Short video road shoot, don’t treat passers-by \”passers-by\”

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Reporter Recent survey found that some anchors in order to attract eyeballs, increasing traffic, often using the sky over the sea, no middle, stealing the postoperative surgery, \”lens infringe\” \”keyboard damage\” for passers-by. The reporter found the keywords \”street funny\” \”Street Fun\” \”Street Fun\”, \”Street Funny\”, found that the video like the passers-by is not a small number. (November 18th \”Rule of Law Daily\”)

With the rise of short video, \”everyone can be short video\”, each passerler may \”enhance the mirror\”, becoming the material in the video of others. Some short video bloggers make a video, or the so-called \”street shooting positive energy\” \”Science\” \”test\” short video, in the case of unsuccessful passers, regard the passers-by as \”test\” object, some In order to pursue the real reaction and excitement of the photographer, the blogger is also directly on the passers-by. Legal rights. In fact, before the \”short video era\”, the city street has appeared \”street race\”, some so-called \”street shooters\” \”photography enthusiasts\” lick the \”long gun short gun\”, not with each other, The stylish young girl is sneak shot, and the portrait of the subject is infringed. It is even more, there are some \”street race\”, playing the name of the street shoot, hitting the porn on the Internet, or borrowing the street Famous women.

Short video shooting passers-by is just an extension of this \”street race\” chaos. Just in this era of \”everyone can be short video\”, people suffer from the chance of \”intrusion\” of others, and the victims are more. Cannot let this city’s street in the streets continue!

This is not to kill a \”street racket\”, but should be specified in a variety of street beats. First, the photographer should clear and keep your own behavior boundary. For example, it cannot be taken with the passers-by, sneak shooting, can’t infringe the portrait rights, privacy, reputation rights of others. Take the passers-by and the shooting video, must be allowed by the parties; do not showcase portraits as a picture body, not exposed the privacy of passers-by. If the passers-by entering the lens in public places, passers-by entering the lens, passers-by is not the main subject of video, may not constitute an infringement intention, but it is necessary to post it after the insurance, or to post it.

The road shooter wants to keep the legs, the relevant departments can not be in addition to the incadrects of the citizens who are disturbed by the citizens, and should be severely punished according to law. All short video platforms should also be tested for management responsibility, and the live broadcast and short video of the existence of others, harassing others living, and should be stopped in time, and the illegal anchors will be punished accordingly, they can’t let these problems short video, the problem live On the platform. The public should also enhance the awareness of rights protection rights. Once the infringement is discovered, stopped in time, and actively defend right.

Relevant departments, platforms, bloggers, public, etc., should form a common cooperation, and resolutely say \”no\” on the short video path of illegal violations.

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