definitely a pointer to the child’s eating, what kind of product, what kind of child is used, milk powder, supplementEat, etc. has its own understanding, so it is easy to realize the strong trust of the newcomer’s mother, and it can be sold smoothly. \”So it is important to find the property of your social circle, you have to become a half expert of this category, to attract the trust of others.

\” Now through yourself for half a year The amount of effort and the order of the fixed person, basically can reach the basic income of two hundred to three hundred days per day, which is very good for me. Zhang Ying recalled the original intention of joining whales and his own experience.

\”In fact, through its own social circles, plus platform operation guidance, private domain Traffic transformation and traffic profit, do not need to worry too much, as long as you pay a little time and effort, create value for users, leave, one-click sharing, you can easily make commissions. So the next step I plan to open a snack-off online store.

For ordinary people like Zhang Ying, the new e-commerce platform is indeed a rare opportunity to start a business. The personal online store is equivalent to open a large supermarket. And flagship stores, you work hard to operate the traffic of individual social circles, gain natural water to the stream.

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