\”Short video attention + praise\” make big money?

Looking at the video point, you can make money,

encounter such a good thing,

Are you a heart?


On November 17th, Ms. Wang, Donggang District, Rizhao City, smashed the short video, suddenly received a news that added a friend, Gu Ms. It has passed.

Soon, Ms. Gu passed the QR code sent by the other party to the other party’s WeChat group, the group owner continued to release the information on a short video platform public welfare account, and said, \”Sitzing one rebate 2 yuan , Praise + pay attention to rebate 5 yuan. \” Sure enough, Ms. Gu also received the red envelope rebate of the other party.

“短视频关注+点赞”赚大钱? Subsequently, the other party suggested that Ms. \”Make a big task\”, \”making big money\”, gives a new app link called \”Fu Hui\”, saying that as long as you follow The guidance of the mentor will \”make a big money\”, and Ms. Gu did not doubt, download and register the account right away.

On November 20th, Ms. Gu started the first task. According to the mentor tips, Ms. Gu will transfer 3,000 yuan to the designated bank account, but also through Fuhui APP with 4,378 yuan, net earning 1378 yuan, This made Ms. Yu tasted the sweetness …

November 21 Withdrawal, Ms. Gu has to have him, follow the instructions to continue transfer.

11:16, transfer 5,000 yuan, “短视频关注+点赞”赚大钱?

21st, 11:54, transfer 30,000 yuan,

21st 12:27, transfer 10,000 yuan,

13:30 on the 21st, transferred 5,000 yuan.

When the lady is successful, how long can the tutor can withstatenate? \”You still have a single order, the last one is 45,000 yuan\”, Gu Ms. said that there is no money, the other party Influement …

Gu Ms. This realized that it was cheated and the alarm was selected.

When the police station came to the police, the mentor suddenly sent a news. \”You hurry to transfer 45,000 yuan, do a good job, I guarantee you.\”

At this time, Ms. Gu is unstable and insists on transferring the other party.

At the patient’s patient and family patiently disappeared, Ms. Gu has gradually stabilized, accepting reality, only two days of time, Ms. Gu is scammed 53,000 yuan.

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Fractional analysis

First step [123

Published information, attracts attention

Liar in the societyThe information of \”Sitzing Single Single Part-time\” is published in the software group, and \”easy to work is easy, the wage is full, and the emphasization is rich\” is the attention of victims.

Small rebate, Bo Trust

Pull the victim into a preset point brush After the group, share the profit of \”Sitzing Brush\” profit in the group. \”Hunting\” for the victim, let the victim have done a few times of \”praise\” work, and the previous period quickly settle the salary, so that the victim quickly tasted the sweetness.

The liar claims that there is a greater task, \”make big money \”And induce victim participation. At this time, the liar will upgrade the \”praise\” task into a \”brush single\” task that needs to pay funds.

The victim believes that it is indeed possible to earn money without hesitation, and will transfer the remittance in accordance with the requirements of the scammers. The excuse of \”Mission\” \”Mission\” \”Make Singles\” and other excuses, and the victim will often fall into the order in order to take the principal and rebate, but always can’t get rebate. Circle.

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Any shake, fast hand is praised by

Brush single rebate behavior is fraud

Source: Rizhao Criminal Police

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