Single county \”Uncle\” won the northern champion

the evening of August 11, \”sing the countryside\” national rural northern K songs League Division final curtain opened in Heze business days Huadian Industrial Park, songs enthusiasts from all over the country \”for the village\” come together. After fierce competition, a single county Huanggang Zhen Mao Village popular \”Uncle\” Mao Friends of winning.

At night 6:30, with the famous singer Guoshao Jie debut as a presenter, the contest started, the audience is quickly ignited the fiery atmosphere. The cheers of the audience, the mainland popular music Qi Long, the first \”Chinese Music Billboard\” Best Music Award winner Yang Haibiao, \”Avenue of Stars\” champion Tang Yuan three months of well-known musicians seated accordingly, to join their strength greatly enrich the jury.

Subsequently, the northern part of Division 12 contestants eleven debut, Shandong Heze, Xi’an, Longnan …… This is not just a song contest, the song is more like a country get-together. Contestants in a singing scene, both vigorous local sound, but also innocent childlike voice, more fashion-forward pop music’s most enthusiastic singing to the site more than 500 spectators brought a fantastic auditory feast. With Qi Long, Tang Yuan, teacher evaluation stage to help out, once the atmosphere to a climax, applause, cheers continued.

After fierce competition, three consecutive knockout, the judges’ scoring witness and the audience, the hair from the Friends of Heze single county Huanggang Zhen Mao Village (National K song nickname: folk art) by virtue of moving voice, solid vocals and wonderful live stage performance, won the northern division title.

It is understood that, \”sing the countryside\” National League is one of the rural K song 2018 General Assembly for the village Tencent series of activities organized by the \”Tencent for the village\” joint \”national song K\”, the finals will be held 8 May 19 is carried out in the village during the General Assembly, it will produce a number of awards including the second best quarter of the village, the most popular villages, People’s Choice Award. In the National League in rural K song, villagers around the village to actively participate, including village doctors, housewives, students, party members and cadres, young migrant workers and so on. League in the form of \”K song online + offline finals,\” the strongest voice mining village, substantially increased the enthusiasm of local people into the Internet to promote the further implementation of the \”Internet + Culture\” strategy.

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