Small fish make money link (how to make money in small fish can’t download)

It is mainly for the platform of Apple mobile phone to make money, although Android phones also have a demo platform, but there are fewer tasks, low unit prices, so they have not been warm. And Apple mobile phone demo platform is not only more mission, but also high price, you can get 1 ~ 3 yuan reward for each trial!

So today, these demo software I shared for everyone, I can tested to make money, so everyone can use these platforms to make money!


试玩平台app,每日挣点零花钱 Application test passengers is an old style trial platform, this platform has tasks such as trying, registration, games, can be 8 yuan Withdrawal, WeChat seconds.

试玩平台app,每日挣点零花钱 I want to do my friends can scan code to join the application test passenger! Below is a screenshot of my cash on the application.

Second, money coffee, old card trial platform, the highest price, registration task and card task. 试玩平台app,每日挣点零花钱

The income is very high, the following is my earlieck:

试玩平台app,每日挣点零花钱 Third, Zen test passengers

single price 1 yuan, full ten yuan can withdraw There is a robust task button, which is very convenient.


43, small fish to make money

Small fish to make money mission unit price 1 yuan, in addition to this screenshot review task, download software follows the prompt screenshot to submit an audit to get 1 ~ 3 yuan reward! Rich task and make money!

试玩平台app,每日挣点零花钱 53] PP red envelope

PP red envelope now is now a lot of red envelopes, have tasks such as demo, registration, each trial can get a dollar, full ten yuan withdrawal WeChat Alipay can. The above is a few trial platform app I recommend, these platforms are the platform I like very much, the revenue is high, the withdrawal is stable, only spend a few hours a day. Get good income! Friends who want to earn pocket money quickly join us! Want to know more of the tricks and platforms can be privately trust.

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